How to Start a Blog in 2022 – Easy Guide to Create a Blog for Beginners

The Easy Guide to Create a Blog for Beginners is well arranged in two segments which Is for Blogspot and wordpress so you can choose which one you want to use after this tutorial.
How to Start a Blog in 2021 – Easy Guide to Create a Blog for Beginners
To Start a Blog in 2021 you need to be ready to face all the risk and also understand the reason why blogging is not a quick rich scheme. This guide is basically meant for those who are yet to create a blog on their own.

How to Start a Blog in 2022 – Easy Guide to Create a Blog for Beginners

Blogging is one of the most lucrative side hustle in Nigeria and it has really been a good way to earn money online daily. starting from 2014/2015 when most Nigeria popular bloggers announced their success story only so many people have joined the blogging industry and some found it more difficult and other saw how benefiting it was.
Blogging has a different view which is either you take it serious as a full time job or as a part time job and it all depends on how you want to make a living out of it.
Creating Blogs is very good especially when you have access to information and you want to share with people far and near.

Advantages of Being a Blogger

  • With blogging you can air your voice to the world without risking yourself using your blog as a tool.
  • It give room for wealth opportunities irrespective of your age.
  • You can decide when to work and when not to
  • You can also create a community and control it yourself.
  • Ability to sell your products to your blog audience
  • Ability to generate revenue through AdSense or other ads network

Disadvantages of Being a Blogger

  • Your blog can be time consuming especially if you have other things doing daily
  • Rude comments are most times frequent so you might find it hard to manage or continue with it.
  • You might face more sanctions from different organizations when you violate some rules.
  • Your blog might be deleted if found wanting.

Difference Between WordPress and Blogspot

Well for many professional they prefer using WordPress to build their bki
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WordPress Features

  • A modern design (personal touch) or SEO friendly

WordPress come with free themes and plugins which allows you to design your blog or website of your choice and it can be design even from scratch depending on your knowledge when it comes to programming but if you can’t then I will advice you use the default themes and plugins Available for you.

  • Reader-friendly typography.

Good interface for your readers and it is easy for them to read your contents without zooming or even try to get what you have written.

  • Easy-to-navigate menu.

The menu of your blog is important so it is good when you have a blog try to make sure the navigation menu is well place in the right location either in the footer or the header.

  • Versatile post formats.

You can also arrange your post in a way you want it to look when your visitors visits that particular page using WordPress.

  • Social media & email subscription.

Social media helps in generating more traffic for your blog so wordpress has so many plugins that auto connect your blog post to them so as to attract more traffic. The email subscription is similar but has to do with gaining more subscribers then after getting those emails all you have to do is to keep updating them with your blog updates daily.

  • Multiple comment options.

Comments on blogs are very important and you need to have full control and be able to design it the way you want it to look most especially how you can any your viewers to comment either by filling out a form with their website links or no your gave all the right to do that on WordPress.

  • Advertising facility (Good to have)

Advertising on your site is one out of some few process of making more money on your blog so on WordPress it is much more easier to fix in your affiliate link and other AdSense code to your blog or website.

  • Security and spam protection.

Security for your blog or website is very important so as to avoid any issues of someone taking full ownership of your blog without your consent.
Note: wordpress has a lot of features aside this list above but you can decide not to use everything if you like because wordpress is versatile.

Blogspot Features

  • It’s Cheap and Free
  • External script
  • Free and Suitable Default Templates or Theme
  • Upload Facilities and Custom templates
  • Easy and Simple Navigation
  • No e-commerce facility by default


Steps on how to Create a Blog using Blogspot

Step 1
Create a Google account or if you have an existing Google account either Gmail or any of the Google sister website fine you are good to go.
Step 2
Log on to using your Google account. You will be asked to insert your username and password.
Step 3
Then you will be asked to insert you blog title and the blog URL just like “”
Note: Sometimes you will find it every difficult to get a particular URL of your choice, so it is good you keep searching until you get the one that suits your new blog.
Step 4
After you have performed the task above you can now upload your custom theme if you have any or if you prefer using the default themes.
Now your blog is now ready and waiting for you to put more contents on it. Don’t copy contents from other blog’s directly and try to find a good and profitable niche to start blogging.
Watch Video on how to Create a Blog using Blogspot


Steps on how to Create a Blog using WordPress

On WordPress you need domain name and hosting so I always recommend people who are starting their blogging career to buy this two things from a good web hosting company which I will recommend is namecheap. One of my reasons for this recommendation is because of their fast and friendly customer care team who are ready and willing to assist newbies.
Then try to understand the difference between and With a simple explanation one is free and the other is paid. So when you want to get serious in blogging I recommend you go for the smallest hosting plan which is stellar plan on namecheap and also with your custom domain name with .com extension.
The reason why it is important to get a domain name for your blog is because of the standard you are try to make being a professional blogger so instead of using a domain name that doesn’t looks good to your visitors you go for something easy and simple for people to remember.
Step 1
First you will have to visit buy your domain name along with the smallest hosting plan since you are just starting.
Step 2
After purchasing this two things make sure you are good in WordPress installation and if you can’t then I will recommend you hire someone or better still contact namecheap support to help you out.
Step 3
After the installation login and upload or use any of the default themes for blog… Remember wordpress can be use for website too. So make sure when selecting a theme it should be the one that is suitable for blog.
Step 4 
You can start post  your contents but make sure they are good and easy for your visitors to understand.
Watch Video on how to Create a Blog using WordPress


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