20 Best Keyword Research tool 2019 Edition

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Today am going to share with you 20 best keyword research tool 2019 Updated.

Keyword research remains one of the most important parts of SEO. If you just starting out or want to take your blog to the next level using keyword research. Then you are reading the right post. We not only look at best keyword research tool 2019 but also explicit guide on how to do keyword research using this keyword research tools.

Before we look at the Free Keyword tool, let’s cover few crucial points.

What is Keyword Research

Keyword research is a practice which involves identifying popular phrases people enter into search engine while searching for a similar subject.

Importance of Keyword Research

keyword research are very crucial to the success of your site rank on search engine`s, as it determines the amount of organic traffic your site receives from search engines. This are why it must be done for every single article in your website.

Best Keyword Research tool 2019

Below are the List of Best Keyword Research tool 2019 free.

1: KWFinder

2: Moz Keyword Explorer

3: Google Keyword Planner

4: SpyFU

5: SERPStat


7: Ubersuggest

8: Ahrefs

9: LongTailPro

10: Wordtracker

11: Keywords Everywhere

12: WordStream

13: Twinword

14: Google Trends

15: Soovle

16: Answer the Public

17: Keyword In

18: Wordtracker Scout

19: SEO Chat Suggestion Keyword Finder

20: RavenTools

Google Keyword Planner (Free)

Could remember while starting out, each time I come across the term keyword research tool, I think of google keyword planner keyword research tool. Why because It has Google on the label. Same with you right? Google keyword planner keyword research tool displays deep and accurate information about your chosen keywords. If you are just starting out then i encourage using google keyword planner for initial keyword research.

Note: I recommend Google keyword planner for beginners, if you are looking for more detailed keyword analysis I recommend going for advanced tools listed below.

KWFinder (Paid & Free)

KWFinder is one of the best keyword research tool in the market. With KWFinder you can find untapped keywords with high search volume that will help drive massive traffic to your blog. You can also find easy to rank keywords on KWFinder.

Note: KWFinder keyword research tool offers both paid and free plan. Have been using the free plan for a while now, plan to upgrade to their premium plan. Though the free plan is awesome. On free plan you are allowed to search for minimum of 2 keywords then you will be asked to register. After registration you will be awarded 5 extra keywords research for every 24 hours starting from time of registration.


You can upgrade to their premium plan to enjoy all the features and benefits which includes unlimited keywords research and lots more.

You can also evaluate your site backlinks or any site backlinks using KWFinder. This feature on KWFinder is available for both free and premium members.

SPYFU (Paid & Free)

Have got a competitor you would like to spy and have overview of their blog ranking keywords. Then I recommend you go for Spyfu. With Spyfu keyword research tool you can do lots of serious damage to your competitors, as well as get a great overview of their keyword’s value. I use this tool when I need to spy at competitors ranking keywords on search engines. It’s a great tool.

Moz Keyword Finder (Free)

3rd on our list of best keyword research tool 2019 free is Moz Keyword Finder. This keyword research tool is estremely useful when intend targeting a specific country in your keyword research. The best part is a free keyword tool. I use this tool to find out the prospect of a keyword in a particular country.

SEMRUSH (Free Trial)

SEMRUSH is another in-depth Best keyword research tool. SEMRUSH is a premium keyword research tool. You can find easy to rank short tail keywords as well as overview of your blog SEO.

Note: SEMRUSH offers 7days free trail before which you are required to upgrade to premium plan. Which is worth upgrading.

LongTailPro (Free Trial)

6th on our list of best keyword research tool is LongTailPro. You can use LongTailPro to find easy to rank longtail keywords with high search volume.

Definition: long tail keywords are search phrases that are highly relevant to your specific niche, product, service or topic, have low competition level, comparatively low search volume and, generally, consist of 3+ words.

Below are example of LongTail keywords:

Image Credit: blog.hittail.com

Ahrefs (Paid & Free Plan)

Ahrefs is another premium keyword research tool that has been around for some time now. You can also use Ahrefs to find easy to rank keywords and also untapped keywords. Have also used this and I must say the result is great.

Ahrefs has 7 days free trial. Unlike KWFinder and couple of other keyword research tool where you are not required to register before you can carry out your keyword research.

Ahrefs is different, you register for 7 days free trial before you can do your keyword research.


Ubersuggest just as the name implies, is a great keywords research tools. It Suggests indept easy to rank high volume keywords based on your primary keyword. With Ubersuggest you can choose to use either Google search, Bing search or YouTube search to find easy to rank high volume keywords for your article.

SERPStat (Paid & Free Plan)

On our list of best keywords research tool 2019 free. SERPStat is on 8th position.

SERPStat is a short tail keyword finder. You can find undoubtedly high quality keywords with less competition. Let’s see short tail keywords and examples of short tail keywords.

What are Short Tail Keywords:

Short Tail keywords are search phrases with 3 words or less. See examples below.

Keyword research tool

Backlinks builder

Free keyword tool

and so on.

Answer the Public (Paid & Free Plan)

Crafting a good topic for your blog post could seam difficult sometimes. Cause you would like your article to be love at a glance by readers and ranked by search engines.

That is what Answer the Public is meant for. It’s helps you craft out a good SEO optimized title for your blog post. It actually displays all content ideas based on your primary keyword added on the site. A bit confused right.

Here is it. You add in a keyword based on your topic and then gets lots of SEO optimized topic ideas regarding your content. Hope I was able to Clear this.

WordStream (Paid & Free Plan)

WordStream is yet another great keyword research tool. Been around for a long time now. It has paid and free plan.

Based on Rattings from Pro Bloggers

Google Trends (90/100)

Soovle (87/100)

Twinword (72/100)

Keywords Everywhere (65/100)

Wordtracker (53/100)

Keyword In (48/100)

Wordtracker Scout (40/100)

SEO Chat Suggestion Keyword Finder (37/100)

RavenTools (29/100)

That is all on 20 Best Keyword Research Tools 2019. All comment are well appreciated.

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