How do you determine the most visited blog topics? Every blog or website has a special topic or theme to attract visitors. For example, such as, which presents knowledge content.

Unfortunately, of the many discussion topics that bloggers usually raise, not all topics are in demand for a long time. There are several topics that are only seasonal in nature, but there are also nice blogs that are able to consistently get lots of visitors, both from search engines and referrals from social media.

Well, for those of you who are currently intending to create a blog or website as a medium for your business publication. Maybe you can do some research and read our suggestions regarding the following 11 most visited blog topics.

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Most Visited Blog Topics

1. Product Reviews from Personal Experience

Product Reviews

The first in our list of most visited blog topics is product reviews, In this era of technological development, the majority of users use search engines as a source of information. As a result, various articles related to the topic of product reviews are in great demand.

You can take inspiration from this phenomenon by creating a blog or website that regularly publishes product review articles. Apart from that, try to make every piece of writing that you publish has high selling value and uniqueness so that it can be more attractive to visitors.

2. Evergreen Tutorial Articles

Evergreen Tutorial Articles

Almost the same as product reviews, articles with the theme of evergreen tutorials are also one of the most visited blog topics. The reason is, this one blog topic can play two feet between seasonal and evergreen articles. Don’t forget to share the link to your social media or circle of friends if you want a lot of reading.

3. Unique Information

Unique Information

Unique and anti-mainstream things are one of the most visited blog topics for many readers. Stories that discuss content around this topic can also be developed so broadly as your knowledge develops.

However, to be able to create a blog with a unique information theme you certainly have to be really careful in selecting news. Because even the slightest misinformation will have an impact on the website’s reputation in the eyes of the user. Your blog might be directly stamped by hoax websites and blocked from social media.

4. Fashion Inspiration

Fashion Inspiration

Websites with fashion themes are generally preferred by women because the majority of them require special references in make-up and dress. Fashion inspiration content generally consists of product catalogs or information related to products designed by famous designers. In addition, nowadays there are also many beauty bloggers who are reaping the benefits of tutorial content on wearing the hijab, make-up tutorials, and reviewing shopping places that they subscribe to which make them one of the most visited blog topics because of the huge traffic they pull from search engines and social media.

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5. Discussion on Business and Financial Freedom

Business and Financial Freedom

Who doesn’t want to be successful and have material freedom? It feels like everyone wants this unless they don’t take everything that is done in this world seriously anymore. Whether you realize it or not, blogs that are about business and finance tend to have many loyal readers who often return.

Most of these loyal readers feel that they are helped by articles on blogs so the majority will be willing to share URLs and recommend your blog to others.

6. Mystery Stories

Mystery Stories

Are you familiar with the Indo corp circle blog? If you know about this anonymous website, you are certainly familiar with the various mysterious conspiracy stories written by the owners of this blog. Mystery-related content will usually be seasonal depending on the situation. However, when your website explodes, you are guaranteed to get a tremendous surge in visitors which makes it one of the most visited blog topics.

To attract a lot of early readers, you can tell about UFOs, mystical stories from ancient legends, as well as traditional stories that until now have not been proven. Use a different point of view from other people, so your article will look fresher even though the mystical story raised is out of date.

7. Blog About Specific Hobbies

Blog About Specific Hobbies

You are certainly very familiar with the term hobbies that can be used as income. Thanks to these assumptions, many people now read many articles related to hobbies that are specific to their interests. For example, a photography blog with a discussion about cameras, lenses, or shooting tips that are commonly used by professional photographers.

Blogs with specific themes can usually be a place to share with readers about their experiences. So, the interaction is very good and potential along with the development of the members.

8. Travel


Blog with the theme of travel or tourism is an evergreen topic, aka it can last a long time, even though it has been published for years. The current tourism theme is also in great demand by readers thanks to the proliferation of tour package promos from various startups that are developing in Indonesia.

Just imagine, when you want to travel out of town you can get ticket and hotel promos at the same time. So it’s no wonder that more and more prospective travelers are looking for information related to superior tourist destinations for them to visit as holiday destinations.

9. Culinary


The culinary theme has always been a popular blog topic, which makes us its add to our list of most visited blog topics. You can write culinary-related content easily if you have a hobby or experience related to this topic. However, there are also some well-known bloggers who start from scratch, so they only act as culinary connoisseurs and share their experiences with readers in cyberspace.

10. Promo and Discount Info

Promo and Discount Info

Discussions regarding promo and discount information are also worth considering if you want to create a blog with a target audience above average. The market share of this most visited blog topics is not only limited to women but also male users who are looking for goods online.

11. Craft (Craft)


Recently, the world of blogging is dominated by young mothers who are looking for new vehicles to channel their writing ideas and talents. Among the many bloggers, interestingly many are inspired to write down their daily activities, such as cooking, parenting, or crafts from leftover ingredients.

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Blogs with the theme of crafts/craft are now one of the most visited blog topics in cyberspace. This is because the variations in the resulting content are very diverse and even relatively unlimited. By publishing handicrafts on your website you also have the opportunity to get endorsements or even potential buyers who enjoy your work. Interesting right?

Wrapping up on Most Visited Blog Topics

Approximately those details regarding the 11 most visited blog topics this year. In addition to the various topics above, there are actually a few more that are worthy of recommendation, but for novice bloggers, it seems that the 11 topics above are sufficient to represent various fields and professions.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in trying to build a website from one of the topics above? One thing that needs to be paid attention to, regardless of the choice of blog topic that you want to build, is to find keywords with low competitions and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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