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10 WordPress Problems And Tips On How You Can Easily Avoid Them

In this blog article, you will read the 10 most important WordPress problems and tips on how you can easily avoid them. Because WordPress is a fantastic system for creating websites, but you have to know what you are doing. And the tips in this article can possibly save you a lot of misery …


WordPress problems and tips

WordPress problems and tips 1: Business website at

I regularly come across business sites that are on The advantage of this is that your site is up and running quickly. But that does not outweigh the disadvantages.

A business website is an important marketing tool. And you want to be the owner of it yourself. So, therefore, host your business websites yourself.

Moreover, with you are very limited in functionality. You cannot install extensions. And as you grow, you will want that sooner or later.

So host your business website yourself. And choose a hosting provider where you have WordPress installed in a few clicks. Very handy. Namecheap, for example, where I have placed all my sites.

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WordPress problems and tips 2: No SSL certificate

When you start a new website, do it right right away: arrange an SSL certificate and install a secure version of WordPress. And if you already have a website, convert it to a secure version. It starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Why? Because a green lock or the word Safe appears in the browser when a visitor comes to your website. That inspires confidence. In the best-case scenario, you will not see anything without an SSL certificate. And in the worst case, it says Not Safe next to your website. Not what you want.

In addition, your user name and password will go unencrypted without an SSL certificate over the internet. And with that, your login details can easily be intercepted by malicious parties.

And finally, Google shows SSL sites higher in the search results. So it is also good for your ranking.

WordPress problems and tips 3: Easy to guess login

I regularly visit sites whose username is admin. Or the first name of the owner. That is asking for difficulties.

Hackers and bots are constantly browsing the internet for sites that they can hack. They then try to log in by guessing the username and login. And if you have an easy-to-guess login name, they are already half in If the password is also the name of your cat…

So choose a hard-to-guess username.

WordPress problems and tips 4: Incorrect permalinks

Huh, permalinks what are they? In the settings of WordPress, you can indicate what the URL or link of your pages and blog posts looks like. And unfortunately, I find it too often that the default setting has not changed. And that means that the URL looks like this:

And nobody benefits. Not your visitors, not Google, and not you either. Because if you set it correctly (on Message Name), if it will say VideoNow WordPress Video Theme For Video Blogging. And then the visitor immediately sees what it is about. And you get higher in Google for the keyword you want to be found.

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WordPress problems and tips 5: Website not mobile responsive

Take a look around when you walk in the street, wait for the train, or are somewhere else where people have to wait. What do you see? Exactly, everyone looks at his smartphone. And maybe they will look at your website.

More and more visitors view your website on a smartphone or tablet. It is, therefore, a shame if your website is not suitable for this. This is called mobile responsive. Then they will soon be gone again. And you will never see them again …

Your theme determines whether your website is responsive. Nowadays you can hardly get any more themes that are not mobile responsive. But you may have an old theme that is not mobile responsive. I came across it last week. Then you have to choose a different theme.

However, it may also be that your theme is good, but that you put content on your pages that are not mobile responsive. By using tables for example.

So always check how your site looks on your mobile. And not just once, but every time you create a new page or blog post.

I use page-builder to build my pages. That is very nice what you see is what you get page builder. This allows you to see what it looks like on a desktop, tablet, and smartphone while creating a page. And for some smartphones only, make some letters smaller. So that it also looks good there.

WordPress problems and tips 6: Slow website

Visitors decide within a few seconds whether they stay on your website or go again. If all goes well based on the content. But if they have to wait too long before they see something, they are gone immediately.

Google also likes fast sites. They are higher in the search results.

So check how fast your site is. With a tool like Pingdom. And do something about it if it takes longer than 4-5 seconds to load your page.

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WordPress problems and tips 7: Do not update site

Have you ever looked into the access log file of your website? I do. And I was shocked by how often hackers and bots try to log into my site. Or see if there is an outdated version of a plugin on the site with a vulnerability.

So, first of all, make sure that you regularly carry out the updates that are available. I heard that too often people do not do this because they are afraid that their site will no longer work. I think there is a better chance that your site will be hacked if you don’t.

And remove plugins and themes that you do not use. That makes your website faster and less vulnerable.

WordPress problems and tips 8: Do not protect the site

At WordPress problems and tips 3 and 8, I have already mentioned the hackers and bots that are trying to enter your site. WordPress is the most used system for creating websites. And that also attracts this kind of malicious. Keep them out the door.

The tips for WordPress problems 3 and 8 are a good start. And then also install a security plug-in on your site. Such a plugin blocks suspicious login and intrusion attempts.

WordPress problems and tips 9: No backups

Make sure you always have a recent backup of your site. Both of the files and the database.

Very important if your site is hacked once despite all the measures. And very useful if you have done something yourself that you want to reverse.

Your hosting provider should make backups. However, those backups are often limited. Or you need support to put them back. That’s why I always make backups myself.

WordPress problems and tips 10: Want everything for free

WordPress is free. But that doesn’t mean that you have to want everything for free. Invest in knowledge and tools to create a good website. So that it is finished faster. And even better than when you sort everything out yourself. Which means he will deliver customers.

I like to pay a few tens for my WordPress theme if I am assured of updates and support. And I would like to pay a bit more for hosting if this makes my website faster and I get better support.

And I have already spent thousands of dollars on courses in marketing and technology. That may seem like a lot of money, but my time is also precious. If I had figured everything out myself it would have cost me much more time. And at that time I can now help customers and earn money.

Wrapping up on WordPress problems and tips

Now I am curious: What do you think of these 10 WordPress problems and tips on how you can easily avoid them? Are they recognizable? In which problem have you (almost) already found yourself? What are you going to do immediately after reading this article? What other WordPress problems and tips do you have? Scroll down and leave your comment at the bottom of the page.

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