Buy Perfume and Fragrance Online From Fragrance Planet in Nigeria

Buy Perfume and Fragrance Online, FragrancePlanet is the home to affordable premium fragrance and perfume specifically created for your pleasure. WIth Fragrance Planet you can buy Perfume/Fragrance online from your home and get it delivered as fast as possible.

Fragrance planet is a retail/wholesale dealer in amazing varieties of perfumes. They have two stores located at 32, Fola Agoro Road, Yaba Lagos. and 33B Adebayo Doherty off admiralty lekki phase1.

How to Buy Perfume and Fragrance Online

They deliver your orders directly to your door when you shop on their online store at Fragrance planet selects and sells only the best and their delivery is a twinkle of an eye fast.

At affordable, you can get these fragrances for as low as #7,500! But this is no price for the quality of their collection, after trying a few of their products myself and with suggestions from fellow purchasers, I know I’m definitely getting more than I bargained for

Listed below is the list of some of my favorite options. Of course, it doesn’t invalidate the numerous other option listed on the site



Buy Perfume and Fragrance Online

Costing only 8k, this collection is sure to make heads turn and catch and make you the attention of the day in any meeting you attend. This option is only for women, and like the name on the packaging implies, it makes you feel like a surprise.

This packaging is one of my favorites, unlike the common top that has the central eye for spraying, this has the figure of two legs spread apart, lol. So, this should let you know that this is a fragrance of pleasure. If you know, you know

It’s currently in stock, if you are a lady and you have a date coming up soon or if you know a lady that would love this as a gift. I recommend getting this. Visit this link to start the process


While the name implies that this option is only for women, I’d like to point out that the KISMET FOR MEN is also available, and is just as great as the women’s version

As one customer describes this perfume … smells clean yet very sensuous without being overbearing. Another customer said It’s beautiful I get compliments and it turns guys on lol 😂 it’s very different

Kismet is one of the brands of Lattafa and is marketed by fragranceplanet. The perfume is 100ml in volume and weighs about 3.4 ounces.

Kismet for women is the perfume that completes all and any outfit you wanna try for the day.

Did I mention that it lasts really long, it’s not the type to wear off immediately after you hit the sun

Pretty lady, you need this in your collection. Visit this link to purchase 

3.   Maison Galatea

Another lattafa brand for less than 10k and a best-seller, Maison Galatea is a male-based perfume with a difference.

The leathery aroma with fruity, floral, and spicy notes, adopts a strong yet delicate character that is revealed by the soft herbal note.

The shining golden bottle is eye-catching in its understated yet elegant design. It is the perfect perfume for men in its scent and appearance.

Get it through this link



FA Paris Alexander III EDP for men is a new luxurious and scintillating perfume. It lasts very long and has really good projection.

In other words, this is a great first impression perfume for men

It’s a bit more pricey than most of the above-mentioned perfumes but the price is definitely worth it. This is why at 15k, it remains one of the best sellers on the fragrance planet. Get yours today


You should know the EDP means Eau dau perfume, a perfume more concentrated in raw material and therefore more intense.

This collection lives up to its name. It gives you the scent of power and confidence, it makes you feel like you can take control of your world. I kid you not!

The great news is that it’s unisex. This beautiful perfume comes in a more gorgeous package

The price of the perfume is completely worth it and this makes it a personal favorite.

Fragrance Planet is a dealer and can readily deliver this to your doorstep. Get yours today

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