Top 10 Best Social Media Marketers Tools

Whoever came up with scheduling social media posts is my hero! As a social media marketer, I can no longer do without social media tools that help me with this, and I think many with me. You should also read the social media strategy you can use along with this social media tools
The biggest advantages are that you can work ahead, save time and choose the perfect timing.
Consider, for example, when your most followers are online. In addition, you can guarantee that you continue to post consistently.
Because you probably know how quickly posting on social media can get in the way, in the frenzy of the day.
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Now, I imagine you are wondering which social media marketer tools to use when scheduling your social media posts.
That is why in this article I give you a representation of a number of planning tools, so that you can then make an assessment yourself.
Sit down for a while, because there are quite a few.

1. Via the social media channels themselves

Nowadays you can schedule your posts via the platform itself for a large part of the well-known social media channels. Just think of Facebook.
Facebook Creator Studio
You can now also schedule your Pins via Pinterest, but you do have the restriction that you can plan a maximum of two weeks in advance.
You can also schedule messages and IGTV videos via Instagram, but this is done via the Facebook Creator Studio. It is therefore possible to schedule free messages via the platforms themselves.
The disadvantage is that you have to keep switching between channels that way.

2. Hootsuite

One of the best-known social media tools for scheduling social media messages is Hootsuite. You can manage multiple accounts in one overview.
You can schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. This means you no longer have to switch between the different social media platforms.
You also have the space to design your dashboard as desired and, for example, to follow interesting hashtags on Instagram.
In the free version of Hootsuite, you can add three accounts and distribute 30 messages per month. Do you want more? Then you will have to buy a more extensive version. The same applies if you want to monitor the results of your social media posts.
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Do you want to be able to add 10 social media profiles for one user and not have a maximum number of posts? Then you pay 25 euros per month.
This is the cheapest package and specially designed for independent professionals. For three users you pay over one hundred euros per month and for five users you are almost 600 euros.

3. Tailwind

Tailwind is one of my favorite plant tools. You can use this platform for Pinterest and Instagram. And it has a few benefits that many other social media tools don’t.
For example, you can subscribe (and post Pins) to Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest for more reach. And you can create schedules so that posts are automatically scheduled for your days and times.
As for Instagram, you can automatically have your hashtags in the first comment and save hashtag lists. In addition, you can also have the messages posted on Facebook and possibly specify a different description.
Last but not least, the Instagram overview also gives you an immediate idea of ​​what your feed will look like.
You can try Tailwind for free for a limited time. For example, you can post 100 free Pins and for Instagram, you get 31 free messages. After that, you have to pay, per account.
So if you want to use Tailwind for both Pinterest and Instagram, you pay twice. For bloggers and small businesses, you should think of a starting amount of $ 10 per month.

4. Later

This type Of social media tool Later is mainly used for posting to Instagram. This is because Later has an easy application for your smartphone. Just like in Tailwind, you can see a preview of what your feed will look like.
You can also use Later for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Within Later you can choose between automated posting and receiving a notification that your post is ready to be posted.
In the free version, you get a maximum number of posts per platform per month. In paid versions, you get more upgrades, such as being able to post more, place videos, schedule Instagram Stories (note: these are not posted automatically), tagging, and insight into the statistics.
Are you a “Power User” or “Solopreneur”? Then you pay $ 9 per month. The cheapest package for businesses starts at $ 19 per month.

5. Buffer

The Buffer platform goes one step further. In their packages they make a distinction between publishing, reacting, and analyzing.
You need a different package for each option. Buffer can be used for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
In this tool, you can also schedule the first reaction for Instagram, for example for the hashtags.
The free version of Buffer is very limited. You can set up three social media accounts and schedule ten posts.
Buffer’s paid plans also differentiate between the number of accounts, posts, and users.
The cheapest publish-only package costs $ 15 per month. Do you also want extensive analyzes? Then you pay 50 dollars per month on top of this.
The handy thing about Buffer is that teams can easily review posts. You can set per team member whether they can post completely independently or whether their messages must be checked.

6. Coosto

Coosto works in a similar way to Buffer. They too have different packages for publishing, commenting, and analyzing.
And they also work with a distinction in the number of accounts, posts, and users. Coosto can be used for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
As a platform, Coosto offers access to many different statistics. This way, the platform can provide insight into things such as the best time to post.
In addition, they also offer upgrades such as URL shortening, message approvals, and campaign labels.
Coosto has three different packages for publishing, monitoring, and responding to social media messages. You can use these components separately for 49 euros per month.
Do you want to be able to use all functions of Coosto?
Then you end up with the all-in-one package, where the starter package costs you 129 euros per month.

7. Sprout Social

Just like Coosto, the sprout social tool is aimed at monitoring social media.
Sprout social
You have many options for checking profiles, keywords, and locations.
It also focuses to a large extent on the part of web care with, for example, an inbox where all messages from all channels come in.
Sprout Social has more comprehensive packages that give you access to more reports and automated chatbots for Facebook and Twitter.
After the 30-day free trial, a standard package of 5 social media profiles costs $ 99 per month.

8. SEMrush

SEMrush is probably known as an SEO tool, but do you also know it as a tool to schedule social media posts?
Via SEMrush you can also schedule content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
SEMrush also has a built-in photo editor, link shortener, and the possibility to schedule a content bulk.
In other words, everything to create a lot of content as quickly as possible. However, SEMrush can not only be purchased for scheduling social media.
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You get all other features in one go. Also for SEMrush, you pay 99 dollars per month for the cheapest package.

9. Sendible

Sendible is a social media tool with many options for different social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google My Business.
In addition, Sendible also has integration with Facebook Ads to monitor your ads and Canva to edit your photos.
Sendible has a special way of selling paid packages.
A distinction is made between the number of users, the number of reports you can create, and the number of “services” you add.
In the cheapest package, for 24 euros per month, you get, for example, twelve services, where the posting and monitoring of one Twitter account count as two services.

10. OBI4wan

Another very comprehensive tool for monitoring and scheduling social media, web care, and chatbots is OBI4wan.
A social media tools with extensive webcare, such as responding to social media messages, messaging apps, reviews, and live chat. You can also set up chatbots via the platform.
It also has an extensive “Brand Monitor” where you gain new insights about your brand, industry, and stakeholders.
Unfortunately, OBI4wan does not reveal anything about the costs of the tool, but those interested can request a demo.

Extra tip on best social media marketer tools

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a fairly new app (from 2014) and focuses mainly on reusing already published posts.
Meet Edgar
The founder of Meet Edgar has learned from a lot of experience that the best social media strategy is to reuse existing content.
The app is therefore completely designed to do just that. It comes with many tricks: setting colors for categories, shortening and tracking links, uploading and editing in bulk, and your own browser extension.
You can upload unlimited content in your library and you can use the auto-scheduler. The following networks can currently be used with Meet Edgar:

  • Facebook (pages, profiles, and groups)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn (profiles and company pages)
  • Pinterest and Instagram will follow in the future.

In total, you can add 25 accounts for paid subscriptions. There is currently one subscription available. This one costs $ 49 per month.
When you choose to pay for a year in advance, you get a month for free. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Are these all available social media tools for scheduling posts?

Can’t see the wood for the trees? I understand. And to think that these aren’t even all available social media tools.
There are also a lot of lesser-known platforms with the same kind of capabilities, such as Social Oomph, Loomly, Social pilot, Friends + me, Agorapulse, Everypost, Eclincher, Mavsocial, etc.
And then you also have platforms that are only suitable for certain social media channels.
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Take Instagram for example.
Then you also have a choice of Preview, Planoly, and Onlypult.
And Iconosquare for Instagram and Facebook.

Which social media marketer tools would you choose?

Check for yourself which accounts you want to use, how often you want to post, and which features are important to you.
Then you can make a solid choice based on price versus options.
Do you have a good addition to this list of social media tools? Then let us know in a comment below.

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