400 Relevant High DA EDU Blog Comment Backlinks

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We will create 400 relevant high DA Edu blog comment backlinks from .edu blogs to improve your google rank #1. You can also build your site authority using our 40 Web 2.0 Properties Backlink Service.

We offer you the best online marketing solution, high DA Edu blog comment backlinks will increase your Google rankings because the level of trust is far higher than of any ordinary SEO methods….!

EDU blog comment backlinks have recently become a very high standard or quality SEO service. Basically, we create contextual backlinks within comments on .EDU blogs. These links have a high level of trust and relevancy, as they are from .Edu domains and are surrounded by high-quality content.

Before you order for your 400 relevant high DA Edu blog comment backlinks from .edu blogs, I would like to tell you more about .Edu site Extension.

.Edu site is a top-level domain offered by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Internet marketers know the value of .Edu backlinks. Most of the Edu sites have good domain authority, but they didn’t allow anyone to build a link on their site because these domains relate to educational institutions, So commercial users and bloggers are eagerly wanting these sites to create backlinks.

Some people think that they can simply buy a domain of .Edu and get a backlink but this is not so simple technique. Before going to buy this domain extension you have to prove that you belong to the university and submit all the proofs to the Domain registrar.

And you don’t believe that 99% of the people failed to submit the documents to the registrar.

To most people, .edu and .gov are just another top-level domain. But to SEOs, those three letters mean so much more.

While many people in the SEO world doubt the fact that search engines give .edu and .gov site backlinks special superpowers.

We can all agree that sites on .edu and .gov domains have the age, trust and domain authority every link builder loves

The method we will use to create .edu backlink on each site are:

Approaching method

We will approach the administrator of the blog either by mail or contact page and tell him/her that we have a relevant article or useful article which should be linked to provide more information to the user. This conversation shouldn’t take an hour or a day max, to be complete because we already have a reputation with them.

Blog commenting

We use this method in a safe way that its won’t lead to spamming, because most blogger or digital marketers don’t how to make a perfect and reasonable blog commenting, which they don’t know can cause harm to their site, but this thing increases the spamming rate of the site and increase the spam score of their site.

Along with building your brand’s authority in the market, the backlinks we build from .EDU blogs are completely Penguin Safe.

What we need from you For EDU Blog Comment Backlinks:

  1. Receipt of successful purchase (you will find it in your e-mail inbox)
  2. Website URL
  3. keyword
  4. E-mail address for your report

All above requirement should be forwarded to [email protected]

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