Getbarter Online Virtual Card: How To Create Account

As an online entrepreneur, I have been facing a lot of problems, due to some restrictions and limits, I have been looking for other ways to pay for online services like PayPal account verification, Facebook Ads and online transactions for local and international payments, I stump on Getbarter Online Virtual Card.

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Getbarter online virtual card is own by Flutterwave also known as Barter, Getbarter is designed to help you focus on how to spend, send and borrow money using their services, but am going to talk about how to use getbarter for online services.

Barter gives visa USD card with contact information for free so that you can use it for your PayPal verification, Facebook ads, and other online transactions.

Flutterwave creates Barter payment solution platform that operates globally but most of its users are from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa. Getbarter online virtual card can also be used for other business transactions, pay bills, and initiate payments to thousands of merchants anywhere Visa is accepted.

But did u know that current getbarter has moved from web to their app if you try it will open an unclickable page for you, some of their users have started complaining that getbarter is down, some make a thread on nairaland of them unable to access their account or register for a new account?

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Some smart people start scamming new users selling their account to them at #5,000 per account

getbarter online virtual card

Now I will teach you how to create a new account for getbarter online virtual card, just follow the simple steps in this post.

after you read this post finish you will be able to

  • Create a new getbarter account
  • Fund your getbarter account
  • Pay for Facebook ads from your getbarter online virtual card

How To Create A New Getbarter Account

Normally to create a new getbarter account you have to go to their website, but now I will show you the latest and current way to create a getbarter account to get getbarter online virtual card for your online transactions.

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Note: Before you can register, make sure your WhatsApp is active and online, for fast creating, new users  should use their active WhatsApp phone number

  • First, you have to download their app,
getbarter online virtual card
  • once you have downloaded and install the getbarter app
  • then click on Create account
getbarter app
getbarter online virtual card
  • Then they will send an OTP code to the WhatsApp phone number you input.
  • if your WhatsApp number is not active, pls make it’s active to receive the OTP code otherwise click “didn’t receive OTP click here in the app” or click “need some help in the app”
getbarter online virtual card
getbarter app
  • After inputting the OTP code click confirm phone number
getbarter app

Then your Getbarter account has been created successfully, so you now have access to getbarter online virtual card

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getbarter app

How to Create Getbarter Online Virtual Card

After you have successfully created your account, the next step is to create your online virtual card.

  • To create your getbarter online virtual card click on ” Tap here to create your dollar card now.”
getbarter app
  • Click on continue in the next page
getbarter app
  • Next, you will input how much you want to fund in the getbarter card and it will automatically calculate it in naira for you, for PayPal verification what you need is just $2, if for Facebook its depend on the amount want to use for the ads or other online services.

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getbarter online virtual card
  • Then, next screen, you will be asked to set 4 digit pin for your card
getbarter online virtual card
getbarter online virtual card
  • Then, you will be asked for your “BVN and DATE OF BIRTH” then click Continue
getbarter online virtual card
  • Then, next will be how much do you want to fund your getbarter account. for example #1000
getbarter online virtual card
  • Next, will be how would you like to fund your getbarter account either Bank Account  or Debit Card
getbarter app
  • Follow through the next till you’ve successfully added funds to your getbarter account.
  • then, click on the card tap in the below tap, you will see your card details with the amount you allocate to it.

So now that you can create getbarter account and also generate a getbarter online virtual card.

You can now verify your PayPal account, pay for Facebook ads, and other online transactions using getbarter online virtual card. Don’t forget to drop your comment if you face any challenges and share this post.

20 thoughts on “Getbarter Online Virtual Card: How To Create Account”

  1. thanks dear, to an extent i understood but you didnt really teach how to use it to pay for facebook ad. which was what i was expecting

  2. I have a barter app but unfortunately I forgot my details and I’m now logged out of the app how do I go about this ? Help pls

  3. i have funded my barter card…still i cant still fund my facebook account with it….after i entered the digits on the card


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