Download WP Rocket v3.2.5 Best WP Cache Plugin

[Download] WP Rocket v3.2.5 Best WP Cache Plugin


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Have you been Searching for the best premium WordPress Caching plugin, then search no further cause today we are sharing WP Rocket premium v3.2.5 – Best WordPress Caching Plugin free download. Find out the reason why you should be more concerned about your WordPress blog loadtime.

According to Google, they be making the final switch to a mobile-first crawling by the end of 2018. This means that they will be using your mobile version of your content to rank the pages of your website.

it’s very important to Speed up WordPress Site load time. As Google remains the most used search engine. Sure you wouldn’t want to get kicked out and receive less organic traffic from Google.

So as today we have decided to share with you our lovely readers best WordPress Caching plugin “WP Rocket premium v3.2.5” to Speed up your WordPress site load time.

WP Rocket premium v3.2.5 Best WordPress Caching Plugin is the latest and most recent version of WP Rocket which is last updated on February 11 2019 on

Below are some of the features of WP Rocket premium v3.2.5 Best WordPress Caching Plugin.

  1. Disable WordPress Emotions
  2. Lazy loading of Images
  3. Deferred loading of Javascript
  4. Minification of Html Code
  5. Minification of CSS and and Javascript files
  6. Enable Caching on Mobile Phone
  7. Replace YouTube iframe with preview image

And lots more.

Download WP Rocket Premium v3.2.5 [Update Fixed]

  • Enhancement: Serve cache page when the _ga query string parameter is set
  • Enhancement: Add the rocket_disable_htaccess filter to disable edition of the htaccess file
  • Enhancement: Auto-exclude additional inline JS patterns from the combine JS files option
  • Enhancement: Add action hooks before and after WP Rocket resets OPCache
  • Bugfix: Correctly exclude custom login page set in WPS Hide Login from cache
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice in some cases when using the disable WordPress embeds option
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error when trying to use sitemap preload on an environment with the SimpleXML extension disabled
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error caused by other plugins using deprecated WP Rocket functions
  • Bugfix: Prevent a 500 error on Windows Server using Apache caused by end of line characters
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error when using minify/combine CSS or remove query strings on a server without the mbstring PHP extension

See Link Below To Download WP Rocket premium v3.2.5 Best WordPress Caching Plugin

Live Demo Download V3.2.5

How to Install WP Rocket Premium v3.2.5

Kindly follow the instructions below to install WP Rocket Premium

  1. Download wp rocket premium v3.2.5.
  2. Open WordPress admin, go to Plugins, click Add New Select Upload Plugin to Upload your Plugin.
  3. The Plugin will show up after uploading.
  4. kindly activate and follow the instructions on the set up menu to fully complete the set up process properly.
Happy Blogging with WP ROCKET PREMIUM V3.2.5 guys.
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