Top 4 Best Taxi Apps In Lagos and Other States In Nigeria

Getting the Best Taxi Apps in Lagos state or any part of the country here in Nigeria has evolved over time for over some years now, in most cases we’ve been elevated from using a local yellow card to boarding a private and more expensive ride for some time frame.
One important thing you need to know is that it is very easy for you to board a taxi from a particular location to your preferred destination and no one would even notice you’re inside a taxi.
This has advanced our transportation system in Nigeria and also made way for easy accessibility of taxis by citizens, so many companies investing in the transportation industry in the last seven years have been able to make life easier and comfortable using our smartphones anywhere any hour of the day.
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In the same way, you can easily get a hotel using your smartphones you can also use that same smartphone to get taxis in Lagos state and even in any other start in the country using their applications downloaded from any of the app stores.
In this post we will be listing and explaining some of the top best taxi mobile apps in Lagos and other states in the country, using these applications you don’t need to stress yourself all you need to do is to sit in your comfort zone and conveniently order for a ride without issues or delay.

Top 4 Best Taxi Apps In Lagos and the Other States In Nigeria



best taxi apps
Bolt are very cheap and also it was established here in nigeria in the year 2017, their old name was Taxify before they now change it to the name Bolt, In nigeria bolt taxi service are the cheapest, reliable and not trusted here in Nigeria. It is very easy for you to get a bolt ride using the Bolt app.
Immediately you book rides using the bolt mobile app, you will be assigned to a driver who give you a call immediately to know your actual location, and a few minutes after booking a ride your driver will arrive, in Nigeria Bolt rides are mostly cheap.
Not all states in Nigeria have Bolt, basically, we have just 11 states including the FCT in Nigeria. Bolt app is available on the play store and also it all started from Lagos Nigeria before expanding to different states of the country.  You can get the Bolt app on google play store for Android and also the apple play store for iOS devices all for free.
[appbox googleplay ee.mtakso.client&hl=en]
[appbox appstore 675033630]


best taxi apps
HOPIN Taxi is among the best taxi platforms that you need to look into, although they are not yet fully functional here in  Nigeria, HOPIN Taxi  still have their services working perfectly in some countries around the world with good feedbacks from it customers. One unique thing about HOPIN Taxi  is that they have well experienced drivers and are currently in need of professional drivers in Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt.
This Company is owned by a Popular Slovakian company. For the main time there service is not yet active in nigeria but you can try to their app so that when they become fully active you can be able to have access to transportation here in Nigeria.
[appbox googleplay sk.hopin.taxiapp&hl=en&gl=US]
[appbox appstore 733348334]


best taxi apps
The inDriver taxi platform is a top competitor of some popular taxi platform in nigeria which are Uber and Bolt, there major aim is to find a way to create a sustainable transport system here in nigeria which is safe and secured. The  inDriver service is different from the others, because it create a transport system whereby the drivers and passengers can have good agreement on the amount pay before starting the journey. One unquie thing about the platform id that as a  passenger you can on your own decide which particular driver you want to take you on that ride.
Also as a passage you can as well select or set your preffered amount you choose to pay for that trip and it is left for the driver to either agrees or disagree before you proceed with the journey. Currently in lagos inDriver axi app is one of the best.
[appbox googleplay sinet.startup.inDriver&hl=en&gl=US]
[appbox appstore 780125801]


best taxi apps
The Uber application is one of the most popular taxi apps in Nigeria and although it is not yet available in all the states in Nigeria, some of the states in Nigeria with Uber services

  1. Lagos
  2. Abuja
  3. Owerri, and many more

When it comes to good services offer and well experienced drivers Uber is highly recommended and while the you enjoy your ride the fees are not that cheap.
The Uber app is very good and it has a simple user interface which enables it customers to use the app without finding it difficult, it is way more easier to order for a ride and get to your destination safe and secured. Currently Uber is on of the best taxi apps in Lagos and most states in Nigeria.
[appbox googleplay com.ubercab&hl=en&gl=US]
[appbox appstore 368677368]
In the last few years most of the taxi service providers operating here in Nigeria went through some issues when it comes to services of no return date for them. At some point this application listed above are more active than any other, so feel free to use them any day anytime.

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