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How to Change theme in Blogger Blog

So many times we change our plans on how our blogs are suppose to look like and most times you get understand that most themes are SEO friendly and would like to change your site look. Changing your theme is very important part of upgrading your site to look more beautiful so when doing this task make sure you get your preferred theme that suits what you want the layout to look like.
Now one important thing you should know is that your site is ranked based on the speed and this can only be determined with the help of which kind of theme you use on your blog.
Blogging is very good when you know all the pro and cons which will allow you succeed.
Today I will be teaching you how to upload your template to your blogspot site and you should be careful to avoid errors.
Step 1

First you need to open the blog in which you want to change the template.



Step 2 
Then all you need to do now is to Navigate to themes section of that blogger blog. After that click on the three dots shown on the blogger’s theme settings page.
Step 3
When you click on that 3 dots click on backup. This will download a backup file of your current blogger theme. If you want to restore the last theme just upload that theme again. So taking backup will keep you on the safe side.
theme settings of blogger blog
Step 4

Upload and backup settings of blogger theme

Step 5

Blogger theme settings

Step 6

Again click on that three dots and now you have to click on the restore button. It will show you a pop up in which you have to click on the upload theme button which will lead to file explorer.

upload custom theme in blogger blog
Step 7

Upload theme in blogger blog

Step 8

Upload custom theme in blogger blog

Step 9

After that, you have to select the.XML file which is basically the default format in which blogger themes are designed.

Step 10

Whenever you download any blogger theme it is a zip file. You have to extract it to get.XML file of that particular blogger theme.

Step 11

Now to upload a theme in your blogger blog select the.XML and open it. When you click on open it will start uploading the theme automatically.

select xml file of blogger theme
Step 12

Select the xml file of blogger custom theme

Step 13

Select the XML file of blogger custom theme

Step 14

Now you have successfully changed your blogger theme with a custom blogger theme.

Understanding fully well that this tutorial above will work fine for you and if you have any question you can feel free to drop your comments below.
Also you might be thinking what is the best platform to blog? Well I must say that in this case of blogging neither wordpress or blogspot is the best because the serve different purposes to the community. So which ever platform you will like to use for your blog then I think you need to focus and work hard to success.

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