Task Culture: How to Make Money From Home

What if I show you a way to make money from home as a freelancer on task culture with N399 to N1000. There are several freelancers who are striving to make ends meet, they tough competitors everywhere.

For Example

Fiverr: to earn or make a sale as a Nigerian on Fiverr is hard, even some will say it’s impossible and they will go as far as creating another country Fiverr account maybe after making one or two sales, Fiverr will request for verification which is 50 50 chance of success and they will still block the Fiverr account.

Another example is Clickbank, you can’t register or create an account as a Nigerian on ClickBank, they will tell you that Clickbank is not available in your country, then u try to use VPN gbam they detect and block you again. but I have written an article on Clickbank in Nigeria 2020: 100% Proven Method To Open Clickbank Account

Then you come to Facebook to advertise your self and sell your services, gbam scam rate is alarming on social media nowadays, another challenge for you before you will get a client to trust you, but base on their previous experience with someone else they will request for service first or use escrow ( escrow must be the person you both know or the admin of the group) and escrow will still charge for escrow fees out of the little money you want to earn,

Don’t you see how stressful everything is,

But wait

What if I show you how to make money from home as a freelancer on task culture platform that doesn’t have a restriction or doesn’t limit who see your services,

Task culture service fee is not even up to 1 quarter of what other platforms (Clickbank, Fiverr, warrior plus, etc) are charging you and once your account is verified and it’s upgraded, you can start selling without any limitations

Task culture value both sellers and buyers opinions when problems arise, (not like Fiverr and co that they value buyers opinions more than sellers own)

What if I tell you that Task culture platform pays you less than 24hours after your services have been marked delivered

What if I tell you that Task culture platform pays you in your currency (naira) you don’t have to worry about exchanging one currency to another and facing scam issues or limitations in foreign account (PayPal fund)

What if I show you a freelancer platform (Task Culture) that pays directly to your local bank account, no story

You might me wondering that who TASK CULTURE are or what they do

About Task Culture #1 Freelancer Marketplace

about task culture

Task Culture is a dedicated freelance community and marketplace exclusively developed to advertise or showcase top talents or skilled individuals offering their services in certain categories. With the continuous supply of unbeatable and totally dependable deals from top skilled and highly rated skill experts.

Task Culture is gradually becoming a favorite go-to place for entrepreneurs and business owners to source some of the best and most dependable talents anywhere in the world. Task Culture offers freelance services within certain limited categories ranging from Information technology (IT), Business Branding, Media, Digital Marketing, Writing, Business support services, and a few more.

Task Culture is a solution-based brand dedicated to helping people (freelancers and their clients) & solving problems.

Task Culture is solving the challenge between demands and ease of availability in the tech and business support space by offering a first degree solution of hosting a community of freelancers offering in-demand solutions in different categories to the business community globally.

Task Culture goal is to see developing businesses eliminate the hassle involved in outsourcing projects to freelancers with better skills to deliver results. With just a few clicks, you can get your business on the move. Task Culture premium screening and monitoring infrastructure perfectly ensure that your projects are executed with optimum excellence on every side.

How Freelancers work on Task Culture

The process of freelancing on Task Culture is very much straight forward and quite easy to understand. Lets break it down into 5 basic steps.

1. Sign Up

To Kick start your freelancing journey, Task Culture will require you to first create an account by adding your details to sign up form.

2. Setup Account

Another key process that is super important and required as well as a proper account setup. This has to be in place before a freelance approval can be issued.

3. Create Deals

After sign up process, now you are ready to go. Start creating new deals for the market from inside your freelance account

4. Execute

After you publish a new market deal, people will start to purchase your deal, which will require you to start executing and delivering people’s jobs for them.

5. Get Paid

We will withhold payment until we confirm a successful and satisfactory job delivery, Task Culture will then release your payments for you.

Ready To Join Task Culture? To Make Money From Home

You can join task culture either a Freelancer (Someone that sells services using task culture platform to source for clients) or buyer (Someone who source for services or clients that need services from freelancers) to make money from home.

How to Create a Freelancer Account on Task Culture Video Guide

How to create a freelancer account on task culture step by step tutorial video consist of guide from basic registration to premium upgrade. or you can continue reading.

How to Register on Task Culture

How to register on task culture as a freelancer, to register on task culture as a freelancer you will need to fill in their registration form, see the image below

task culture registration form

once you are done filling the form, click GO TO NEXT SECTION button, see the image below

task culture registration form

Once you are done with the page 2 form, click FINNISH button, see the image below

task culture registration form

Click on the small checkbox beside the Yes Label, then re-verify your information then click on LET’S GO button

Task culture will send a welcome mail to the email you use to register, see image below

task culture gmail

after you click on LET’S GO button its will take you to this page to make payment, see the image below

task culture verification page

then scroll down to enter your details for payment and verification, see the image below

task culture payment page

Make sure you have upto 400 naira in your bank, Now fill in your payment details and click on Process Verification button, see image below

task culture payment page

once you filling you details you will be ask to enter your ATM card pin, then its will load and take you to another page to where you will input the OTP code send to the registered number with the ATM card bank or your Email.

Once your have enter the OTP code sent to the registered bank number or email, its will show payment successful and redirect you to a successful page

Crucial Point: After your payment is successful, go and check your email you will receive another mail from task culture and paystack. see image below

task culture gmail 1
Payment Confirmation Mail from Task Culture


task culture gmail paystack

NOTE: You will need to send some of your details to Us or our telegram support group.

its a simple details not confidential ones

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email Address
  4. Phone Number
  5. Payment references ID (which you will receive in your email inbox)

To get your reference ID, its comes with the mail paystack send to your email and task Culture, see image below

task culture gmail REF ID

using the image above, this is the format of what you will send to us either using our contact us page or Telegram Support Group

First Name: Achiever
Last Name: Afolabi
Email Address: example@gmail.com
Phone Number: 08180135037
Payment references ID (which you will receive in your email inbox): 1602340679_F3K6K0YO6F

Click on the button below that say CONTACT US PAGE then type in your details in the message box using the format above


Click on the button below that says JOIN TELEGRAM SUPPORT GROUP then once you join type your details using the above format in the group and send, we will attend to you immediately.


After you have send your details to us using either contact us page or telegram support group, then you can continue with setting up your account while we verify your account for you, after successful confirmation of payment its will redirect you to another page, see image below

task culture verification 1

Scroll down, you can also take advantage of their premium upgrade

`You will be asking which one is premium upgrade again.

As premium user you will be entitle to some benefit, see image below

task culture upgrade to premium

Upgrade Your Account To
Increase Your Earning Power
With a premium account, you enjoy the freedom to charge clients higher fees, accept international deals and receive instant payouts.

task culture premium upgrade

else if you are not interested in the premium upgrade you click on No I Don’t Want A Premium Account button but I will advise you to upgrade to a premium account its N999, else see the image below

task culture No premium

its will redirect you to another page, see image below

task culture Next page

If you are interested you can buy else scroll down and click on No I Don’t Want To Take This Training see image below

task culture No training

Then its will redirect you to your final step, a thank you page, then click on SET UP YOUR SELLER ACCOUNT button see image below

Task Culture setup seller account

Then you can now set up your seller profile to your taste and then create your services so you can now make money from home on task culture.

How to Make Money From Home As A Freelancer on Task Culture

I promise to share you a secrete on how to make money from home as a freelance on Task Culture, am still on my promise but its not for those who doesnt take actions.

For you to be eligible for this tips you have to register on task culture with N399, either you upgrade to premium or not is left to you but i will advise you to upgrade to premium, it’s for your own benefit.

Then join our telegram support group using the button above, then check the group description or Pin message to contact the admin and send him proof of payment, then he will add you to the premium group where you will be taught how to make money from home on task culture with 24/7 support

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