How to Create High Quality Backlinks For Free

Want your site to get maximum exposure on search engines to learn how to create high quality backlinks for free. Remember no amount of backlinks is enough, the more backlinks you build the better your ranking.

We all have competitors and am pretty sure you would always want to be ahead of your competitors in other to dominate and also increase your blog organic traffic.

Use Guest Blogging to Create High Quality Backlinks

guest blogging Create High Quality Backlinks Free

Guest Blogging is the ultimate way of building high quality backlinks. And is also used by bloggers to increase their blog traffic. Nowadays you can find blogs about the most diverse topics. Many blogs post blog posts from guest bloggers and think it’s great if you include a backlink in your blog.

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The advantage of these blogs is that they do not have to invest time in acquiring content and that they acquire knowledge that they do not have or have insufficient.

Suppose someone has a blog that focuses on combining motherhood with entrepreneurship. This person is (probably) a mother and entrepreneur. She will know a lot about what is involved in combining motherhood and entrepreneurship and will easily be able to write about it.

As an accounting office (to cite the same example again) you could write a valuable contribution to this blog. For example, a guest blog about how that works out with the conditions for obtaining your hour’s criterion for your entrepreneur’s allowance if you were unable to work due to the pregnancy.

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As an accounting office, you know exactly how that works. From the guest blog, you can then include a link to the website of your accounting office to a relevant page about the entrepreneur’s allowance. This backlink will be relevant since an article about the entrepreneur’s allowance will be linked to your webpage about the entrepreneur’s allowance. Due to the high relevance of the backlink, it will be very valuable for your ranking in Google.

You hit two birds with one stone with guest blogging you get relevant high quality backlinks with it and it will also give you direct visitors from the blog.

To start guest blogging you can look for blogs in your industry that are looking for guest bloggers (many blogs prefer to write all their content themselves). You can do this by searching Google on ‘guest blog branch/subject’.

Guest Blogging has proven its worth in creating high quality backlinks.

Use Forum Posting to Build High Quality Backlinks

Forum posting

Forum posting is another awesome way to build high quality backlinks. it can also be used for traffic generation and is a simpler way to link back to your own site.

Request backlink from people you know

You can ask the people you know for a link, think of family, friends, acquaintances, and business relations. People you know personally will sooner honor a link request.

Request high quality Backlinks

You can also make a call on Facebook for this, you probably have Facebook friends with a website or a blog that you didn’t know had a website.

Comment Posting

Comment Posting

With many blogs, you have the option to comment on the articles in the comments. Not every blog allows you to include links in the comments and many blogs provide links in the comments of the rel = “nofollow” attribute. Some blogs allow dofollow high quality backlinks in their responses.

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The most valuable blogs for giving comments are of course the blogs that are relevant to your industry. And you have to focus on that. Comments on blogs that are not relevant to your industry will see Google as spam (which is likely to be the case).

Blog responses are part of a natural backlink profile and it is a fast way to get high quality backlinks. You also create interaction with other webmasters from your industry.

Directories Also Offer High Quality Backlinks

Directories offer you a way to get backlinks quickly. All you have to do is fill in the registration form.


It is not the case that all your link requests will be honored by the administrator of the directory. The administrator will assess whether your website fits well with his directory, if this is not the case, your request will be rejected.

Even if your website fits well with the directory, your request can be rejected, because the administrator believes that there are already sufficient links on his directory, for example. In practice, maybe 10% of your link requests will be honored.

Create internal links

Creating internal links is an important part of link building. If you have a website with a few hundred pages, then some of these pages may have dozens of backlinks while other pages have no or some external backlinks. By creating internal links you can pass on the ‘link juice’ of your different pages to each other.

internal links

The advantage of internal links is that you have control over the places where you include the links and the use of anchor texts.

For creating internal links you can also use WordPress plugins, these make certain words links to relevant pages. I am not charmed by this method of creating, the problem is that you all get links with the same anchor text.

It is better to check your old content for words or phrases that you can make an internal link to. You can then vary with the use of anchor texts.

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You also have control over the number of internal links that are created to a specific page. If you use a plug-in you run the risk that a lot of internal links will be created to a page that is actually not that important at all.

When writing new content you can immediately see if you can include internal links in your article.

Press Release

Press Release

Do you have something new to say about your company or your industry? Then make a press release with a link to a relevant page on your website and send an email to the online newspapers.

In addition to the online newspapers, you will also have to send your press release to industry-specific news sites and blogs. Here your chances of recording your press release are much greater than with the general newspapers.

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Online newspapers have a lot of authority in Google and therefore a press release with a high quality backlinks to your website can be very valuable.

Profile backlinks Give High Quality Backlinks

Profile backlinks

For some websites where you can become a member, you can include a link to your website in your profile. Some websites include ‘do-follow’ links in your profile and others (such as Twitter) include a no-follow link in your profile.

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Links provided with the rel = “nofollow” attribute tell search engines that they cannot follow the link and take it into account as a ranking signal. Links with the rel = “nofollow” attribute do not give a link value for Google, nevertheless, such links are valuable. A natural backlink profile will have to consist of a mix of “dofollow” and “nofollow” links. By creating links that are “nofollow” you ensure a natural high quality Backlinks.

A number of large websites where you can create a profile with a valuable dofollow link:


Broken links

Broken links

The internet is full of broken links. These links refer to web pages that no longer exist or to web pages that have been moved. With link building via broken links you should:

  • Web pages find which potential could link to you
  • There must be a link on these web pages that no longer works
  • Approach the owner of the webpage and point out to him or her that there is a link that no longer works and that he or she can replace it with a link to a webpage on your domain. A webpage on your domain that deals with the same topic that the broken link pointed to.

Many webmasters will honor your request to adjust the link. After all, you helped them. You pointed them to a link that no longer works and you give them an alternative without them having to do any effort and research.

Invite others to a guest blog

Invite others to a guest blog Create High Quality Backlinks Free

There are probably influential authors in your industry. This can invite you to write a guest blog that you publish on your domain. The guest blog writer will share the blog with his audience and probably include a link to it. With this strategy, you get valuable content from an influential author, new visitors (the author’s network) and probably also high quality backlinks.

Conclusion on How to Create High Quality Backlinks Free

Are there any forms of building high quality backlinks that you miss in our overview? Which method of link building do you think works best? Let us know in the comments.

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