How Can I Get Free Scholarships In Canada

There are many ways to know How Can I Get Free Scholarships In Canada, Canada is a renowned place where an increasing amount of students go for their higher education as a result of various reasons.

These universities offer good learning facilities and access to various scholarship programs. This article will discuss how one can get free scholarships in Canada.

How Can I Get Free Scholarships In Canada

Masters Scholarship In Canada

Many scholarships in Canada are offered to students who intend to complete their master’s degree programs. This master’s degree program usually lasts between 1 to 2 years, and their program is available in Canadian universities. Some of the available master’s scholarships in Canada include:

  • University of Toronto Scholarships.
  • University of Calgary Scholarships.
  • University of Manitoba Scholarships.
  • Queens University Scholarships.
  • Concordia University Scholarships.
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship Programs.
  • Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements Scholarship.
  • Royal Roads University Scholarships.
  • University of British Columbia Scholarships.
  • University of Saskatchewan Scholarships.

Language Requirements

IELTS is considered the major English proficiency test result needed for these scholarship programs. But some alternative test results such as CanTest, TOEFL, PTE, and CAEL are equally accepted.

How to Apply

Aspiring students applying for the Canadian scholarship should follow these simple steps.

  • Students should select and apply for their master’s degree program from the universities where these scholarships are offered.
  • Ensure to fulfill, without any doubt, all required document and language criteria.
  • Upload all the demanded documents and ensure to pay the admission fee (if needed).
  • Most times, it would be wise to apply directly from the university so that you would be selected if eligible for the scholarship program.

Fully Funded Scholarships In Canada For International Students 2022

Various scholarships in Canada are fully funded for international students to help them complete their studies.

There are over 5,000 Financing sources for you to study in Canada. You can check here

These scholarships are usually offered for Undergraduate, Graduate, Masters and even Ph.D. programs at the universities in Canada. Some of the fully-funded scholarships in Canada for international students include:

  • UDem Exemption Scholarships.
  • Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence.
  • Western’s Admission Scholarship Program.
  • University of Ottawa President’s Scholarships.
  • International Major Entrance Scholarships.
  • Simon Fraser University Entrance Scholarships.
  • Medicine and Dentistry Schulich Scholarships.
  • Concordia University Entrance Scholarships.
  • President’s International Distinction Scholarships.
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships.

How to Get Scholarship In Canada For International Students

Scholarships are a major way by which students can help to finance their education, and in Canada, they are diverse programs to pick from and consider.

These scholarships are granted to students with outstanding academic performance and some to those with unique skills and talent.

Most of these scholarships are to be applied for, while others are awarded automatically with your previous results being used as an eligibility criterion.

Some of the steps to take in getting scholarships in Canada include:

  • Explore Diverse Scholarships

The first step is to check for the available scholarships you can consider. Ensure to research rigorously to determine the various available opportunities.

  • Contact The University

After exploring the various available scholarship, it would be wise to contact the specific university you intend to study. Get in touch with their financial assistance department and get information about scholarships offered to international students and the procedure to apply for these scholarship programs.

  • Research About Other Requirements

Ensure to learn more about diverse other scholarships offered by the government and various other foundations in Canada.

  • Apply and Submit Required Document

After getting reliable information from the institution of your choice, ensure you apply and submit the required documents before their scheduled deadline date. Once your credentials match their standard, you will be notified of the scholarship.

Canadian Scholarship For Nigerian Students

There are Canadian scholarships for Nigerian students to take advantage of and apply to cover their tuition and other study-related fees. Some of the Canadian scholarships available for Nigerian students include:

  • Conestoga College International Entrance Scholarship

Conestoga College’s student financial services administer several scholarships, financial aid, and assistance to students who need this support to complete their education.

  • Ted Rogers Scholarships

Ted Rogers Scholarships is a Canadian-based scholarship offered to excellent and academically performing students. Students are expected to apply and submit their credentials before the deadline day.

  • York University International Entrance Scholarships

York University is famously known for inviting diverse, outstanding, and intelligent young students who intend to enroll in their degree programs at the instItution. They offer support to students in bursaries, scholarships, and tuition exemptions.

  • University of Winnipeg Graduate Scholarship

The University of Winnipeg offers graduate scholarships to Canadian and international students looking to complete their degree programs in the institution.

  • University of Manitoba Scholarship

The University of Manitoba offers scholarships to those high academic performing students who consider completing their degree programs.

How to Get Scholarships In Canada For Undergraduates

Scholarships for undergraduates are available in Canada, and interested students can easily apply for these scholarships. To get scholarships in Canada for the undergraduate degree program, you must consider applying on time as it is always good to be ahead than rushing on the deadline day.

  • Research About More Opportunities

It is also vital to research the various institutions available for these scholarships. Getting this information about the scholarship will enable you to get essential details on how to apply.

  • Determine Their Requirements

You need to know the list of things you require, such as a study permit, your results, and even the language criteria, usually IELTS, but you can present an IELTS equivalent result (if accepted).

  • Apply and Submit Your Documents Early

It is essential that after deciding on the institution to attend for this scholarship and the requirements needed, you should apply and submit your documents before the stipulated deadline day.

Once your application is accepted and your documents examined, you will be informed if you qualified for the specific scholarship program.

How Can I Get Free Scholarships In Canada

Like other types of scholarships in Canada, students looking to enroll in a complete scholarship scheme are expected to research the list of institutions where these scholarships are available.

Once they determine the available institution and decide on the particular one to apply to, they must consider the requirements they are expected to fulfill. Ensure you have the needed requirements and consider if you are qualified enough.

If you meet their requirements, you need to apply for these scholarships and submit your documents on or before the deadline day to avoid missing this important opportunity. You can keep up with the scholarship until detailed information is available to confirm if you are qualified for the scholarship.

Fully Funded Scholarship In Canada For International Students Without IELTS

There are several universities in Canada where fully funded scholarship for international students without IELTS is offered. These institutions include:

  • Concordia University

Concordia University is a reputable university in Canada that offers a suitable environment for learning and is known to offer various scholarships to international students.

  • University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is a good university where international students are assured of access to participate in the scholarship programs offered in the institution.

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University is a leading University where diverse scholarship programs are made available to Undergraduate, Graduate, and Masters’s students who intend to complete their degree programs.

  • University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is a university that offers scholarship programs that do not necessarily need international students to submit IELTS as they are various alternative English proficiency test results that are equally accepted.

  • Cambrian University

Cambrian University is a good place where international students without IELTS English proficiency test results can apply for various scholarships. The scholarship program offered includes Graduate and Undergraduate degrees.

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