Are Home Insurance And Home Warranties The Same

An individual looking to purchase a home is usually offered warranties, and one can get a home insurance policy. In this article, we will discuss if home insurance and home warranties are the same.

Are Home Insurance And Home Warranties The Same?

What Are Home Insurance?

Home insurance which is also known as homeowners insurance is an insurance policy that seeks to offer protection to an individual’s home. This policy covers any damages to the house specifically covered in the insurance agreement.

What Are Home Warranties?

A home warranty is a contract between a homeowner and a home warranty company that provides numerous repairs to a home. This specific contract indicates discounted repairs and replacements, including plumbing, furnace, and others.

What Are The Difference Between Home Insurance And Home Warranties

Despite having almost identical features, home insurance, and home warranties function in the same manner. They equally come with premiums and deductibles, but home insurance premiums and deductibles are significantly higher than home warranties. Below are some of the differences between home insurance and home warranties.

• Coverage

The major difference between home insurance and home warranties is their coverage. Home insurance helps homeowners to handle any structural damage or loss of property arising from fire or theft. A home warranty covers repairs and replacements to an individual’s home system and various appliances when they fail due to age and wear and tear.

• Necessity

Another significant difference between home insurance and home warranties is the necessity for its usage. Usually, an individual looking to obtain a new home would require a home insurance policy. A home warranty isn’t necessarily needed for a new home. One can considerably decide whether to get insurance warranties for their home.

Despite home warranties not being required as compared to an home insurance policy, they are both beneficial given the additional protection it offers to reduce the financial burdens of various home systems and appliance repairs.

Are Home Warranties Worth It?

Yes, home warranties are worth having for a home. Despite not being necessarily required, it’s a good addition that an individual can consider to protect their home. Once an individual combines a home warranty with a home insurance policy, it would add further protection and security to one’s home investment.

Do I Need A Home Warranty And Home Insurance?

Yes, it would help if you had a home warranty and insurance coverage. By obtaining both, you conveniently protect the structure of your house and the appliances and systems in the house. Depending on any damage to the home’s structure, one is fully covered by the home insurance, and the home warranty would cover any repairs and replacements needed.

What Are The Coverages Provided In Home Insurance And Home Warranties

There are numerous coverages attached to obtaining home insurance and home warranties. Home insurance covers damages to the structural aspect of the home, including the loss of personal property due to fire or theft. Home warranties cover repairs and replacements of a home’s system or appliances when they malfunction.

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List of 10 Best Home Insurance Companies

Many home insurance companies offer the best of services to their respective clients. Below is a list of the ten best home insurance companies.

• State Farm

State farm is one of the best home insurance companies that an individual can consider for a home insurance policy. Its website is easy to utilize in applying for an insurance policy and equally reveals the quotes.

• Nationwide

Nationwide’s home insurance policy comes with numerous coverage not provided by other insurance companies. An individual can considerably apply for a home insurance policy from this company and enjoy numerous benefits.

• Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is a highly-rated homeowners insurance company that has been in service for over 100 years. It has the best policy that one could ever consider; it has many discounts, and its application is easy to use.

• Amica Mutual Insurance

Amica Mutual Insurance is an ideal option for an individual seeking a home insurance policy. It’s one of the best companies that have a good record when it comes to customer service on claims.

• Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance is an insurance company gradually becoming known in the insurance industry. It offers numerous insurance policies, retirement planning, and other financial services.

• Allstate

Allstate is the biggest insurance provider and has remained active since 1931. The company suitably offers discounts to individuals who take care of their properties and pay their premiums on the scheduled date.

• Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers Insurance Group is an excellent and highly rated insurance service provider that one can conveniently get home insurance coverage. You would need to contact their representative to obtain the quote and then get the insurance policy.

• Chubb Group

Chubb Group is another great option for home insurance because it offers quality services. Its policy has several add-ons, and its coverage includes discounts on a home policy.

• American Family Insurance

Known as one of the big names in the insurance-providing industry is American Family Insurance. It offers homeowners coverage with discounts and suitably provides access to other insurance options for interested individuals.

• NJM Insurance Group

New Jersey Manufacturers (NJM) Insurance Group is a well-known insurance company that offers access to various insurance policies. It’s regarded as the best option for individuals seeking dividend policies.

How To Get Home Warranty

There are specific processes or steps to get a home warranty for the safety of one’s home. Below are the steps to getting a home warranty.

• Determine Your Needs

The first step to getting a home warranty is determining your needs. It would help if you researched and then decided before listing the types of coverage needed from the specific home warranty.

• Contact Several Warranty Companies

The next thing is to consider contacting several home warranty companies for their list of quotes and coverages. Many companies offer home warranties that you can suitably consider for your home.

• Read The Provided Contract

Lastly, it would help if you read the provided contract regarding the home warranty. Ensure you go over the contract and be such to get information concerning the coverages before accepting the deal.

Home insurance and a home warranty are suitable forms of protection for a newly purchased home. An individual can consider combining the two to offer added protection in the case of damages or the need for repairs. We hope this article provides enough information on home insurance and warranty. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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