Top 10 Off-Page SEO Strategies To Boost Your Site Ranking

In order to make your site to the top on search engines, you have to optimize your site using these off-page SEO strategies to boost your site ranking and get more organic traffic to your site.

In this post, I am talking about the top 10 off-page SEO strategies to boost your site ranking. You can also read my recent post on Easiest Ways To Find Keywords With Low Competition.


Top 10 Off-Page SEO Strategies To Boost Your Site Ranking

To rank Website / Blog on the Internet, you should have good knowledge of On-page and Off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and also you should know what changes have been made in the recent Search Algorithm.

Because of these changes, the website search result is at the top or below show.
Now if the show is being done on your website First Page, then you will get good traffic and you will also get more profit, but if your website search result is showing below, then you need to work very hard to increase traffic.



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There are a total of 200 + Rules under SEO Ranking Factor, on which you have to pay attention, but there are some of these rules which are the most common and important.

So if you do not follow these rules then it is important that your website ranking will be down and you will not get any special benefit from your website, then let’s talk about the top 10 off-page SEO strategies to boost your site ranking.

#1 Website Loading Speed

Website Loading Speed ​​Search was always in the ranking because Speed ​​is liked by everyone and today is the time of 4G where people want to access everything instantly, in such a situation, Google also wants to read its readers on those websites who’s loading speed is fine.

Your website loading speed site is a very important factor in ranking. This greatly affects the search engine ranking because Google gives more importance to the fast loading website and Google has said in its algorithm that the ranking which will be fast loading in the search engines will also improve its ranking.

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To maintain the loading speed of the website, you should focus on some important things like, do not use GIF images, do not upload images of heavy size to your website, do not use background images in the template, Slider Available Themes Do not use, do not use more widgets/plugins.



#2 SSL Certificate (HTTPS Secure)

Before ranking any website, Google checks whether it is secure or not. If it is not secure, then its Google ranking gradually decreases.

A secure site means an SSL certificate has been installed on the site. You can view it in the browser.

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To secure the website, you have to install SSL Certificate on your website, now if you are thinking that it is a Plugin or Widget, then it is not so.

You have to make SSL Certificate purchases which are very cheap and some Hosting Provider Companies make this facility available to your users for free, then check your Hosting Plane once and if the SSL Certificate is not free then Purchase Install it.

By applying SSL certificate, HTTPS is written instead of HTTP in your domain name and Secure is written so that you know that your website has been secured. To understand clearly, you can see the address of our website.

#3 Keyword Research

By doing Keyword Research, you can find out how much people are searching for which Keyword in Present Time and how much competition is there on that Keyword, because no matter how much you write a good article by writing an article on more Competition Keyword.



Can not rank him.

Because a lot of things are important for the rank of Blog Post, in such a situation, if you are a beginner or your blog is not yet 1 year old, then you should write an article on Low Competition Keyword only, which can give you good traffic.

#4 Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the oldest and most important ranking factor. Backlinks are also very important to improve domain authority, Google website ranking, and website traffic.

If you make bad backlinks for your site, then it can damage your website ranking badly. Therefore, always create high-quality Backlinks for your website or blog.

Linking the website to other websites so that anyone can click on the URL given by you and come to your website, now it does two things.

By creating traffic-backlinks, people get to know about your website and they can come to your website by clicking on that direct link. Due to which there is a lot of traffic increase on your website.

Website Reputation– website reputation is important for Search Engine because when you link a website, the Search Box gets to know about them and that website is referring to your website in a way, so according to bot reputation of your website is more because Popular Website is representing you.



Now it comes to which type of sites you should make backlinks, so here also two things are important.
First, the Alexa ranking of the website on which you are creating a backlink should be better than your Alexa ranking, second, the website should be adult as well as being secure and spam-free, which is very important for SEO Ranking Factor.

#5 Use Responsive Design

The ranking of the blog is also dependent on its design as if you upload a very nice template on your website and also customize it well but it is not Template mobile-friendly or SEO friendly.

Now, due to not being SEO friendly, in such a situation, it does not provide the correct information of your Headings, Subheadings, Images, and Content to the Search Bots, due to which the Bot does not know about your content and it will rank your Blog on Search Result.

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Do not. Google penalizes sites that are not responsive design / mobile friendly. Therefore, to avoid penalizing Google, make your site mobile friendly.

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Similarly, if your Template is not Mobile Friendly, then it does not show properly on Mobile, Mobile Search Bot does not take users to your blog post or show them to those users who find your keywords through Mobile. Does.

Because of this, you lose a huge audience, so you should buy a Mobile Friendly Template for your website so that this type of problem does not happen to you and you can make a good traffic increase. Which is very much for SEO Ranking Factor It is more important.

#6 Image Optimization

Now in Image Optimization, some people have spread very wrong things on the Internet, like Image Optimization means that whatever image is uploaded on your website should be Alt Tag and this is called Image Optimization.

But in addition to Real, there are some things that should be in your image, such as the size of the image should be reduced, your image should be representing your content, your image should also have tags, the image should be described and the owner of the image should be named.

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Always use the target keyword in the ALT tag of the image, but there are many bloggers who do not use the target keyword in the ALT tag of the image, which is against the on-page SEO factors, according to the on-page SEO optimization, in your images should use the target keyword, so that Search Bot can not only get information about your image, but it can identify your image well and can also show it on Google Image so that you can better promote your website.

#7 Social sharing

Social Sharing simply means that you share your articles on social media so that people can get to know about your article and can visit it on your blog, but the question is that what about social sharing for SEO Is important.

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When you share anything on Social Media Sites, then people either have an action on it or a reaction which shows what is the opinion of the people about that content and how many people like that content…

Now in such a situation, if you share a Content / Blog Post, but people are not giving any response on it, which means that for Search Bot it becomes that your content is not right which people are not liking and that your post Goes below the search result.

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That is, Social Response also now has a great impact on Search Ranking, so you must share your articles on Social Media Sites and also put Social Share Buttons on the website so that people can share your article.

#8 Short Permalink

When you publish an article on your blog/website, a URL for that article is also created, now if that URL is long, then it will take more time to read it as well as some of your URL in Search Result The part can also be cut.

So that the words you have written do not show there, now you have to understand simple logic, Search Bot only shows up on the websites that get it quickly because it has to give the search result as quickly as possible.

In such a case, if the URL is long or cut, then Search Bot will take time to read it and if there is any problem, then it will not be able to find your Blog Post immediately and will show it below.

Now on the other hand, if you just write your Target Keyword in your URL, then it will read only the Keyword so that it will immediately get that Keyword in all the important places and it will show it at the top.

#9 SEO Optimized Content

SEO Optimized Content means that you customize the uploader on your website in such a way that the search engine can easily understand your content and show it at the top of the search result.

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For example, the correct Title, Images, Internal Links, Headings & Sub-Headings, Paragraphs, Keyword Placement, etc. for the article are important things that you should pay attention to and use the right amount in the right place so that Search Bot can understand them.

Which is very important for SEO Ranking Factor.

#10 Internal links

If you do internal linking in your post, it improves your website SEO, visitors spend more time on your site and your site’s Bounce rate is also low. Also, Google considers your content as quality content.

In this post today, we told you that the 10 off-page SEO strategies to boost your site ranking, if you have any questions about this post, then please comment below. You can tell by commenting in the box, we keep bringing similar new posts every day so that you are always up-to-date in every field, if you liked our post today, please do it as much as possible to share this post on your social media.

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