The Best WordPress Plugins for Publishers in 2022

Making your website more popular in using the best WordPress plugins for publishers in 2022 is very important for you as a blogger and web developer.  You must understand that the only way for you to succeed in 2022 using all the WordPress plugins we will list today is by putting them on your to-do … Read more

11 Most Visited Blog Topics

How do you determine the most visited blog topics? Every blog or website has a special topic or theme to attract visitors. For example, such as, which presents knowledge content. Unfortunately, of the many discussion topics that bloggers usually raise, not all topics are in demand for a long time. There are several topics … Read more

SEO Tool to Check for Duplicate Content on a Website

Regardless of whether duplicate content issue on the site is intentional or not, it’s clear that this will have a negative impact on SEO. It must be addressed and handled properly. In this case, we need a tool to check for duplicates on your site. It doesn’t matter if you are managing a website for … Read more

What is PBN? (Private Blog Network), Features & Benefits

What is PBN? Private Blog Networks are basically blog networks that encourage backlinks to the main site. The definition of a backlink is a link that is intentionally implanted on several different websites to be redirected later to the website that is being optimized. The process is not one-time but continuous, so it needs reliable … Read more

Google Index Page Checker Tool (Step by step guide)

Google Index page Checker tool provides valuable information that you can find in just seconds and also allows you to check Google Index statistics for your web pages. Many website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals now use tools like the Google Index Page Checker tool to quickly and easily access statistics on how many web … Read more

How to Install Ads.txt File on WordPress and Blogspot blog

Learning how to install ads.txt file on WordPress and Blogspot blog for google AdSense is the simplest thing but due to we been scared of our earnings been at risk by ads owners like Google Adsense make some ads publishers think it’s hard. The ads.txt file is an initiative made by IAB Tech Lab to … Read more

Meta description & SEO: What you should know

Meta description does not affect your SEO. So, at least we already have that clear. Oh, you get reports or SEO scans stating that your meta description doesn’t include the search term? Or your SEO plugin indicates that you miss “keyword” in the meta description? In any case, it is not something to deal with … Read more

Gutenberg Editor: What You Need to Know About the new WordPress Editor

If you have to remember one thing with WordPress, it is that it is the leading free solution on the web to create a website. Thanks to Gutenberg editor, creating an article has never been easier. Since its first version in 2004, launched by the agency Automattic, this CMS (Content Management System), which today represents … Read more