How to Unblock Blog or Website URL on Facebook in 2022

Facebook is one on the top social media network in the world and it is one of the best place for bloggers who are looking for traffic mostly entertainment Bloggers. Facebook with it new strict standards and policies have been hitting most website owners and it keeps getting worst as the day goes by.
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Well I was just have some issues few months back with one of my blog which has been blocked for almost two years and we were unable to share our link on our page or even on our Facebook timeline so it becomes a challenge so we only depend on search engine traffic which we managed until we got the solution.
This solution is fast and easy for those who understands the tech support most time consuming your time trying to rectify this issue you might get discouraged and end up going for another domain name which you have spent all your lifetime try to build which is not good.
Well many people have been complaining about the fact that most time when the get to contact Facebook they still don’t get a positive results but it get worst. In every system we have professionals for each area which you need to give what suit the right person to fix for you.
Looking at the fact that Social media has been one of the known cornerstone of digital marketing and source for livelihood for some internet marketers, and checking from fact over the years you will see that Facebook has been one of the largest platform on the web that look just like a community well organized. Over the years this platform has tried it best to play a vital role in in the blogging or internet space by sending traffic to our website and blogs. So now think of the fact of having your URL blocked on Facebook can make you go down in everything you have planned for your business.
Goodnews, almost all blocked Facebook URLs can be reversible. Today In this blog post I am going to elaborate why this blocking comes up and also how to rectify this issue and bring your website live on your Facebook page.
Let’s go!
How to Unblock Blog or Website URL on Facebook in 2021
Now note this process is very difficult so we have created a WhatsApp platform to assist people unblock their domain name without much stress all you need to do is to contact us on WhatsApp using this number +2348170131671.
For Nigerians – N4000
Other Countries – $10

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