Top 4 Best Ludo Games to Download on Android and iOS 2022

Best Ludo Games to Download on Android and iOS 2022, In the world today we have so many physical games that have been replaced with technology today in our society.
Best Ludo Games
Ludo is such an interesting game that require two or four players on board. This game called ludo can be downloaded on the google play store or apple play store
Kindly follow the list of Best Ludo Games to Download on Android and iOS 2022 below.
We have a look alike game which is Chess,  but when it comes to the most common of all this games in history, Ludo is one of the best and matured board games that has ever been created.
It is good for family hangouts and also it is mostly used to pass out time and this game as i have said earlier can only be played amongst two individuals, the game Ludo is fun and you need to make sure you finish all you seed before your other opponent do.
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As we all know this game requires some skill to enable you play like a professional, you must be a good gaming thinker and strategist, ludo is good for playing during your leisure times.
With the help of our Android or iOS device playing this game has been made easy and also you can play it with your friends around you, today we have listed the best Ludo games for Android and iOS device.

List of the Top 4 Best Ludo Games to Download on Android and iOS 2022

You can find these games either on Android playstores or Apple play store and also some you can also find them on both OS, but if when you find the one that is suitable for you feel free to download it, all you have to do is to check the games listed below.

1. Naija Ludo
Best Ludo Games

Naija Ludo as we all know one of the best and also the most finest Ludo games ever on ever android device you come across anywhere, this app was created by a Nigerian and most of the features about this application is that it gives you the atmosphere of enjoying your game.
With my review on this game I will recommend it for anyone who wants to play  and also it new features are unique and not copied and that is why I love this particular Ludo game.
The Naija Ludo game had some magical flute sound playing on the background when playing the game, this sweet sound gives you more focus when playing the naija ludo game, it also gives you the ability to play as multiplayer either through Bluetooth or through internet connection.
The ludo game have so many features aside from the one listed above which are safe house, barriers and many others, This game is only available for Android users and it is the best ludo game ever.
[appbox googleplay com.tonielrosoft.classicludofree]

2. Ludo King
Best Ludo Games

Ludo on an Android or iOS device is quite different with different interface but same developers and owners, you might want to test this interesting game called the Ludo King,
This game is also another game I wil recommend you download on your Android or iOS smart device.
This popular game called the Ludo King has over 200 Million downloads across the two operating system (Android and iOS), you won’t want to miss playing this game.
This game is compatible with most low-end devices, it also has the ability to do multiplayer with your friends, it gives you access to making new friends online from different locations and also has a chatting features that allows you to chat with friends from different locations,
One important thing I like about this game is that you can’t cheat and you can continue from were you stopped in your last game anytime you want to play. This application is both available on our Android and iOS smartphones.
Download Ludo King For IOS
[appbox googleplay com.ludo.king]

3. Ludo Classic

Best Ludo Games
Do you know in the time past we have to look for someone to join us to play ludo either a family member or our neighbors?
Then it was played on a board made of wood, the Ludo Classic comes with some good offers and also with some fantastic features that will help you pass out quality time with your  friends and family, it also gives you the option of  playing online or offline and was designed with a good and responsive user interface.
The game “Ludo Classic”, gives you access to make new friends online when playing with random users from other countries,
Some of the features this game has is the in-game instructor, real-time die feature and so many other features, it is the best ludo game ever and it is available on both android and IOS.
Download Ludo Classic For IOS
[appbox googleplay com.whiture.apps.ludoorg]

4. Parchisi Star
Best Ludo Games

Initially the name Ludo was formally know called Parchisi. The Parchisi Star is a unique kind of ludo game that has good features that enables it user’s to play with different players online.
The game was developed by professional and it has good user interface, we have some many types of dice collections on Parchisi Star, it is such a great fun playing this game.
Base on statistics the daily login on this platform called Parchisi Star, is over 50,000  every day, the platform has a coin that can be used to purchase any item of your choice, aside this features mentioned above you can see different offer when you access this game. Available on Android and iOS playstore.
Download Parchisi Star For IOS
[appbox googleplay]
When you want to consider downloading any of the Ludo games,and you at any point find any of the listed ludo game above, you don’t need to be scared of downloading because they are all tested and trusted.
All the listed Ludo games here will bring back your lovely childhood memories of yours, ludo game will surely bring a fun filled environment when playing with your family and friends, current I can bet with you that that this is the top 4 best Ludo games to download on Android and iOS smartphones.

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