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Easiest Way to Prevent WordPress From Generating Image Sizes

This quick tutorial explains how to prevent WordPress from generating image sizes. Often times we see Bloggers debate on the best blogging platform to start off a professional blogging career.

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It’s Blogspot, not WordPress as some will say and others will be like it’s WordPress cause of its advanced features and easy to play around with.

I know you are eager to hear my own opinion about this hahaha. I will talk about that on some other post, whichever one you choose there all have their “Pros and Cons”.

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Enough now, speaking on WordPress are you aware that some features active on WordPress are consuming your Bandwidth. You must have checked your web site Bandwidth and noticed some increasement.

It started gradually and then continually increase day after day especially if you are running a News Site.

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Though it’s normal right I also did the same. Not until I decided to run a few check up on my WordPress directory was shocked at what I saw. Want to know what that was keep in reading.

Discovered WordPress has been generating images of different sizes from the images I uploaded on my WordPress site.

Imagine having over 500+ images on your WordPress site and each of them WordPress generate about 8 different images size of a single image you upload on your site.

Let you and I do the mathematics of 500+ and then you will definitely understand what am talking about.

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It happens immediately you started uploading images on your WordPress site. Want to avoid this then upload no image on your WordPress site, that’s impossible right.

Which is why today I will teach you how to prevent WordPress from generating image sizes

Below are the steps on how to prevent WordPress from generating image sizes. With this guide, you not only Stop Generating Image Sizes but also prevent WordPress from generating image sizes.

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Admin area

Step 2: Click on Plugin and select “Add New”

Step 3: On the Search area Past “Stop Generating Image Sizes” and click on Search.

Install and Activate “Stop Generating Image Sizes” Plugin

Step 4: From your WordPress admin area you will see “image Sizes” see image below.

stop generating image sizes

Click on It you will list of all image sizes WordPress generate, Kindly click on select all and block WordPress from “Generating Image Sizes” it and that’s all.

stop generating image sizes

Each time you upload images on your WordPress site it will never be generated by WordPress.

Now we have Stop WordPress from generating image sizes, you sure would like to know how to delete already generated images by WordPress.

Kindly follow the Guide Below.

Go to your admin area and select Plugins -> Add new from the menu.

Search for “Force Regenerate Thumbnails”.

Click install.

Click activate.

Run the Plugin Set Up to delete all generated images by WordPress.

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