12 Ways to Build a Good Customer Base Relationship

Building a good customer base relationship is one of the greatest challenges people experience in their businesses which is the lifeblood of every successful business since business progresses in as much as your customers keep liking and buying the product.

12 Ways to Build a Good Customer Base Relationship
You can have almost everything required in the business you are into but if you don’t build a good customer base relationship, you are not in the business especially where the bedrock of success in every business is a good relationship with your customers.

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The major motive that kept you in business is to make a profit and as a result, you can not overlook any customer base relationship for whatever money they have to offer because an increment in the number of your customers is the fuel that keeps pushing your business forward.

1. Personal and Business Images

When building a customer base relationship you have to sell yourself before you can sell anything you have taken as your products. People are naturally attracted to your physical appearance and the way you present yourself, it does not mean you should buy an expensive dress of which you cannot get yourself easily out of debt.

How to Create a Good Online Profile

Address yourself the way you want people to dress you and dress the way you want people to address you. A good dress does not mean an expensive dress. Some of your customers may a time make things difficult for you but one thing you must develop toward them is a good impression.

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Try to let your customers know how much you value their services and how much help you are willing to render them. Uniqueness is an attribute in the customer base relationship, which makes customers must look into your products before buying. Make sure your products differ from some other competitors.

2. Provide Products Your Customers Want

A great product serves itself. Sometimes sellers provide products customers need instead of products your customers want. In other to give selfless service to your customers always provide products that solve your customer’s problems, and inquire what other products they require which you lack because the news of a good product spread like wildfire beyond your thinkable imagination.
If a product that you offer for money to your customers is such that meets up with their demand, the news of its uniqueness will go far as a result of increasing your customer base relationship and bringing you an extra profit.
In other, for you to create more customer base relationships, do not allow your product to be too expensive that your customers can not easily afford. If you offer a product that is averagely good and moderately expensive more customers will patronize you.
Do not charge your customers much because you want to make more gains. It is not how much you charge your customers that matters but the fairness in your dealings that will take your star high.

3. Establish a Good Relationship with Your Customers

Make sure you establish a good customer base relationship with your customers in such a pleasant atmosphere that at any moment in time they desire your product, you are ready to get the product to their doorstep with all your effort humanly possible.

If your customer purchases a product from you and you exchange your mobile contacts, always ask them if they will like to purchase more products from you or if they are interested in a particular product.

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“Punctuality they say is the soul of a business.” Always make sure you are there in the place where you market your product early so that you will be able to make lots of sales. If you are punctual at times you can supersede your competitors by selling ahead of them.

4. Display Positive Attitude

Your positive attitude toward your customers is a driving spirit to get you a good customer base relationship. Always try to use soft words like ‘please can you try it’, ‘come and buy’, and ‘you will enjoy the product in other to loosen the shackle of impatience with some customers.

Try to tell some of your customers to be patient that you are going to deliver them the product and render them the services to their optimum satisfaction, and try to stand by your words.

If your product is such a type you can deliver to your customers on their doorstep, always do to ensure intimate connectivity between you and your customers, it helps in building a good customer base relationship.

5. Educate Your Customers on Your Products or Services

Since no one knows your products or services better than you, the best way to build a good customer base relationship and persuade your customers to purchase your product is by showing them that they need your product and this could be done in several ways i.e educating them from ignorance about the product and advertising it to them.

This is often done by telling them why they need your products or services, or what is in there for them of your products or services.

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You can convince your customers to buy your product by highlighting the advantage of the products to your customers, you can reveal to them why your product is effective and better than your competitor’s products. You can also show them some of the positive reviews from your contented customers who you have satisfied.

6. Product Demonstrations

A very convincing way to build a good customer base relationship and persuade your customers that they are missing a lot by bypassing your product is through product demonstrations. You can generate lots of sales through product demonstrations. There is a saying that ‘seeing is believing’ and I agreed with it quite alright.

You can choose a public place or a high-traffic place like a shopping mall or a train station to hold your product demonstration. Your customers are able to see first-hand, the benefits of your products, their features as well as their uses; they will be able to clear any negative thoughts, doubts, or reservations about your products or services, thereby, going further to buy more.

7. Offer Sales Promotion

You can win many people’s hearts when you offer sales promotions since people know that they will be getting your product at a cheaper rate. Do it often as a way of building a good customer base relationship and encouraging your customers to purchase more products from you since they will be getting it at a low price which will also be a determining factor to boost their interest.

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Offer your products for testing in such a way that customers (beta testers) will be able to have a test of the product to clear their conscience about the product, so as to really know what the product looks like, how it works, and if it is a kind of product that cannot be tested since there are some products that cannot be offered for a free trial like electronics but can be offered at cheap prices.

8. Offer Bonus

Bonus can also be offered to give you more customers who are willingly surrendered to purchase your products or services. It is a clear truth that many people value bonuses; it is reasoned beyond utmost doubt and every doubting people prefer products with bonuses compared to products being offered at their original company price without bonus.

Let your customers be aware of a particular time a particular bonus is going to start and when it is going to end, it helps in building a good customer base relationship.

9. Ensure guarantee

In whatever business you partake in, your capability of making profits and a stream of wealth like an autopilot demands how much you present your products or services to your customers so that they will always look up to your services or products.

A guarantee should be given to your customers to come back and lay any complaints in case they have anyone. Including a guarantee for your products will instill trust and courage and increase the desire for the said products, which in turn, builds a good customer base relationship between you and your customers in such a way that they begin regarding no customer better than you, looking forward to getting your products and services at always.

10. Detail out Products Terms and Conditions

Give detailed information on the terms and conditions of your product. It helps in building a good customer base relationship and gives the customer the assurance that you are offering a legal product or service.

Some business owners with the motive to attract many customers will hide their information regarding their product prices and services and would only reveal them after a customer has made a purchase.

This will definitely make the customers feel frustrated and it will affect your customer base relationship when the products do not meet up with their expectations, or the customer mistakenly goes contrary to the product’s terms and conditions that you failed to outline, and they may feel cheated and may even earn your products and services negative reviews which affect the customer base relationship between you and the customer. Believe me, I have seen it happening with my own very naked eyes.

11. Provide Backend Products

Keep providing backend and inline of products so as to cover the wide variety of customer’s desires. If you provide only one or two products, your customers may have already purchased them and may come to back feed up looking for similar or related inline of products elsewhere.

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Draw your customer’s attention to the product they never had and it’s essential for them, to keep the product clean and bargain on an average price. The solidarity of every business is the strength of its customer; a business is bound to die down if the number of its customers is dwindling. A business cannot proceed out of customers like blood is to humans, and so is the customer to the business world.

12. Business Automation and Systematization

You should emulate those concepts and build a better name for your brand so that you will rescue from hard times persuading people to have a taste of your product for sale. Your customers deserve to be happy about you and the product all the time.

Always welcome your customers very pleasantly, it helps in building a good customer base relationship, and the way you make his/her happy all the time will create room for his/her to come back next time.

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What do we mean by making your customers happy, having the right product for the customer, delivering the product to your customer at a particular time of business negotiation, Giving your customers a kind of smiling face encouraging them to buy more, giving customers exact products as promised that solve the real problem? Those who build their business firm are those with quality products and good customer base relationships.

In conclusion, ‘your product image’ as they say ‘is your image’ so don’t tarnish it. It would be easier to sell your product if you establish a good customer base relationship with total truth, honesty, and good virtue. A brand like Lipton will have no difficulty selling their product because they have built a name with their brand of clean image over time.

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