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Canada is open to immigrants looking to reside, work and study in the country, but they are some requirements that intending immigrants must provide. Also, to work in Canada as an immigrant, some work-related requirements are hugely demanded.

Is Immigrating to Canada Open?

Yes, Canada is very open and still accepts individuals looking to reside temporally or permanently in the country. However, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected the review and proceeding of immigrants into the country. You need to check for the requirements before applying.

Is Canada Stopping Express Entry?

No, Canada is not entirely stopping immigrants from coming into the country through express entry; it only placed a pause as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the minister of immigration in Canada announced that the express entry for Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) would resume in July.

Is There Any Change In Canadian Immigration?

Yes, some changes have been made to the National Occupational Classification (N.O.C), a significant part of the immigration system used in Canada. Through this N.O.C, skilled and qualified workers can prove their working experience according to the N.O.C requirements. N.O.C helps to group employment activities suitably in Canada.

What is The New Policy For Canadian Immigration

The latest policy for Canadian immigration is to increase the number of immigrants accepted into the country. The new immigration levels plan of 2022 – 2024 is set to provide residence to these immigrants at the rate of 1% of Canada’s population, with an increasing amount of permanent residency.

Canada Work Visa Application

Individuals who are looking to secure a job in Canada can get a work visa which will enable them to come to the country and work. One would need to apply for this visa online with some questions issued during the application process. You must understand the requirements before applying, and you would also need to get an employer you intend to work with for the specific period you intend on staying in Canada. Some of the considered requirements include a valid traveling document, being in a good state of health, and having no immigration-related offense.

2 Year Work Permit In Canada

A Canadian work permit is ordinarily legal for a time basis of one to two years. A work permit is a document that helps to permit a foreign worker to take up a job opportunity in Canada. Canada is one of the countries that issue work permits to foreign workers worldwide. One of the essential requirements before being eligible to apply for this work permit is to have a Canadian job opportunity supported by the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA).

How to Obtain a Canadian Work Permit

One’s ability to obtain a Canadian work permit depends on the work permit you intend to apply for. Some permits require one to have already a Canadian job offer which is backed by the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA). However, if you have any offer that exempts LIMA or works permits, it is still essential to get this document to be sure of entering Canada without any restriction. There are two ways to obtain a Canadian work permit which include a closed or an open work permit. A closed work permit only allows one to work for a specific employer at a particular location unless you switch your work permit. However, an open work permit does not restrict you to a particular employer, as you are free to work for any Canadian-based employer.

Canada Jobs With Work Permit

In Canada today, numerous jobs offer work permits to those individuals who have the requirements to take on these jobs. This work permit would enable them to occupy these job opportunities and be able to work in Canada. Some of the jobs with work permits include:

• Cashier.

• Data Entry Clerk

• Labourer.

• Electrical Engineer.

• Driver.

• Housekeeping Attendant.

• Security Guard.

• Dish Washer.

• Cook.

• Home Renovator

Canada Work Permit Cost

Canada offers work permits to those individuals looking to come to Canada to take advantage of various job opportunities. Below are the fees attributed to obtaining these work permits.

Closed Work Permit – CAD 155 is charged per person.

Work Permit For a Group (A maximum of three) – CAD 465

Open Work Permit – CAD 255 is charged per person.

To Restore a Work Permit – CAD 355

Documents Required For Canada Work Permit

The documents required for a Canadian work permit depend on the specific work permit you intend to apply for while looking to work in Canada. Applicants would be required to present the below-listed documents.

• Duly Completed Application Forms.

• A Proof of Status in Canada (If Applicable).

• Written Offer of Employment (If Applicable).

• CV/Resume.

• Family Member’s Proof of Status (If Applicable).

• Marriage Certificate (If Applicable).

• Labour Market Impact Assessment (If Applicable).

• Valid Originally and Photocopies of your Passport.

• Medical Exam Results (If Requested)

• Proof of Payment for The Government Applicable Fees

• Proof of Meeting The Job’s Requirements.

• Copy of Educational Credentials.

• Recent Passport Sized Photos.

• Evidence of Financial Means of Residing In Canada and Returning to your Home Country.

Open Work Permit Outside Canada

An open work permit allows an individual to work or take up a job opportunity from any available employer at a particular time. This work permit issued under The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA) exemption could prohibit a particular location or occupation but not extend to the employer. But despite the non-restriction on employers, a foreign job seeker can not take up any job opportunity from a specific employer if they are not eligible. This open work permit can be applied for by a foreigner outside of Canada, either at the port of entry or after entering Canada as per the program requirement. There are two types of open work permits, with one being unrestricted while the other restricted to your occupation or location. Any intending job seeker looking to work in Canada must extensively research these permit and their exemptions and also ensure their employer is eligible enough.

How Long Does It Take to Process a Work Permit Application

Usually, these work permits are applied by job seekers looking to work in Canada, and it takes some time before being processed. The time of processing this work permit hugely depends on the kind of work permit and your country of residence at the period when you made the application. The processing period usually runs from weeks to several months.

Reasons a Work Permit Application May Get Refused

Receiving a refusal on a work permit application could be frustrating and devastating to a job seeker looking to work in Canada. There are numerous reasons why these work permit applications may be rejected. Some of the possible reasons include:

• You did not meet the requirements for the specific work permit you applied for.

• The officer was not convinced that you would return to your country of residence at the end of your approved stay.

• The officer was not convinced that you could handle your duties related to the work you intend to take on in Canada.


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