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Easiest Way to Find Competitors Keywords (Best Guide)

Using relevant keywords in your Blog Post is very important. As it helps the search engines better comprehend what your blog post is all about and also rank your blog post for your chosen keywords. Looking at how to find competitors keywords and outrank them on SERPS.
Knowing who your competitors are and keeping a very close eye on them is an added advantage. That way you can be able to manipulate and spy on their profitable keywords and also find out authority sites where they got their PRO backlinks from and stuff like that.
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In addition, you can also write your Blog content and spread out your hacked keywords across your content. To increase your blog organic traffic and ranking on SERP.

How to find competitors keywords

In today’s tutorial, I have prepared this content to educate you on how to find competitors keywords and also use them to increase your Blog visibility on search engines with some relevant keywords. Below are two great tools you can use to find competitors keywords.


When it comes to finding competitors keywords, Spyfu is the number one option. As you can use this tools to do serious damage to your competitors keywords and also rank ahead of them on search engine SERP.
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And it’s very simple all you have to do is visit their site spyfu past in your competitors site URL and Spyfu will display a list of their top-ranking keywords on SERP -Search engine result page. This is also a plus when you want to do serious damage to your competitor and rank ahead of them, then this tools will help you achieve that.

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Another yet great tool to which you can use to find competitors keywords they rank for on Search engines is Serpstat. This tool has multiple functions as you can also use it to spy competitors backlinks and also find out the list of Authority sites they got their backlinks from. And also use it to increase your Blog Domain DA – Domain Authority and PA – Page Authority.
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All you have to do is visit Serpstat Past on your competitor’s blog URL and see Serpstat in action as it not only displays your competitor’s high ranking keywords but also their backlinks too. And you can use it to build quality backlinks to your site and increase your site Domain DA – Domain Authority and PA – Page Authority.
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What Next after Discovery Competitors Top Ranking Keywords

All you have to do after discovering your competitors keywords is to create rich content based on your competitor’s keywords. When I say rich content it simply means long and well written, spread out your competitor’s keywords.
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Then Build some backlinks to your content to increase its Page Authority. And see the end results. That’s all on how to find competitors keywords, It’s your turn now. And also share your thoughts and recommendation via the comment box below.


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