How to Unblock a Blocked URL on Facebook (3 Steps)

Website Blocked by Facebook? Here’s How to Fix It. To Unblock a Blocked URL on Facebook you need to understand the reasons behind it restrictions and what are the policy which you have violated on Facebook due to either excess distribution of your links to your group or business pages

How To Unblock A Website on Facebook in 2021

  • First you need to confirm if truly Facebook actually blocked your website URL using the Facebook Sharing Debugger toolFacebook Sharing Debugger tool.

How to Unblock a Blocked URL on Facebook (3 Steps)

  • Then you will need to carefully review Facebook’s Community Standards and also the Page Quality check then make all necessary changes that are needed.

As a Website or Blog owner your website URL might have been marked as spam on Facebook which is possible due to the recent majors placed on URL or Links being share on Facebook. For you to avoid this issues you must try to read the Facebook Policy.
One Question people always ask is “My domain name is blocked in Facebook how to unblock?” Sometimes you don’t see this problem with a possible solution and most time you might end up loosing your audience because of this issue of Blocked URL on Facebook.

How to Unblock a Blocked URL on Facebook (In 3 Steps)

Step 1
First you need to be clearly sure that your domain name has been restricted before you proceed with this step so when you confirm that your domain name or your Blog URL can not be shared on social media you can decide to follow this steps.
Note: for you to test if your domain name is actually blocked or not simply share it on surface time or share it through message to anyone on your friend list and if you get an error then you will need to follow this steps.

Step 2

Copy your URL and send it to us on Facebook or WhatsApp. If you want to send it on Facebook that means you need to send it like this www (dot) legit (dot) ng but if you want to send it to us on WhatsApp you don’t need to use that format just send us the link direct

Step 3

Here is our contact information to get this domain name unblocked
Facebook – Here 
WhatsApp – +2348170131671
Phone number – +2348170131671
Email –
Facebook is the Largest social media network in the world and it has been the source of income for most internet marketers who use the platform to with share their Blog URL, Product Links and even render services through Facebook.
In 2015 we were the owner of one of the best tech blog in Nigeria which we were among the top ten best tech blog account to

Reasons you need to Unblock a Blocked URL on Facebook

  • To connect with your audience in this platform
  • To avoid loss of traffic
  • So that your social signals will increase
  • To share more information to people especially for those in the entertainment niche

How can I remove blocked website’s link on Facebook?

Very easy I know might have tried a lot of method which will not work except you are a professional and for you to get this URL unblock easily you need to have experience on how to do that.

Why does every link I post on Facebook get marked as spam?

Well this is because Facebook is trying to avoid people from bringing harmful links into their platform so that it won’t mislead it users who want to get information.

What should I do when my blog URL is marked as spam by Facebook?

If your blog URL is marked spam without your knowledge that means you have done something wrong which needs to be corrected but there is no need to cause much alarm it can be fixed within 24 – 48 hours by professionals. That is why we are writing this article today to assist you unblock your URL on Facebook.

Facebook blocked my website URL from posting on our page, How can I get it unblocked?

Well most bloggers who often share their link on their page might find it very difficult when this restriction has been placed by Facebook on your URL so you need to fix it if you really want to continue posting your blog or website URL on Facebook.

What should I do if my blog post is marked as spam by Facebook?

Hire us to assist you remove your URL marked from spam. I know you might be thinking if there’s is anyway to contact our team? Yes we are always active to assist you with this issue.

How can I get Facebook to unblock the link to your website?

First you need to either use WhatsApp or mail for those in other countries our technical team will do this service for you at an affordable price which we promise 100% refund policy if you are not fully satisfied which we believe it won’t happen because we are the best URL unblock company.

What Payment Method do you use for this URL Unblock service

PayPal – People outside Nigeria & Nigerians
Bank Transfer – Nigerians
Payoneer – People outside Nigeria & Nigerians
Bitcoin – People outside Nigeria & Nigerians
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Do you Fix Facebook and Instagram Blocked ur?

Yes we do and we are the best when it comes to offering this service. All we need is to give us the correct information and a screenshot of the error you get when you try sharing your URL on Facebook or Instagram.

Proof of Fixed Facebook and Instagram Blocked URL

How to Unblock a Blocked URL on Facebook (3 Steps)

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