How To Do Blog Commenting For Traffic (Easiest Guide 2019)

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Does blog commenting still work in terms of boosting site traffic, same question I asked my self couple of days ago. On this article we will discover how to do blog commenting for traffic.

Couple of days ago I decided to carry out an experiments on an article I published on GeeksBlogger regarding blog commenting. Find out on this article title how to do blog commenting for traffic various hacks to effectively use blog commenting to boost your blog traffic.

Hey when you visit a site same niche as yours what exactly do you do after reading a couple of articles. Use the exit button or drop a valuable comment before leaving.

If you have been using the exit button then you are really missing out. I told you about my experiment on blog commenting, through same experiment I was able to build High PR Edu Backlinks on GeeksBlogger.

How To Do Blog Commenting For Traffic

Today I will not only share with you blog commenting for Backlinks but also How to do blog commenting for traffic and also increase your blog backlinks for better ranking on SERPS.

First: DropMyLink

Our first tool on how to do blog commenting for traffic is Dropmylink. Dropmylink is an another online tool which help you to find dofollow KeywordLuv or CommentLuv blogs. It’s very easy to use to find dofollow blog with High DA and PA Authorities. I use this tool to also find Edu blogs to comment for backlinks.

  1. Go to
  2. Free Sign up and login.
  3. Type the keyword in your niche.
  4. Select Comment backlinks from “Category” and KeywordLuv from “Footprint”.
  5. Click on Search
  6. A new Google Search Page will appear
  7. Open anyone of blog as your choice and start to dropping link by commenting.
  8. Try our above method and it’s improve your alexa rank, Google Search rank and also it will instantly increase your websites traffics.

Second: My Blog Commenting Secrete

I will share with you my little secrete on how to do blog commenting for traffic, don’t tell any one haha. look out for top ten blogs same as my niche and subscribe to their newsletter to receive the latest updates. Not necessarily that yours must be ten, it could five, four, three or two depending on your schedule then subscribe to their newsletter to receive the latest updates.

Regularly check your mail for updates from your list of subscribed blogs after which go to their web site to comment on their article.

Note: Be fast enough to be among the first ten comm-enters, this will help to increase your website click through from their site. And also drop valuable comments. That goes along with the post. Have used this techniques and below is statistics of traffic I have gotten in no time. using this techniques.

Below are the results of my Experiment.

SITES                                                                                  AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC                                                                    800                                                                                                            330                                                                     210                                                                                                            125                                                                    70

Reason to comment on blogs

When you comment on other blogs some will reciprocate by also visiting your site and in return leave a valuable comment as you have done on their post.

This will also help to build up your blogging network and to find out whom your competitors are.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

if you really need to power greater visitors in your blog. then you have to comment on other blogs. specifically, if your blog is new on, Blogger network might not be aware of your New blog. So commenting on different Blogs facilitates to boost your weblog site visitors and additionally blog publicity.

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