Updated Google Play Music app lets users share and edit playlists

In addition to the handful of Google applications updated yesterday, Google Play Music seemingly flew under the radar with a minor update of its own. Currently rolling out to Android devices, the small update adds extra functionality for managing playlists.
There are really only two new features within the updated app, both of which are rather modest. For starters, when creating a new playlist within the app, you’ll now be given the option to add a description for it, as well as make the playlist public. If you choose to do the latter, you can then share the playlist with others.


The update also give the user the option to edit the name and description of a playlist within the application, which was previously only possible through music.google.com. This is a rather small addition, given that one could still manage the music tracks within a playlist, but not the name.
Again, this is is an incredibly small update for Play Music, but the option to share and edit playlists right from the application is welcome..

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