How to Downgrade WordPress to Previous Version

This quick tutorial will guide you on how to downgrade WordPress to previous version. The long-awaited WordPress 5.0 has been released following the release of 4.8.9. Comes in with Gutenberg Editor.

Have been receiving lots of complaints from folks on Social Media about the new WordPress 5.0 not everyone is quite comfortable with this new update from WordPress cause of its complexity.

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Did you Update your WordPress blog to 5.0 and would like to Downgrade to Previous version of WordPress. Not to worry cause today I will be teaching you the easiest way to Downgrade WordPress to Previous Version.

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Any coding required for this? Not at all, in fact, you can downgrade WordPress to previous version without coding. It’s as simple as ABC.

We will be making use of a Plugin named “WP Downgrade | Specific Core Version”


Downgrade WordPress to Previous Version

Using WP Downgrade Plugin

Note: This plugin has been tested by me and a couple of other Bloggers and it has since been working perfectly fine. That is what am currently using on GeeksBlogger and ever since has not experienced any problem so far.

The plugin “WP downgrade” forces the WordPress update routine to perform the installation of a specified WordPress release. The Core Release you specify is now downloaded from and installed as any regular update. You can stay on a previous version of your choice or update selected.

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Installation Guide on WP Downgrade Plugin




  1. Go to Plugins in your WordPress backend -> Install and search for “WP Downgrade”.
  2. Click on “Install now” in the hit list “WP Downgrade”
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Now you will find under “Settings” a new point called “WP Downgrade”.
  5. Find the version you want to downgrade to and type it into the settings on the WP Downgrade plugin: See image below
wp downgrade

In most cases, you should downgrade to the last update before the one you installed. You can see all the version release numbers at the WordPress Release Archive.

wp downgraded

You can then click the “Save Changes” button to run the installation of the previous version of WordPress.

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