How to Find Website IP Address

Website IP Address is a unique identification address that is owned by every computer and other device connected to a computer network and has 2 main parts, namely Net Id and Host Id.

The word unique here means that each computer or other connected device has an address that cannot be the same on a computer network. Come on, read the full article on how to find Website IP Address.

One of its functions is that you can find out or see the location of a network and IP can also find out whether our internet connection is good or not.

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IP is basically a computer network that connects several computers that aim to communicate with each other around the world.




Check Internet IP

An easy step to check your internet access IP is to visit Whoer

check IP using Whoer

Access the website above, your access IP address will immediately appear as shown above. In addition, you can use the Copy feature to copy the IP address that appears and also check the IP details by clicking the Check Information button.

Another feature, you can check the domain details or ip address of an address by clicking the Check IP / Other Domains link.

Check Website IP Address Using CMD (Windows OS)

In this tutorial, you need cmd or an abbreviation of Command Prompt which aims to run commands on a windows system.

  1. Open CMD by clicking Star then looking for CMD.
  2. Click the cmd. Or you can do it another way: press the window button + r then enter cmd and
  3. Type ping then click enter. For example, address can be replaced with the domain you want to check.
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Check Website IP Using CMD

4. After clicking enter, the results will appear (the website IP address is listed in a red circle)



Check Website IP Using CMD

Check Website IP Address with Web Tool

If you don’t have a windows PC then don’t worry about knowing the IP address of a domain.

You can take advantage of the features of several website providers to check website information. The trick is to enter the website address and click check or analysis. Here are 3 providers for website IP address that people often use:

Check Website IP Address Using Smartphone

  1. Via Wi-Fi settings: For those of you who use an Android cellphone, it’s easy to check HP’s IP. First, please enter the settings menu> connection> WiFi, then select the network that is currently connected. After that click on the network and the IP Address will appear.
  2. Via About Phone: If you are using mobile data, the way to find out the IP address of your smartphone is through setting> About phone> Status on your smartphone. That way the IP address will appear.
  3. Via third-party applications: You can take advantage of third-party applications on the PlayStore. The first step is to download an application to check the IP address on the smartphone. One application that you can use is My IP Address. That way the IP address will immediately appear on your smartphone.
  4. Using the website: The way to find out the IP address with a website is to open a browser then write ‘check my IP’, then the IP address you are using will appear. This is the easiest way to see the IP address on your smartphone.
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On a computer network there are several connected hosts. So that each of these hosts can communicate without any errors or errors, an identifier is needed on each host so that it can be connected properly, that identifier is often called the IP Address.

That’s the easiest way to see the IP address either on computer or smartphone. The above methods will help you find your IP address easily.

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