Top 5 Benefits Of Home Insurance

Several insurance types exist, which an individual can select from and suitably obtain a policy. Home insurance is one of the insurance policies that an individual can consider obtaining, which comes with several other benefits. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 benefits of home insurance.

Home Insurance

What Are The Most Common Claims For Home Insurance?

Numerous claims are attributed to a home insurance policy. Currently, the most common claim for a home insurance policy is Wind and Hail. According to various estimates and statistics, it accounted for over 46.5% of claims in 2020.

What Are The Advantages Of Home And Contents Insurance

Home and contents insurance consists of 2 specific insurance policies together, which makes it more affordable compared to separate policies. Below are some of the benefits attached to the home and contents insurance.

• Dealing With A Specific Insurer

One significant advantage of home and contents insurance is that you deal with an insurer for two policies. This helps to drastically reduce the premium amount or cost of the insurance policy.

• Less Stress On Home Damage

Another advantage of binding these insurance policies is that you enjoy less stress after a disaster. You don’t necessarily need to file for an insurance claim twice once you have this policy in place.

• Massive Coverage

The possibility of enormous coverage is a huge benefit derived from home and content insurance. Your policy can cover any damage that may significantly affect your home.

• Liability Coverage

The insurance policy (home and content) can help to offer coverage for any liability in the situation where a guest to your home is injured and needs medication. Such a situation would be fully covered since you are binding these policies.

Which Insurance Company Has The Best Benefits

Numerous insurance companies come with various benefits that one can suitably obtain and enjoy. Below are some of the insurance companies that have the best benefits.

• Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the best-ranked insurance companies that offer various coverages. It’s an ideal choice for an individual looking to benefit from a policy as its premium is relatively affordable compared to other companies.

• Oscar

Oscar offers a broader range of medical management programs that clients can benefit from by obtaining a policy. It offers lower-cost plans and comes with a mobile app that makes its usage easy.

Top 4 Benefits Of Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance has several benefits that a policyholder can enjoy from obtaining a policy. Below are the top 5 benefits of homeowners insurance.

• Structure Of The Home Is Protected

One of the benefits of homeowners insurance is that the structure of one’s home is completely protected. If your home is damaged due to fire or disaster, the insurer will compensate you.

• Coverage Against Third Party Liability

If a third party suffers from a loss or damage to their properties and you are at fault, the insurer will cover the payments. Home insurance seeks to offer assistance during legal expenses.

• Protection Towards One’s Personal Belongings

Another massive benefit of obtaining homeowners insurance is that it offers protection for the personal belongings of the insured. Some personal belongings like furniture and other electronics which may be lost during a disaster are fully covered.

• Living Cost Coverage

Once your house is damaged due to natural disasters or others, the insurer will cover the additional cost. If you consider renting a place or staying in a hotel, they will cover the expenses.

What Are The 3 Most Common Homeowner Policy Coverages Areas?

Homeowner insurance policy is limited to three basic levels of coverage. Below are the 3 most common homeowner policies.

• Actual Cash Value

Actual Cash Value helps to cover the cost of a specific house plus the value of the belongings after deducting the depreciation.

• Guaranteed Replacement Cost/Value

Guaranteed Replacement Cost/Value offers a high percentage guarantee on a homeowner policy. This specific policy pays for the cost of repairs or building a home.

• Replacement Cost

The replacement value seeks to cover the original cash value of your home and possessions without any deductions. One would be able to rebuild their home if one obtains this coverage.

What Are The 8 Types Of Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance usually comes in different forms. Below are the 8 types of homeowners insurance that an individual can considerably apply for and get.

• Basic Form

Basic Form is one of those homeowners insurance; this policy provides coverage based on one’s actual cash value. It covers damages caused by theft, fire or lightning, smoke, riot, or explosion.

• Special Form

Special Form is a typical homeowner’s insurance type that covers a home at its replacement cost and one’s personal property at its actual cash value.

• Comprehensive Form

Regarded as the highest level of coverage for single-family homes is the Comprehensive Form. It fully covers an individual’s home and personal belongings at replacement costs.

• Mobile Home Form

Mobile Home Form is another type of homeowners insurance explicitly offered for a mobile home. Known as a mobile home policy, it can provide coverage for various structures, including sectional homes, modular homes, and park model homes.

• Broad Form

Broad Form is a type of homeowners insurance that covers various perils. It focuses on covering one’s home at its replacement cost and covers damages caused by snow on a structure, falling objects, and cracking caused by a sudden event.

• Contents Broad Form

Contents Broad Form is a specific type of homeowners insurance policy that is designed for individuals who are renting or leasing an apartment or a home.

• Unit-Owners Form

Designed to suit individuals living in a co-op or condominium is Unit-Owners Form. It provides coverage for loss of use, personal liability, property, and renovations.

• Modified Coverage Form

Modified Coverage Form is another homeowners insurance type that provides coverage for times that fail to meet insurer standards for other types of insurance coverage.

What Are The 5 Most Common Causes Of Homeowners Insurance Losses

There are some losses which are associated with a homeowner insurance policy. These losses are the result of some problems or common causes. The 5 most common causes of losses on homeowner insurance include Wind, Hail, Theft, Non-weather water damage, and Weather-related water damage.

There are certain benefits attached to an home insurance policy that an individual can considerably enjoy. One can consider and obtain this type of insurance given the features and coverage that it offers. We hope this article provides enough information on the top 5 benefits of home insurance. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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