Originally the CEO and founder of GeeksBlogger is Afolabi Achiever, his a young and talent tech guy who loves to create new thing in the digital world.


Geeksblogger.com is a powerful blog with a lot of knowledge and pledge to it, visitors, geeksblogger.com started October 2016 with a sub blogger domain and later launch fully with a custom domain.

Over the years geeksblogger has been able to make an impact on the lives of many bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Writers and Webmasters who want to enjoy the real fist of becoming a PRO.

Why people love us, is because we give the people just what they want with quality and rich content we produce | We believe in just one thing which is QUALITY that why geeksblogger is the best place to get that, everyday we get new visitors on our blog who wants to learn new things.


Our mission is to bring all youth and educate them on how the digital era can make an impact in their lives by providing them Premium Blogging tools, SEO guide, Blogging tips and lots more to make money online since the government won’t give them jobs.


Currently, right now we do not have any partners but with our loyalty, we look forward to partners with more brands and companies. Want to partner with us. Kindly contact us and you can also hire me for blog / website SEO service, traffic, backlink, etc..

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