How to Fix Adsense Loading Mixed Content on https Site

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Today I will show you How to Fix Adsense loading mixed content on https site.

I started noticing mixed content warnings on my site couple of days ago, which actually got me concerned after much digging I discovered it was coming from Adsense.

Chrome simply removes the green padlock and doesn’t show anything, It became obvious when I used Firefox it showed the yellow symbol over the lock on the browser address bar. I use Chrome primarily and unfortunately didn’t notice it sooner

Am sure you must have noticed mixed content on your https site after implementing Google adsense, didn’t know it was coming from Adsense right. The funny thing is the adslots are using latest code (// sure adsense didn’t notice this.

The goodness is that it can be fixed and that is the purpose of this article.

Here is a quick guide to Fix Adsense loading mixed content on https site.

Ask the users browser to fetch the secure content, if possible:

<meta http-equiv=”Content-Security-Policy” content=”upgrade-insecure-requests” />

If the ad is available via https, then it will fetch that version, otherwise, the content will be blocked and another shown in its place.

Put the meta in the


Section of your blog.

Install Code on WordPress

For wordpress user there are lots of Plugins to place this code below the <head> section of your blog one of them is Head & Footer Code.

Simply login to your WordPress admin area. Click on plugins and select Add New. Then paste Head & Footer Code on the search bar install and activate the plugin to place the above code on the <head> section of your WordPress blog.

Install Code on Blogspot

If you use blogspot it’s pretty simple kindly Login to your Blogger Dashboard click on them an select Edit HTML. Look out for <head> which is above your Blogger theme and Paste the above code below it.

If you find this post helpful, don’t hesitate to share this post on your social network. It will only take a moment, and also it is quite easy and helpful for others.

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