Nursing Jobs In Canada With Sponsorship 2022

Nursing Jobs In Canada With Sponsorship, There are numerous job opportunities in Canada, with nursing jobs considered promising. This article will discuss nursing jobs in Canada with sponsorship attached to them.

Nursing Jobs In Canada With Sponsorship

Hospitals That Sponsor Foreign Nurses 2021

Foreign nurses are usually in demand with the increasing amount of nursing opportunities available in Canada, and some hospitals effortlessly sponsor these nurses. Below are some of the provinces in Canada where hospitals increasingly demand foreign nurses and offer sponsorship.

  • Quebec

Quebec is one of the provinces where they are many hospitals where foreign nurses are sponsored. The province works hand in hand with various work permit programs to encourage foreign nurses to work in Quebec.

  • Manitoba

The central province in Canada is “Manitoba” which has a continuous high demand for nurses explicitly. Foreign nurses can consider Manitoba one of the best available to sponsor and provide them with job opportunities.

  • Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is one among many accessible provinces with a high demand for nurses. They have various vacancies available for qualified, experienced, and skillful nurses to fill.

  • New Brunswick

New Brunswick is an active and suitable place where nurses are required and needed. The province is open to licenses nurses, registered nurses, and even support workers.

They engage in recruitment, support, sponsorship, and retaining qualified health care providers.

Nursing Jobs In Canada With Sponsorship for Foreigners 2021

There is an increasing demand for registered nurses in Canada, which is a vital opportunity for foreigners who are qualified, skillful, and experienced enough to work as a nurse.

They are multiple nursing job opportunities spread through Canada in Ottawa, Calgary, Mississauga, and other community care centers.

Any foreigner who intends to work in Canada as a nurse must be qualified and experienced to operate and fill the position as a registered or licensed nurse.

Some of the available nursing jobs in Canada for foreigners include.

  • Registered Nurse.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse.
  • Registered Practical Nurse.
  • Registered Nursing Assistant.
  • Nurse Aide.
  • Nursing Assistant (Non-Registered)
  • Resident Care Aide.
  • Health Care Assistant.
  • Medical Orderly.
  • Nursing Orderly.
  • Registered Care Aide.
  • Personal Support Aide.

Requirements to Work As a Nurse In Canada

As a nurse coming to Canada to work, you must be qualified to practice as either a Registered Nurse or a Licensed/Registered Nurse. To be eligible to practice in either of the previous position, you must register with the Canadian Nurses Association (C.A.N) or the Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators (C.C.P.N.R).

The requirement to register with these bodies is to be ascertained by the individual province or territory where a particular nurse intends to work.

Generally, to be competent to register as a Licensed or Registered Nurse, one must show that they can practice effectively and efficiently.

Once your credentials are examined, the regulatory body will decide if other requirements have been met.

After the other requirements have been deemed to meet their standard, both the province and territories will demand that an intending nurse enroll and write the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (C.R.N.E) or Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (C.P.N.R.E). Once an applicant passes the exam, they can now work as a nurse in Canada.

Moving to Canada As a Nurse

Canada is known as one of the best places to practice their respective profession easily, knowing that opportunities are unlimited.

Currently, the nursing profession is one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada, with an ever-increasing amount of qualified and skillful nurses needed yearly.

As a trained and experienced nurse, one could quickly get job opportunities ranging from the position of a Registered Nurse to even An Health Care Assistant or Support.

The foremost thing to consider moving to Canada as a nurse is to first gain a license as a nurse in your home country.

Also, you will be required to demonstrate that you are capable enough to fill a professional nurse position and that you are qualified.

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Ensure to sign up with the nursing regulatory body and partake in the qualification exams mandated by the province or territory you intend to work in as a nurse.

Once all this is completed and you have successfully passed their exams, you are then eligible to serve as a nurse and can apply for any health care relating jobs of your choice.

Nurse Aide Jobs In Canada for Foreigners

Foreigners are provided with diverse nursing job opportunities, with nursing aides being considered. Below are some of the available nursing aide jobs in Canada for foreigners.

Health Care Aide – Alberta Health Services

As a healthcare aide, you are responsible for providing healthcare services to various patients, reporting information to the Care Manager, and working under the close supervision of a Registered Nurse.

Required Qualification

  • Must have an active status on the Alberta health care aide directory.
  • Have a basic life support certificate.
  • Minimum of one year of health care aid experience in the last five years.

Unit Aide and Porter (Nursing) – Island Health Authority

A unit aide and porter are charged with ensuring patient’s needs are met, transporting these patients to the designated unit when needed, and equally reporting to the Nurse Manager.


  • Education, Training, and Experience.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to carry out activities effectively.
  • Ability to organize work.

Job Requirement


Nursing Assistant – Health Services Center

One would be required to engage in various clerical activities and act as a link for the unit. Also, assist patients with different activities to improve their comfortability.



  • Degree
  • Diploma
  • Certificate

Successful completion of a nursing assistant program.

Skills Needed

  • Good command of English.
  • Ability to perform tasks and fulfill responsibilities.
  • Ability to respond to various demands.

Care Aide – Vancouver Coastal Health

As a care aide working with a Registered Nurse, one is tasked with delivering various clients with personal care, observing clients’ progress and behavior, reporting essential observations, and using different equipment to help clients stay comfortable.


  • Education and Experience.

Skills Needed

  • Communication Abilities.
  • Physical Abilities.
  • Ability to operate related equipment.

Canadian Recruitment Agencies for International Nurses

Various health agencies in Canada specialize in recruiting qualified international nurses who have the needed experience to occupy different health-related positions.

Some of the top available Canadian recruitment agencies include.

  • Solutions Staffing

Solutions Staffing is considered an ideal agency with low cost in the nursing recruitment process. It has the best connection to link you to some of the best hospitals seeking international nurses.

They are good at negotiating excellent working conditions and best tips for first-time nurses.

  • Canadian Health Care Agency

Canadian Health Care Agency has diverse links and connections with multiple health care providing agencies in Canada requiring qualified and experienced nurses.

They have the best resources to actively stir up one’s nursing career in the Canadian health industry.

  • Nurse Relief Inc

Established in 2001 is the Nurse Relief Incorporation, which is still active in providing various assistance to international nurses looking to secure multiple nursing positions in Canada.

Their agencies are one to consider as it effectively helps for temporal and permanent securing of various nursing jobs.

  • Green Staff Medical Canada

Green Staff is one of the available Canadian recruitment agencies which ensures that international nurses are allowed to get suitable nursing jobs in Canada.

They specifically help in connecting nurses with hospitals that require the kind of health-related services that they offer.

  • UMS Staffing Agency

UMS Staffing Agency is another recognized recruitment agency that effortlessly helps in linking qualified and experienced international nurses with various hospitals that require their specific skills.

They help to eliminate diverse costs and exploitation experienced by intermediaries.


Nursing Jobs In Canada Without IELTS 2021

They are diverse available positions that nurses can fill in Canada without an IELTS certificate. They need the ability, quality, and experience to operate in various medical clinics.

Every province has its own rules and regulations, so intending nurses who want to work in Canada must consider checking the requirements for professional positions before applying.

Canada offers the opportunity to nurses to practice in its NHS for a year to qualify them to be registered nurses without the need for IELTS.

These nurses must check to get a preapproved program which will result in Registered nursing registration without other conditions. It has the following benefits:

  • The nurses can enroll and obtain B.Sc degrees.
  • There is no need for IELTS.
  • The nurses can engage in part-time jobs for some days a week.
  • These nurses can be employees in the NHS hospital in Canada.


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