How to Charge your phone with Fire

Charging your Phone in your house itself might be a very easy task but what if you are lost in the Jungle and your phone’s battery is about to die? For that problem, I have a Life Hack for you. Today we will learn, How to charge your cell phone with FIRE!!!
It may look like a difficult or expensive task, but NO. You can do it in no time for a little cost. All you need are the things which are mentioned below:
  • Charger
  • Mobile
  • Thermal Electric Peltier generator
  • Fire
  • Large Empty metallic Container
This is all you need and you can get these things easily anywhere at a low cost. Now Follow the Step-By-Step guide given below and charge your phone with fire.
Step 1) You need a big metallic container. Empty it and remove all the stickers and covers from it.
Step 2) Now we need a place inside the container where we can start the fire and charge the phone. So, we will cut a large rectangle on one side of the container. Later, we will put our wood sticks in this empty place.
Step 3) Now we will drill 4 holes on our container. Make sure, two of the holes are parallel to each other in such a way that aluminium U-Shaped wire can pass through it. (Optional step)
Step 4) Make one more hole near the bottom of the container. This hole will bring the heat and smoke out.
Step 5) Now take the charger of your mobile and cut out the USB end and now we’ll use the black and red wires (These are the wires which pass voltage to the phone).
Step 6) Take the red and black end of the wire and attract them to the positive and negative terminal of Thermal Electric Peltier Generator respectively.
The Thermal electric peltier generator will pass voltage to the cable only when attached tightly with the container.
Step 7) Now we will use large hose clamp to attach the generator with the container tightly (You can also use aluminium wire as all you need to do is tighten up the generator with the container).
Our FIRE CHARGER is ready and now you can charge your mobile phone with Fire anywhere!!! Take it out and give it a test. Just start the fire inside the container and put something to cook on the U-Shaped wires and after a few seconds, your phone will start charging.
Use it during camping and impress your friends and others easily. 😉
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