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10 Games That Teach Kids To Code

10 Games That Teach Kids To Code

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In this world 36 million kids have taken part in Hour of code activities, by helping them to develop their skill in technology use and that might help to get a job one day.
Most of your kids wont be interesting in coding but these games can improve problem-solving and thinking skills which is important to kids
Most of these apps are available in multiple platforms like iOS, Mac, Android, PC, few games are free and few cost. It depends which one you gonna choose.(Links will open in new tab)

Free or Demo

Lightbot and Lightbot Jr.

Age: 4-8 (Lightbot.Jr), 9+ (Lightbot)
Android: Light Bot
iOS: Light Bot
Web Browser:
Pricing: Free (Browser), $3(iOS/Android)


Age: 5-8
iOS: Kodable 
Web Browser:
Pricing: Free( $7 for Pro version)


Age: 6+
Android: Robozzle 
iOS: Robozzle 
Windows: Robozzle
Web Browser:
Pricing: Free (1$ for Windows)


Age: 5+
iOS: Cargo-Bot
Pricing: Free


Age: 10+
Android: SpaceChem Mobile
Steam: SpaceChem
iOS: SpaceChem Mobile
Web Browser:
Pricing: Free demo , ($10 for steam, $3 for iOS/Android)

Code Combat

Age: 13+
Web Browser:
Pricing: Free


Age: 8-14
Web Browser:
Pricing: Free demo


Age: 4-7
iOS : Bee-Bot
Pricing : Free

Code Monkey Island

Age: 8+
Web Browser:
Kickstarter: Code Monkey Island

Robot Turtles

Web Browser:
Pricing: $25

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