Linda Ikejis Blog: Best Online Portal for Nigerian News

Linda Ikejis Blog is an Online Portal for Nigerian News and gossip. This blog is created by a female Nigerian blogger popularly known as Linda Ikeji.
Being the Best Online Portal for Nigerian News Linda Ikejis Blog is well known for good and quality content for her visit all over the world. Linda Ikejis Blog has won different awards both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Linda Ikejis Blog: Best Online Portal for Nigerian News

Blogging can be designed as the process of writing good content, taking good photos, and many other media self-publishing activities on the internet. The genesis of blogging was designed to give an opportunity for people to be able to write daily, weekly, or monthly just like their personal diary.
With the way the blogging business has evolved, it has been professionally been taken into a new dimension.
Linda Ikejis Blog: Best Online Portal for Nigerian News
In Nigeria, Linda Ikeji is popularly known as a Millionaire blogger Linda Ikeji manages one of the biggest blogs with millions of followers in Nigeria daily, and is also one of the first people who started the journey of blogging in Nigeria.
Linda Ikejis Blog records not less than a million visitors on her blog monthly.  Her journey as a blogger all started after graduating from the university.
Over the past few years, Linda Ikejis Blog has been praised for the massive growth in the blogging space, and also the popular blogger has enjoyed so many huge successes with the fact that she provides her visitors with daily celebrity news with other political news on her blog.
in 2015 after she celebrated her new house on the banana island so many bloggers got inspired and she severally boldly claimed to be “self-made”,  with all her doings she has inspired a lot of Nigerian youth to start doing something valuable on the internet and also to believe in their dreams.
Linda Ikejis Blog has been existing for over 15 years now and she has been active with her blog content publishing which has boosted her ranking on search engines and other platforms like Alexa.
Linda Ikejis Blog was established in the year 2006 although she was not that serious until 2017 while she started her blogging career she was passionate about the whole process and she started getting more traffic as time goes on as a blogger. Then she was able to use Google Adsense to monetize her blog in 2018
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One of her targets in blogging is that she Choose to blog basically about Nigerians amebo (gossip) story because she knew that with that niche she will be able to get more people to visit her site daily so she took good advantage of that niche as a blogger.
One good thing about her is that she started small and gradually she went high in the game. The first platform she used was Google’s free blogging platform which is known as Blogger/Blogspot she was able to start with a free domain name which was until she got her own custom domain name. Linda Ikeji’s blog was first hosted on Blogspot before she upgraded late to a self-host for some reason.  In the year 2015, Linda Ikeji decided to finally move/migrated from Blogspot domain name to her own custom registered domain which was
The reason why she quickly got her domain name was because of the fact that some set of people wanted to secure that brand domain name before her hoping to cash out on her anytime she will be needing it for her blogging career. with her knowledge about blogging she quickly got the custom domain name and parked it herself.

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