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How to write effective and relevant title for your blog posts?

The titles of the articles that you find on social networks are absolutely not chosen at random. They are designed to make you click on them.
Titles considered “sellers” are a major source of traffic.
When creating a website it is advisable to create a blog or a news section at the same time in order to boost traffic to your website and give it credibility.
Here are some tips for writing effective and relevant headlines.
Let’s go!

Find the right size for a title

Finding titles for your blog posts is not easy. A title must respect certain rules to be effective.
First, you should know that the smaller and more precise a title in its field, the more impactful it will be. It is estimated that an effective title is composed of 70 characters maximum.
Your title should also contain certain keywords, they will tell Google the subject of your article. This will allow it to classify and organize your article according to natural referencing criteria.

The titles of the articles must imperatively be simple, they correspond to the queries that Internet users type on the search engines.

The recipe

  • A number: Encrypting the number of tips or tricks that you will recommend will give the reader an indication of the length of the article. “TOP 10, TOP 5 ..“
  • An adjective: Putting an adjective is very important to give more detail on what you are going to say. “Relevant, inevitable, impactful …”
  • Keywords: They are imperative for your article to be correctly referenced by Google.
  • Promise something: “5 tips to improve”, “5 mistakes to avoid to double”, “How to multiply by 5″….
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Make lists

You must know them, these famous lists:

  • Top 10 cheap destinations for your holidays
  • Top 5 classic errors on Linkedin
  • 5 tips for writing on the web

These titles are excellent for driving traffic, indeed a list takes a few seconds to consult since the information is condensed and not very complex.
It should be noted that titles containing the word “error” generate more clicks than the others because everyone is concerned.

For example: “Linkedin: 5 basic errors to correct to increase the visibility of your profile”
Nowadays we all have an account on this social network, so naturally, we will find an interest in the article.

Summary and Forecast

Particularly at the end of the year, they are an essential step to take stock of your year.

  • Top 20 blogs of 2017
  • Discover the digital trends of 2018
  • Web professions in 2018

Answering Internet users’ questions

When you write a blog article, in most cases, it answers questions.
To find a title easily, we advise you to transform an affirmation into a query.
Example: “SEO is the best way to drive organic traffic”, becomes “Why is SEO the best way to drive organic traffic? “Or” Is SEO the best way to drive organic traffic? “.
You can then easily write on a subject as vast as this.
Tips work very well on the web! You can not imagine the number of requests which how by “How…? “, ” How to do …? “.

Use Buzzsumo

This Saas software is incredible, it allows you to find the articles that make the most noise on the web and which are the most shared on 5 social networks Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google +.
The platform allows you to refine your searches based on criteria such as the publication period, country, language, type of content and number of shares per social network.

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You also have the option of having access to lists of influencers targeted in relation to your requests.
We, therefore, recommend that you take a look if you want to know the articles that are buzzing.

Surf the news and the buzz

Always follow what’s going on around you, the news is fantastic if you’re in need of headlines. Please note that the news does not only refer to television news, radio, etc.
Be careful not to fall into the absurd or to get out of your activity.
You can follow this detailed article to create a buzz with shock articles.

To summarize, how to title?

Finding blog article titles is a complex task that takes time and some thought. This step is very important, it will determine whether the user will click on your article or not.
We recommend that you really spend some time there because these blog titles depend on a large part of your traffic on your website.

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