SEO Tool to Check for Duplicate Content on a Website

Regardless of whether duplicate content issue on the site is intentional or not, it’s clear that this will have a negative impact on SEO. It must be addressed and handled properly. In this case, we need a tool to check for duplicates on your site.

It doesn’t matter if you are managing a website for a small business or a large company; every site is vulnerable to the threat of duplicate content.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to find or check for duplicate content and what to do afterwards.


What Is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content refers to blocks of content that are the same or completely identical to one another, or very similar. Also commonly known as plagiarism.



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Of course, it is natural to have similar or the same content in certain parts. And sometimes it is unavoidable (eg, citing articles from other sources on the internet).

Types of Duplicate Content

There are two types of duplicate content:

  1. Internal duplicate content is when one domain/site creates the same content on multiple internal URLs (on the same website).
  2. External duplicate content, also known as cross-domain duplicate, occurs when two or more different domains have a copy of the same page indexed by a search engine.

Is Duplicate Content Bad For SEO?

Officially, Google doesn’t say it will penalize duplicate content. However, it will filter out identical content. That means, it has the same effect as a penalty: it loses rankings for your site.

Duplicate content confuses Google. And this forces search engine algorithms to choose which pages are identical to decide to rank. Regardless of who is producing the content, there is a high probability that; the original page is not necessarily selected for top search results.

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This is just one phenomenon of the many reasons duplicate bad content is bad. It’s not even just about SEO.

So if you think duplicate content is a problem and try to check it, it can be done via the plagiarism checker tool.

For those of you snooping wondering what a search engine optimization tool has to do with a plagiarism checker, you should know that plagiarism checker tools are actually tools and services on the internet that can help you detect and remove plagiarism from your written content.

We know that good SEO is about having unique content and managing it in an efficient manner.

If you don’t have unique content, then there is no point in making any search engine optimization efforts. For this reason, the plagiarism tool is considered the most important SEO tool!

List of SEO Tools to Check for Plagiarism Content on a Website

There are now many plagiarism checkers on the internet, and new ones are being designed and added regularly. Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following are recommended SEO tools to check for duplicate content on a website.

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Here’s a breakdown of tools that can help you check and get rid of plagiarism in a youthful way. One and for all!

1.  Search Engine Reports Plagiarism Checker Tool

Search Engine Reports Plagiarism Checker Tool

Whether you like it or not, plagiarism checkers are important and shouldn’t be ignored, and if you ignore your document checks, then you’re only risking your reputation and career, especially when it comes to professional work.

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Having duplicate content can put you face to face with legal action, monetary fines, and also, as we mentioned earlier, damage your reputation. If you want to increase your SEO score then you should start using tools by search engine reports because these tools are not only friendly to use but also free and can get you SEO friendly content in no time. Unlike other tools, this tool is very simple, and even people with no prior experience can use this tool.

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2. Dupli Plagiarism Checker Tool

Dupli Plagiarism Checker Tool

Dupli plagiarism checker is also known as dupli checker. This is also one of the best plagiarism checker tools that i do use to check for duplicate content on my site, dupli checker is 99% accurate if not 100% except if that content or document is not index by any search engines.

3. Small Seo Tools Plagiarism Checker Tool

Small Seo Tools Plagiarism Checker Tool

SmallSeoTools Plagiarism Checker has the power to see plagiarism by matching your content against billions of webpages on the web. Once you upload your content, it’ll automatically run it against every existing content online within seconds to check for duplicate content, making it the foremost sophisticated yet fastest plagiarism scanner you’ll ever come across.

How to Check for Duplicate Content Using Plagiarism Checker Tools

Click on any of the listed plagiarism checker tools and look around the tool from top to bottom, you will understand how to operate this tool in less than seconds.



The first thing you have to do is add text, and this can be done by choosing the best input method that suits you and the content you have, you can upload the whole file or also break some parts and paste them in a box. Whichever method you choose after the input from the next step to the next step.

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Hit the ‘check plagiarism‘ button and see the tool check your work in less than seconds. It hardly takes two seconds per 1000 words to be checked by any of the tools.

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Features of Plagiarism Checker Tools

  1. These tools don’t require any formal registration, and you just need to open the tool and start using it.
  2. These tools are free for consumption and have no restrictions for use; You can check as many documents and content as you like in one day.
  3. These tools have one of the largest databases spread over billions of web pages with an unlimited number of words.
  4. These tools have the most interesting rewrite feature you should know, with the rewrite feature of this tool you can easily rearrange and remove any duplicate content in it. This feature is built-in and it’s free too. There are only a few tools that can rewrite plagiarized content and turn it into something unique and readable!
  5. These tools are accepted all over the world in different groups because it is capable of accepting various file format writing and not only this, but this tool also understands your language.
  6. These tools are linked to URL-based checking; the features and quality of this tool make it capable of checking the content available online with the help of just entering a URL.

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You should know that if you have done work on Google drive or dropbox then you can also grab it and check it using this plagiarism checker tool!

Plagiarism checker is also known as plagiarism checker online with percentage reporting because this tool is able to make you complete reliable reports with precise percentage of authenticity and originality plus plagiarism.

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