Your google ranking makes a huge difference in your visitor numbers. Usually place 1 under a word gets around 30% of the google visitors, and place 10 only around 5%.

Google ranking is the placement of a website in the search results under one or more keywords.

If you have a good title in the search engine in the first place, you can even get 50% of the visitors. What is your average google ranking and how many visitors do you get? What is possible for you in terms of visitor growth?

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. They are working on it at any time of the day.

Large teams with the smartest programmers are working to fine-tune the search results with the google users.

Google’s goal: is to get the most satisfying pages on top

If the visitors to Google are satisfied, they will return to Google’s search engine, and they are more likely to click on an ad. So Google earns the most when the most satisfying pages are at the top.

So what are you doing? You will think about how you satisfy your visitors the most, under the keywords you want to be found on.

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This will improve your chances of a high Google ranking.

so you have a page about apples? Then think about what people want to find who search for “apples” in Google, and improve your page accordingly.

If it were up to Google and the user, it was true, but Google’s algorithm is simply not good enough to measure what exactly satisfies the visitor.

For example, Google looks at how many quality links link to your website on the world wide web.

Google sees this as proof that others appreciate you.

The relevance of your page is also checked. There must be more than one keyword in your text.

Whether people appreciate your website is measured by many signals. For example, whether people go back to Google immediately after clicking your website, how many pages they view, how long they stay on your website, and many others.

Don’t try to cheat Google. In the past, you could mislead google by automatically building a lot of links or by placing a search term on your page very often.

These kinds of tricks (blackhat) no longer work.

How can you increase your Google ranking?

Google has become very good at recognizing manipulation. And if they recognize it, then you can be cut out of the results or put very low.

Even if you get away with it, you run the risk that they will make an adjustment in a short period of time, which will cause you problems.

1. Focus on the second or third page of your website

web pages

Many people only focus on their landing page. This is the page where your visitor enters via the search engine.

The landing page is very important. But there is a simple way to improve the user experience on your site, and that is to focus on the page behind it.

A large percentage of people click away from your website in a short amount of time, Google sees this as normal, as this happens on just about every website.

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Where a big difference is made is with the people who stay, the people who click on to other pages of your website. These people increase the average measured user satisfaction considerably.

So, perform the SEO (search engine optimization) steps below not only for your landing pages but all other pages as well.

2. Search for your Keywords in US / UK Google and look at the top rankings

keyword research

American Google has MUCH more users, it also has many more websites.

As a result, competition is tougher for Google ranking. In addition, websites are better measured by many visitors.

This means that if you want examples of good topics for your keyword, you can type the keyword in English in for example.

If you go to, you may need to click “Use” at the bottom right to get the .com results.

It does not necessarily mean that the top results are the best, the American Google does not work perfectly either. You have many large websites with a lot of link value and authority, which means they have high Google rankings.

Nevertheless, the American Google is better for inspiration in terms of topics and ideas.

3. Improve your titles and intro

titles and intro on google ranking

What does your title have to do with your Google ranking?

Well, a very large percentage of visitors determine whether they are going to read your text based on a title. Almost everyone, because do you ever skip a title at the top of a page? If you do, you are one of the few.

The title and the intro text (the first few lines), there you have to get the attention of your visitors, otherwise you can forget about it.

Think of it as a book you might want to read:

  • You hear about it or see the title that piqued your interest.
  • You read the back of the book or the book description in a webshop.
  • You estimate whether it is worthwhile to start reading.
  • That is how it works with movies and many other things. We have a little time so we have to make decisions.

Think about what can capture the interest of your visitors. What dream or solution could you express in your title? Or which nightmare can you name?

4. Brainstorm and add to what people want to find

new ideas for google ranking

Who are your visitors or customers? What are their ambitions, their desires, their dreams, and nightmares?

How can your website help your search engine visitors even better?

Can you offer extra text or services that make your Google visitors feel 100% at home?

Or if you can’t, can you add links to still satisfy your visitors?

Maybe a separate example:

If you have a webshop that sells mushrooms and you are found under words such as “mushrooms”.

Maybe you can add extra pages on your website with information about mushrooms. And maybe extra pages about mushroom recipes.

Either way, think about what people want to find and give it to them.

5. Increase Google ranking by doing Guest posting or advertisements

Guest Posting

This one is pretty out of the box, but we’re using it, and it works fine.

Suppose you have a website that is ranked 1 by your favorite Google word. How do you get more visitors? Or what if you are on 2 and your competitor is so big that you know for sure that you can never beat them?

In that case, you can aim to be found under the same word more often.

You can do this by guest posting on a website that is found high below your desired keyword and adding promotions there.

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Or you can do this by asking a website that is found under your desired word if you can advertise on the relevant landing page.

Finally, you can start an extra website yourself. You could approach the theme of your website in a different way on this website. You can aim this website purely for Google ranking.

6. Don’t fool yourself be real

uniques helps in google ranking

You cannot be on top everywhere.

I am personally in dozens of different markets and what I see time and time again is that I would still have made a lot without my favorite Google placement.

If you pick your favorite keyword, there are likely to be many variations on what people search for. People are probably also looking for your favorite word with a place name, “tips”, “order”, or “experiences” stuck behind it.

In most cases, all variations and additions are matched more than your target keyword matched. That does not mean that your target keyword is becoming unimportant, it does not mean that you should not lose sight of your real purpose: getting visitors who want to accept what you offer.

7. Invest on your site

invest in google ranking

To get something out of something, you have to invest.

  1. Invest your time in improving your website.
  2. Invest your time in getting links
  3. Invest your money in a link builder
  4. Invest your money in a content writer
  5. Invest your money in an SEO product

So your task is simple but not necessarily easy, investing in your site helps in ranking on google

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