PES 2022 PPSSPP Iso File (PS4 & PS5 Camera) Download For Android

The Pro Evolution Soccer or PES franchise has frequently been regarded as the poorer sibling of the fully-licensed FIFA series, which is chiefly unfair. The PES 2022 PPSSPP ISO has been rebuilt and is once again a top-ranked football/soccer franchise, but believe it or not, there are still people who are unaware of its existence.

Most people associate football games with the FIFA franchise. Because the series has been the best-selling game in its genre for the past decade, it has consistently outperformed PES.

PES, on the other hand, made a strong challenge in 2021 and 2022, and many considered it a better game than FIFA 21 and 22 respectively. That was not my personal view, but best in my opinion the PES 2022 has slightly better gameplay than the FIFA 2022.

The latest version of the PPSSPP ISO file for PES 2022 is now available with new features and tweaks. Of course, in football games, there are the regular updates you expect, such as the latest players’ and team data from the current season. Several clubs, including Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Everton, Arsenal, Juventus, Ajax, AS Roma, and others have all their data, kits, and jerseys updated.

The graphics of the latest on-pitch enhancements and new features make PES 2022 a worthy entry into the long-running football game series and an excellent entry point for new fans. Check out all the descriptions and all the updates we’ve made below.

Description of PES 22

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Just like in the official eFootball PES 2022 found in the stores, we have launched an update to thePES 2022 game for Android using emulators such as PPSSPP to play and enjoy it. Here, new content with a lot of visual improvements, new music, and more to the mobile game with an updated squad, players’ looks, kits, jerseys, new camera angles, and new managerial data are added. We also updated all player’s data and the latest transfers.

Prior to the PES 2022 PPSSPP ISO update, the biggest worries users had been majorly about the gameplay. This time around, the gameplay mechanics have been improved together with the graphics. It is important to understand that graphics are very difficult to improve since the ISO files are still based on PS2 and PSP graphics level, however, little changes in the graphics, as well as the players’ look, have been done.

In the graphics, there are sharp changes seen, but the certain thing that the pitch looks like is that it has brightened, and the colors seem good. Player faces have been modified just like console faces, and their appearance does not disappoint at all.

New celebrations were introduced, which is also a bonus. You don’t see big improvements overall, but some little tweaks didn’t disappoint and make sense.


When it comes to gameplay, PES 2022 PPSSPP has some features you can’t find in FIFA 2022. Unlike the latter, which lacks some key gameplay aspects such as a full match involving attack and defense, PES 2022 allows users to control every aspect of the game from team selection to player movement. The game modes include a friendly match, tournaments, master league, and events based on a real-world football tournament. All matches are played against custom teams created by other users, resulting in a true multiplayer experience. It also includes an offline two-player mode that allows users in the same room to compete against each other via wifi.

PES 2022 is a big improvement over previous editions and was widely praised for its breakthrough quality. This year’s series has taken things a step further by refining those pre-existing features.

The accuracy and smoothness of passes are wonderful and the final product, i.e. shooting, makes it even better.

The shooting appears to have improved as players have better control over the amount of power used, making it more accurate. However, the most noticeable improvement has been in dribbling, where close control is outstanding, allowing the user to fully utilize the skills of players.

Goalkeepers have improved immensely since their atrocious performance in PES 2021 PPSSPP. They have certainly worked on acrobatics and response this time, as they have been powerless and unreliable in stopping good shots. However, the refereeing continues to disappoint as it has shifted from lenient to completely unpredictable. Prepare to be irritated by arbitrary decisions on a regular basis.

The fact that PES creates beautiful football with so little effort from the user is what makes you truly attached to the game. You don’t have to control a slew of buttons to enjoy the game’s depth and quality.

Excellent controls

The game controls are what makes PES 2022 PPSSPP ISO so enjoyable. Instead of adding on-screen controls that feel unnameable on a small screen, PES 2022 controls players with the PPSSPP controllers and you can adjust the controls the way you like. To be honest the PPSSPP controller has been well implemented for the PES and is way better than FIFA.

Excellent audio and simple graphics

The PES 2022 has a larger file size, but it does not look or feel better than the FIFA Mobile. The ability to switch between wide, long, and mid-range view modes allows the user to tailor the game’s interface to the size of the phone’s screen. This allows users to play it on smaller screens. The Highlights mode gives it an advantage over its competitor. It is a standard feature in PES games for consoles that allows users to view game highlights after each game.

This edition of PES includes hundreds of new face animations. Of course, it won’t be as good as FIFA’s new frostbite engine, but the players look fantastic.

Strides have been made to improve the stadiums’ appearance over previous editions. The player entrances appear to be genuine.

The commentary packs in PES 2022 are just as detailed as the console variant’s commentary.

Master League

PES’s Master league has long needed some improvements. It has gotten a boost from new pre-season tournaments, upgraded transfer systems, and interviews.

It’s not one of the best modes in the genre, but it’s a significant improvement over a mode that desperately needed it.

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Features of PES 2022 PPSSPP ISO

Camera angles similar to PS4
Latest club Kits and jerseys
Fresh game menu
Realistic graphics
Champions league is still available
Improved Gameplay
Latest players’ transfers
Commentary Enhanced.
New Balls have been added
Realistic player’s skills
New players celebration
Latest Players’ physique and faces
Updated Pitch and stadiums
League tournaments such as Serie A, LaLiga, League 1, English league, English league 2, Eredivisie, Bundesliga
New music
Improved Multiplayer Ad-Hoc


Download PES 2022 PPSSPP ISO file & data file

Android Version 4.0+
Developers: Konami
Category: Sports
Version: 2022
Updated Date: 17th June 2022

You can easily download PES 22 ISO file and data file from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

PES 2022 Tips and Tricks

Are you having trouble using eFootball 2022? When playing on the wings, do you find yourself running out of field, your passes not going where you want them to, or your vision is too limited? Well, look no further because this tutorial will solve all of your issues and assist you in becoming the finest on the field.

R2/RT is a delicate system. DON’T switch to R1/RB

A new mechanic that may appear basic, yet in PES and FIFA games, you can only walk or run. There are now two states in the middle. There are four different modes: walk, jogging, light sprint, and full sprint, all of which are controlled by how hard you push R2/RT. Changing it to R1/RB would completely eliminate all of these states, which I don’t think is a great thing. Hence, especially when playing on the sides, keep in mind how much force you’re using.

Avoid making impossible passes

The most recent version of the PES 2020 series puts a larger emphasis on player mistakes. This indicates that throwing the ball in unrealistic situations, such as when facing away from the receiver, is likely to cause the ball to deviate from its intended path. On paper, this appears to be self-evident, but getting used to it takes time, so carefully calculate each pass. The same may be said about shooting, where sloppy attempts at goal will result in a distorted result

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Strengthen your defensive position

In PES 22, the easiest approach to defend is to simply be patient. Diving in with ill-timed slide tackles is a guaranteed method to let goals slip through the cracks, so stick to standing tackles as much as possible. In eFootball PES 2022, defensive positioning is also more vital than ever. Due to a variety of new animations, players are more adept at making vital blocks and headed clearances, so position your defenders effectively and you’ll prevent a lot of goals.

Don’t flick the left stick all the way to the end

Moving this stick from left to right while aiming is a death sentence in shooters, and it is the same in eFootball 2022. The left stick now regulates the distance between the player’s feet and the ball. If you don’t want to lose the ball too readily, it’s critical to move it gently while dribbling. Unless you’re doing it deliberately.

The X button is your own lifeguard

When not in control of the ball, the pass button is set to “match-up,” which means that if you hold it, the defender will try to imitate the player with the ball and any ball that comes close to you will be intercepted, which is useful for interfering with passes but especially useful for stopping shots going into the net.

Pay attention to your opponent’s moves

While attacking teams on the counter-attack is a viable approach in eFootball PES 2022, you’ll want to devote a significant amount of time to patient build-ups. When necessary, this entails passing backwards and spreading the ball wide to create space. Trying to rush or force an attack usually results in a loss of possession, so take your time and play easy passes while keeping an eye out for teammates who are making creative moves behind the defense

When necessary, shoot in manual mode

Some PES experts prefer to play with manual controls since it gives them more freedom, but they’re difficult to comprehend and require precise use of the analogue stick. Fortunately, you can have the best of all worlds by forcing manual controls by holding the L2 button. Though we recommend using it infrequently, it’s ideal for circumstances like facing an open goal, since it gives you more control over the situation and helps you avoid humiliating misses.


PES 2022 seems far from perfect, but it is one of the best additions to the football genre on mobile thanks to its intuitive controls, compelling gameplay, and two-player mode. Presently, the game is only available in beta on Android in a few countries.

PES 22 is a solid and practical football simulation game and one would think that the gameplay and graphics won’t be updated on a consistent basis. No, this game is getting updates of the latest transfers and kits, and thanks to the bunch of tweaks.

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