What is PBN? Private Blog Networks are basically blog networks that encourage backlinks to the main site. The definition of a backlink is a link that is intentionally implanted on several different websites to be redirected later to the website that is being optimized. The process is not one-time but continuous, so it needs reliable management.

In an era of rapid technological development like today, various methods are starting to be looked at to optimize website performance in the eyes of search engines. This includes building link building by creating a PBN (Private Blog Network) which has become popular recently. So, what is PBN, What are the benefits so that the method needs to be studied?

Private Blog Network or PBN is one way to improve SEO for websites by targeting potential keywords to appear on page one of Google.

In order to better understand, let’s just get on with it, let’s get to know more about the Private Blog Network (PBN) through the following short review.

Topping the search engine rankings is the dream of website owners. There are many ways to increase the ranking quickly. One way that is known to be quite popular is to use a PBN (Private Blog Network). So, what is PBN?

In this article, we will explain in full Know What is PBN or Private Blog Network), how to create a PBN, and find good metrics for the private blog network (PBN).

What is PBN?

what is pbn

What is PBN? or Private Blog Network is a blog network that is deliberately created and managed by the same owner, with the aim of providing an injection of backlinks to the main blog. PBN is actually one of the oldest SEO techniques that are widely used to optimize websites so that the position of the articles can appear on the first page.

PBN or private blog network is one of the gray SEO techniques that are ‘expensive’ so making or getting the service at a low price is an impossibility, or at best just PHP and zonk. Basically, PBNs can be created using any platform, including freebies like Blogspot and wordpress.com, but the ones that are recommended and the most famous for their strengths are still paid self-hosted ones.

Private Blog Network is a collection of domains that are owned or owned by other individuals. The possibility to have a PBN consisting of a free blog, such as wordpress.com, tumbr.com, or livejournal.com also exists.

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One of the backlinking techniques used in website optimization is called PBN. Even though it is an old technique, there are still many who love it. The reason is the backlink technique is able to increase website rankings quickly. It is not surprising that PBN backlink services are always on demand.

For beginners, it is not recommended to use backlink techniques. Because this technique is included in the gray realm known as the Gray Hat Method. Without professional handling, Google will easily detect manipulation of link building. As a result, the website will be removed automatically.

Features of PBN (Private Blog Network)

The high cost of making a PBN (Private blog network) is directly proportional to the benefits provided. Below is a list of the features of PBN backlinks:

  1. Can increase website ranking on certain keywords
  2. PBN can be used to optimize multiple money sites
  3. PBNs sometimes have sufficient traffic so that advertisements can be placed
  4. PBN as a long-term investment asset

Advantages of PBN

  • The effect is very powerful
  • You can quickly feel the changes
  • Controlled outbound link (OBL)
  • Source of backlinks from websites with relevant themes
  • You can also reap profits from PBN backlink services

Disadvantages of Using PBN

  • It takes a lot of capital because the cost of renting a domain & hosting is relatively expensive
  • The manufacturing process is quite complicated
  • Requires extra care

Benefits of PBN for SEO

Benefits of PBN for SEO

The benefit of creating a PBN for the website are as follows:

  1. Provide quality link juice.
  2. Potential keywords can easily enter on Google.
  3. Adding visitors.

If you want to use PBN for the reasons above, then you should pay attention to the following conditions so that you don’t make a mistake in implementing the PBN technique.

Conditions for Creating PBN

You only need capital because the conditions are very easy. The capital to build a PBN is not insignificant. If you create a PBN then your monitoring site ranks 1 in search engines, is the benefit worth it?

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The requirements for building a PBN are as follows:

  • Capital
  • Different Hosting and Different Nameservers
  • High PA, DA, TF, CF, DR domains
  • Different domain registers
  • Different themes
  • CMS vary
  • Footprint
  • The domain does not have a high spam score
  • The domain must have a minimum age of 6 years
  • Domains cannot have backlinks from spammy websites

Common Metrics Used For PBN Domain Hunting

In general, PBNs are made from expired domains which are former high-quality websites that the previous owner did not or forgot to renew. This quality is characterized by a good metric score, including:

To be able to get a quality PBN there are metrics that must be considered. Especially when choosing a domain and hosting type. Well, below are parameters to help you in hunting for expired domains:

  1. DA Domain Authority
  2. PA-Page Authority
  3. TF Trust Flow
  4. CF Citation Flow

1. DA (Domain Authority)

After Google officially eliminated the Page Rank (PR) algorithm, there was a gap that confused bloggers in assessing the quality of a website. DA is a sufficient solution to replace Page Rank because the algorithm used is able to measure the authority of the entire domain based on the link.

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2. PA (Page Authority)

Page Authority (PA) is a metric bundled with DA. Testing can be done via moz.com. In general, PA functions to measure how much authority a page has on the site. So, if DA is the value for the entire domain, then the PA is tasked with dividing it again based on the value per page.

3. TF (Trust Flow)

If DA and PA scores can be seen using Moz.com, then TF. Just as the name suggests, TF (Trust Flow) is useful as an indicator of the trust and authority of a website.

The scores above are formed from spectacular optimizations made by previous owners so that they are rewarded with very strong backlinks from high authority websites whose names are most definitely sound in your ears, including Wikipedia, Huffingtonpost, Yahoo, Yellowpages, Mashable, CNET, CNN, TechCrunch, Adobe, Forbes and so on. Apart from that, PBNs must also have a clean history of spam links and meet all the criteria for a good domain.

So, to make it easier to get an expired domain that is suitable as a PBN, we will need help from premium tools, especially Moz and Majestic, as well as a paid expired domain search service. Next, the expired domain needs to be registered, set up hosting, installed the cms, and cms installed and filled in the contents.

It’s no kidding usually, the registration fee for expired PBN domains will be more expensive than normal, especially if through the auction system and the marketplace hosting used for PBNs cannot be arbitrary and must be separate from one another and different from what is used on the money site. Not to mention the CMS affairs that must be diverse so as not to leave a footprint and be well diversified. Content matters, of course, must be unique, long, of good quality, and a lot.

Tips to Create PBN Backlinks for Your Business Website

Tips to Create PBN

Although Google has been outspoken about getting rid of websites/blogs that have low-quality content, PBN techniques are still loved by SEO practitioners at home and abroad.

Playing PBN requires courage and a high level of caution so that your website does not become a victim of Google’s pet ferocity. Because as we know, SEO techniques using the Private Blog Network method are indeed in the gray area (whitehat) due to manipulating link building to increase the position of the website in search engines.

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Here are tips if you are interested in building a PBN to improve website SEO:

  1. First, use a variety of domain registrars and hosting IPs
  2. Try to use a variety of CMS to make it look more natural
  3. PBN display is made unique
  4. Do not fill in the same whois data for each domain
  5. TLD variations
  6. There should be no link wheel between PBNs so that web crawlers don’t suspect them
  7. Lastly, make sure you are using quality content not copy-paste

How to Create PBN (Private Blog Network) for SEO

Did you know that there are about 30 thousand to 50 thousand expired domains every day? Say there is ten percent of the list that were not extended by previous voters. Then we can fight over the domain to be used as a money site or PBN (Private Blog Network).

How to create your own PBN or Private Blog Network is not much different from how to create a website in general. However, the criteria for selecting the domains are tightened again by the presence of several metrics such as the value of DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), CF, and TF.

Creating PBNs can also be done without capital, by using free web 2.0 like wordpress.com or blogspot.com. However, for this PBN, the performance is certainly not as strong as if we use PBN from an old expired domain.

We recommend that you use quality articles and handwritten yourself. A high level of originality and uniqueness of articles will be more assessed by Google as a natural website. Google will not be suspicious of PBN’s website if the content is quality and captivating. You can use Spin with TheBestSpinner tools or other spin tools in a pinch.

Get the grammar slightly edited. You can post articles on PBN according to niche relevance. Furthermore, posting regular articles about once a week, once every 2 weeks or 3 times a month. Treat it like a moneysite.

You can also vary the outbound links to other related sites (other people’s sites). Use reasonable backlinks with PBNs. Tips from SEO experts is that a good PBN is a PBN that is not left with too many outbound links.

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So if your website has entered page 1 of Google, that’s enough. You can replace it for articles or other money sites.

How Many PBNs Do You Need for Your Business Website?

This depends on many factors. You have to consider your budget, competitors, keyword strength, needs, and so on. For 1 money site, it could be 5 blogs or 10 blogs to be able to rank medium-high level keywords.

Wrapping up on What is PBN? & Its Benefits for SEO

After understanding what is PBN in backlink building, behind the success of backlink techniques, there is a high risk that must be faced.

For your information, you need to repeat all the above steps to build another PBN because a PBN which only consists of 1 troop, the name is definitely not PBN. Because “network” in PBN means the network and networks must be many. In order to maintain and gain strength from high authority backlinks on PBNs, you must pay attention to the direction of every valuable link that enters the inner page.

Without being taken seriously, these links will lead to a 404 alias not found page. If it is taken care of, on average, it will only make 301 redirects to the homepage. And both things are equally bad for PBNs. Though what should be done is to preserve old content by peeking through the Wayback machine or doing 301 redirects to other inner pages, and not the homepage.

Meanwhile, the guaranteed safe way is to improve the quality of content and ask for backlinks from real partners that you can get from expanding your network.

That’s a brief explanation on what is PBN? or what is Private Blog Network. Please note, PBN is not the only way to increase the position of a website in search engine search results. Apart from PBN, there are many ways that are equally effective or even more powerful than this method.

PBN techniques have recently become increasingly popular because they are considered to be simpler and easier to control for quality, although in terms of cost and time, PBN management is much more resource-intensive.

Well, for those of you who have been trying their best to optimize your website from an off-page SEO perspective but still have difficulty in boosting your website’s position on the first page of search engines, PBN backlinks can be a viable alternative solution to be used as a reference.

So much for the discussion this time, don’t forget to click share or leave a comment in the comments column if there are criticisms, suggestions, or questions you want to convey.

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