7 Questions to ask SEO Company That Approaches You

Have you ever been called or emailed by an SEO company that tells you that your positions in Google can be better? Do you find it difficult to determine what to do with it? From now on don’t worry about the questions to ask SEO company and that will quickly help you determine whether this company wants the best for you or they are only after your money.

Have you been called or emailed by an SEO company?

Just about every business relationship of mine, from customer to just fine connection in my network, is sometimes approached by an SEO agency or SEO specialist who throws numbers and search terms to show that their findability in Google is really could be better.

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Have you been called by an SEO company? Whether you are interested and you want to work with them or not, you can ask a few questions to know if they are the right party for you. Or to easily show them the door, whatever you want.

Acquisition? Fine of course

I think it is only logical that companies commit acquisitions. Nothing wrong with it. It’s about the way. It sometimes seems as if these kinds of parties assume that the companies they approach are little or not aware of SEO and their own positions.

Or that the companies they call or email are waiting for SEO at all. What if your business is running so well that you really don’t need any new customers? Or that you simply don’t have enough capacity to handle new customers?

It starts with the approach

First of all, it is of course about the approach itself: does the SEO company start with genuine interest in your company? Do they show that they have already immersed themselves in your company or do they ask questions to find out more about your business?

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Often they immediately start with their sales pitch to let you feel that you can score better in Google. And somewhere I understand that, because of pain and making you feel that you really have to do something works. You feel the need to intervene and the SEO company has the solution.

Do you want to rank with them?

An interesting example is also Tracy Boles, SPN, the SEO company that e-mails you to report that you are in position so much for your “keyword” that you may not need to be found at all. Or that you rank on google.com, while another country is not really the market you are targeting …

You can see that the focus here is on 1 specific search term and the position in google.com. Now SEO copywriting is not what the email recipient really focuses on (it’s not me, I know it) and other countries isn’t a market he focuses on either.

Many SEO companies focus on “the holes”

When such an SEO company approaches you, the focus is of course on where you leave holes. In other words: on which search terms do you score poorly or not (enough)? There is something to be said about that because it is, therefore, possible to optimize. But: is that justified? As far as I am concerned, that’s the crux. To tackle that, you ask specific questions. So you can:

  • determine whether you will work with them, or;
  • dismiss them because you already have an SEO partner or just don’t want it

It also matters whether you want to dismiss an SEO company that approaches you or if you are interested and want to determine who is suitable to work for you.

Questions to ask SEO company

By asking a few questions, you will know where you stand with the SEO company approaching you or approaching yourself. Ask the 7 questions below, or a selection from them to ensure that they really want the best for your organization:

1. Do you give guarantees?

Just ask for any guarantees they give. The harder the guarantees, especially in terms of positions in Google, the more likely they are to use techniques that may yield results in the short term, but which may harm you in the long term. SEO guarantees are simply very tricky. That is not to say that no guarantees can be given, just pay close attention to the guarantees they give.

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2. On which search terms do I rank well?

If an SEO company is really prepared to help your website further in Google, they also have an idea of ​​what is going well. Just indicating what could be improved is too easy. So they have to be able to say on which search terms you are doing well, or at least what the low-hanging fruit is that with the first adjustments you can generally already achieve results.

3. What are your specialties?

Every SEO company has its own specialisms. Overall, you can then assume:

  • Content
  • Technic
  • Link building

The first 2 falls under so-called on-page SEO, while link building falls under off-page SEO. Everything happens outside your website, so you immediately know that Keyboost does link building (if that is not yet known or clear).

It is good to know what the specialisms of an SEO specialist or agency are, because you may be able to do certain things yourself or that you already have someone for certain parts or have hired them externally. You can also ask them what they plan to do for your SEO.

4. What would improve your SEO first?

This is a very nice one, I think. When they really think that your SEO can be better, they also have a plan and so they know what they would improve first. The first reaction or the answer they have to give you an idea of ​​how skilled they are. This is especially true for a party that approaches you to tell you what’s wrong with your SEO.

5. Who do you see as my biggest (SEO) competitors?

Again, in particular, an SEO company that approaches you must also be able to say who your competitors are. A bit of a professional party uses tools that at least make a move to map out competitors.

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In addition, it is also very useful to map out how at least a number of competitors score. On the basis of this, you can also determine which search terms should really be optimized.

6. Do you need access to Search Console and Analytics?

A little SEO geek would like to look into Google Analytics and (especially) Google Search Console. Via Google Analytics you will find points for improvement on your website or which pages your visitors visit the most, in Search Console you mainly see how the search engine “sees” your website:

  • Search terms and (average) positions
  • Technical problems
  • Links to your pages

You also receive notifications from Google via Search Console, such as penalties or other important issues. For an SEO company, therefore, important information to assess and optimize your website. There is no reason why an SEOer should not want access to these tools.

7. What is more important: SEO or CRO?

To be on the safe side: CRO means Conversion Rate Optimization or conversion optimization. If you ask this question, it can provide surprising answers, although there is not yet another good or bad answer.

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I personally think that SEO and conversion go hand in hand, although it will differ per situation which of the 2 is more important. Both are important, one time the focus will be on SEO, the other time on CRO. It is therefore mainly about how they substantiate it and whether they really take CRO seriously.

Understanding How Serious They Are.

These questions will help you understand how serious this SEO company is in their intent to help you. You get an idea of ​​how they help you and where their knowledge and skills lie. I have deliberately added a few special ones that you will not see so easily with others.

Do you have additions to these questions to ask SEO company or have you gained special insights from this article? Share it in a comment below. Feel free to start the discussion with me or ask your questions, you will always receive a response from me.

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