How to Find Cheapest Home Insurance In Canada

To get the Cheapest Home Insurance In Canada you need to know that home insurance is one of the most demanding insurance covers which homeowners need to secure their properties and families against loss or any casualty.

In this article, we will discuss how to find the cheapest home insurance in Canada.

How to Find Cheapest Home Insurance In Canada


Best Home Insurance In Canada

Numerous companies offer home insurance coverage to homeowners who require or need them. Most of these companies work rigorously and effectively to ensure one’s home is protected, and any casualty resulting to individuals in the house is also covered.



Below are some of the best companies that provide home insurance coverage in Canada.

  • Square One Insurance
  • CAA.
  • Economical Mutual Insurance.
  • Intact Insurance.
  • Aviva.

What Is The Average Cost of Home Insurance In Canada

The average cost of getting a good and adequate home insurance cover is $960 per year. Still, this rate is equally affected by your location, the kind of home you intend to insure, and various other considerable risks.

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It is essential to compare diverse rates as it could help you save a lot by picking the company that offers a more affordable insurance rate.

Top 10 Home Insurance Companies In Canada

Some of the top home insurance companies available in Canada that homeowners can consider for their coverage needs include:

  • AIG Insurance Company of Canada

AIG Insurance Company of Canada is one of the best insurance companies offering various insurance covers to clients in Canada.



  • RSA Canada Group

RSA Canada Group is a good insurance company that clients looking to protect their properties can consider. They offer the best insurance coverage to their clients and help indemnify them upon any loss.

  • Wawanesa Mutual Insurance

Wawanesa Mutual Insurance is one of the known insurance companies in Canada that specializes in providing home, automobile, and business insurance to interested clients looking to insure their valuables.

  • Economical Insurance

Economical Insurance is a famous insurance company available in Canada which offers protection for all kinds of coverage needs by its clients. They specialize mainly in agriculture, property, and liability insurance, amongst others.

  • Intact Financial Corporation

Intact Financial Corporation is a financial service company that provides insurance cover to Canadians who require insurance coverage for their properties and other vital investments.

  • Co-operators General Insurance Company

Co-operators General Insurance Company is a leading Canadian-based insurance company specializing in providing home, travel, automobile, and business insurance.

  • Aviva Canada Incorporated

Aviva Canada Incorporated offers insurance coverage to many clients and provides personal, group, home, automobile, and business insurance to interested clients.

  • Lloyd’s Underwriters

Lloyd’s Underwriters is one of the oldest establishments with an increasing amount of qualified and reputable individuals to help underwrite various insurance-related needs of its clients.



  • Desjardins General Insurance

Desjardins General Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Desjardins Group and focuses on providing insurance coverage to clients in property, automobile, and business.

  • TD Insurance

TD Insurance Company is considered a great insurance company that seeks to provide the best insurance coverage to its clients. They actively provide auto insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, and life insurance options.

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Cheapest Home Insurance

The rates at which home insurance coverage is provided vary, and it would help if you considered each company and their rate when deciding to apply for an insurance contract.

Currently, one of the cheapest and most easily affordable home insurance companies is Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company which provides various insurance and financial services and offers a more reasonable yearly insurance rate of $1,833, which is far better than those provided by most insurance companies.

Worst Home Insurance Companies In Canada

Home insurance companies are expected to cover and provide financial support to clients (Insured) upon any loss arising from happenings in the home. But they are some companies that hardly fulfill this obligation leaving clients unsettled.

Below are some of the worst home insurance companies in Canada.

  • State Farm.
  • WellPoint Insurance.
  • Liberty Mutual.
  • Anthem.
  • Unum.
  • United Health.
  • Conseco.
  • Torchmark.
  • Global Life.
  • All-State.

Cheap Home Insurance Ontario

Home insurance coverage is significant in protecting various homeowners from suffering from damages to their homes or any loss of properties. Some of the cheapest home insurance companies available in Ontario include:



  • Zenith Insurance Company

Zenith Insurance Company is a Canadian-based financial corporation that offers coverage to various customers in Canada at an affordable rate.

  • Travellers Insurance Company

Travellers Insurance Company is considered one of the best property casualty underwriters in the U.S. and helps to provide clients with suitable and adequate insurance coverage for their claims.

  • Aviva Insurance Company

Aviva Insurance Company is a well-recognized insurance company that provides diverse options to clients looking for insurance coverage.

  • Intact Insurance Company

Intact Insurance Company is one of the largest home insurance companies that offer insurance cover to many Canadians seeking to protect their properties.

  • Pembridge Insurance Company

Known to provide home and automobile insurance is Pembridge Insurance Company which actively provides insurance cover to clients looking to get the best services at a considerable rate.

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Cheap Home Insurance Toronto

Various insurance companies offer home insurance coverage at a reasonably affordable rate which enables one to get insurance coverage quickly. Some of the cheap home insurance available in Toronto include:

  • Square One Insurance Services.
  • Jevico Insurance Company.
  • Pembridge Insurance Company.
  • Echelon Insurance Company.
  • Humber View Brokers Ltd.
  • Premier Group of Insurance Companies.
  • Economic Insurance Company.
  • Coachman Insurance Company.
  • Levitt Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  • Able Insurance Brokers Ltd.

How to Find Cheapest Home Insurance In Canada

Home insurance is essential if you intend to protect yourself from any loss arising from damages, theft, and even any harm to anyone in your home.

It is suitable for homeowners because it will help save money and protect them once an incident leads to loss.

These home insurance rate usually defer and depends on the particular insurance company you intend to consider for the protection of your home.

To find the cheapest home insurance in Canada, you would need to get a suitable online platform to compare the prices offered by the available home insurance company in the location where you reside.

On this online platform, you need to provide basic information about yourself and the kind of coverage you require.

Once you have provided your specific coverage needs, you will be shown multiple home insurance companies.

Then you can compare their rate and see which one works perfectly well and is affordable for you. However, it is essential to effectively research these insurance companies before deciding on the specific one to consider for your coverage needs.

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Ways to Save Money On Home Insurance

There are various considerable ways to save much money on your home insurance coverage effortlessly. Some of the methods include:

  • Purchase a newly built house.
  • Pay your premiums yearly.
  • Consider checking for the best rate.
  • Have a properly installed alarm system.
  • Do not obtain too much coverage.

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