How to Increase Blog Traffic With Zero SEO Knowledge

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This quick tutorial explain how to Increase Traffic to your Website With Zero SEO Knowledge, consistent traffic helps to boost your blog earnings and also reduce blog bounce rate. Could remember when i setup my first blog few years back.

I had only one concept which is “Do a SEO Optimization set and then start getting good organic traffic from search engines” taught it worked that simple. Sure you also did same haha. Its cool, but lets not forget those important blogging element which can consistently boost your blog traffic which is what i will be sharing with you today on this Article i Titled: Increase Traffic to your Website With Zero SEO Knowledge.

I have decided to share with you today those simple steps i took which actually helped in boosting and Increase Traffic to Geeksblogger With Zero SEO Knowledge.

Increase Traffic to your Website With Zero SEO Knowledge

Below is a comprehensive guide on how to Increase Traffic to your Website With Zero SEO Knowledge, without any search engine optimization hacks.

Unique Post Title

In recent times, i have come to discover the fact that unique Post titles draws greater clicks which helps to increase audience engagement. In writing your blog post chose a unique title for your blog post in other to reach out to the greater audience on social media and boost your blog traffic.

I recently tested this when i published a post on All In One SEO Pack for Blogger Blogspot 2019 the social media engagement was massive.

Post Interlinking

Linking to your old blog posts is called interlinking. most new bloggers dont do interlinking right, consequently, they are unable to boost extra traffic to their old posts.

Post interlinking not only helps to increase your blog traffic, it also helps to enhance your search engine ranking. Interlink your old blog post in your New blog post to help boost your blog visitors and also reduce blog bounce rate.

Related Post Widget

Have something to interact your readers with at the end of each Article by adding related post widget beneath all blog post on your blog. This widget under all posts shows other related articles which are of the same label. its also helps to increase readers duration and additionally reduce blog bounce rate.

Social Media

Add social media share button below all post to enable readers share blog articles on social media, also develop the habit of sharing your blog posts on social media after publish.

Social media like Facebook- FB, Twitterer, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and so on. it will help to increase post audience out-reach.

Forum Posting

Forum posting is one of the best way to increase your Blog network and also boost blog traffic without much stress, It is what i have used to boost my blog traffic.

When joining forums, do make sure you join those related to your niche to avoid your blog post been seen as spam on their forum. Login regularly to see updates, join the conversions and build your followers.

Guest Blogging

You could do a lot using Guest Blogging.  You can use Guest Blogging as a medium to generate consistent visitors to your blog, and additionally build exceptional back-links to your blog.

Guest blogging is medium used by bloggers to increase blog visitors. by writing posts to be published on different bloggers’ blogs. you could also Guest Post on GeeksBlogger. Click link below for more details Guest Post

Comment On Blogs

On this posts i have explained How to do blog commenting for traffic, i strongly recommend you check that out to learn more to increase your blog traffic using blog commenting, it has worked effectively for me. see link below.

How To Do Blog Commenting For Traffic (Easiest Guide)

If you find this post helpful, don’t hesitate to share this post on your social network. It will only take a moment, and also it is quite easy and helpful for others.

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