YouTube SEO Tips: Top 10 Solid Ways to rank your YouTube channel videos

To improve the rank of your YouTube channel videos, you need to know some YouTube SEO tips.
Today, the YouTube SEO tips and tricks I am going to share with you will increase the views on your YouTube videos.
You will know about YouTube, but do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and is visited by at least 60 million people daily?
This simply means that you can get a lot of traffic from YouTube, whether you upload to bring video traffic or to monetize your video.
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If you want to become a YouTuber by uploading videos on YouTube, then let me tell you that you will need YouTube SEO Tips to improve the rank of videos.
Now maybe you are thinking that SEO is done only on the blog. If you are thinking like this then your thinking is totally wrong.
Because you can not get good results just by uploading the video, for that you will have to do the SEO of the video (Search Engine Optimization).
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So friends, today I am going to share that secret with you so that you will be able to increase many views on your video.
So what you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned to increase the traffic on your video.
I am going to share with you all the Ultimate Guide of YouTube SEO, about which you must know.

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If you want to earn money through YouTube, then read the steps mentioned in this article carefully. So our first step is:


# 1. Find “YouTube Video Keyword”

To bring YouTube video to the # 1 page of Google, your first step is Keyword.
Whenever you are thinking of creating any video, first of all, see whether the keyword on which you are going to start working on that keyword also has traffic.
Because if you have created a video and there is no traffic on that keyword, then SEO on your video is also useless because traffic will not come on that video.
So whenever you make a video, first of all, check the ‘searches’.
Which topic should you work on? –

YouTube Video Topic Ideas

  • WWE
  • Prank
  • WebHosting Review
  • iPhone, Samsung
  • Game
  • WordPress Tutorials
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food recipe
  • News
  • Comedy

These are some topics you should work on. There is a very good search on these topics and you can also earn a lot of money.
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#2. How to Find YouTube Video Keywords

This is another very good question, where do we search for our YouTube videos with the keyword?
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For example, I did this search “how to make”, so Google automatically put a lot of keywords in front of me. You can see it in the screenshot below.

google search online keyword tools
google search online keyword tools

By the way, there are many free tools online where you can do keyword research for your video. Such as: –



  • Google search
  • Keyword Planner
  • YouTube Search Box

So you have to suck a good keyword, on which search is more.

# 3. Create Your Video – YouTube Channel Grow Tips

The most important thing that happens for YouTube SEO Tips is the video itself because the article we are reading is reading to increase the ranking of the video.
So whenever you make a video, the quality of its video is good so that the viewer likes your video so that they can share it without speaking to you.
YouTube SEO: How big should the video be? If your video is short, then you make your video within 5 minutes, if your video is big then make it longer than 10 minutes.
You should also take special care of this that people should take an interest in watching your videos, do not cook them only to give them information about work.

# 4. Video Title – YouTube SEO Tips

The title is the most important factor for YouTube SEO Video, because whenever a visitor searches on YouTube, then the first thing the visitor sees is the title of any video.
If your visitor likes to read the title then surely he will surely see your video by clicking on it.
So what do you do whenever you upload a video, write a good title and do not write the title short.
Use your “Main Keyword” at the beginning of your title so that YouTube / Google can understand your video better.

YouTube SEO Title and Description
YouTube SEO Title and Description

# 5. Video Description – YouTube Description

YouTube video description is very important to rank your video on YouTube and Google.

Google and YouTube are unable to read the video right now. They read your title and description and bring your video in the rankings. (Well YouTube has started understanding our videos to some extent.)
Here I am telling you some tips that you should use in the description.
>First of all, put a link to your website on the description. This will help in bringing traffic to your site and you will also get a good CTR.
>>Put your Keyword in at least 25 words, with this, there is space to write many words in your description box, so you add at least 300 to 500 words there.
>>In the description box, you must write your keyword at least 3-4 times.
This SEO-Optimization description will help Google and YouTube to understand what your video really is!

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# 6. YouTube Video Tags – How To Grow YouTube Channel Faster

YoutUBE SEO Tags
YoutUBE SEO Tags

Tags are not important but if seen, tags are also important for ranking videos.
Whenever you upload a video, you can use tags, so you can use tags related to your video.
You can use the tag related to your video.
For example, if your video is related to YouTube SEO Tips, then you can use some such tag in it.
“Youtube SEO optimization, SEO youtube video, youtube search engine, youtube video SEO, video search engine.”
Targeted Tags
Targeted tags will not only help in ranking your video but whenever someone is watching a video on YouTube, then they will see your video in its Sidebar Area.

#7. Change Video File Name Before Upload

This is a very important thing that we all forget, and many people may not even know about it.
Whenever you create a video, you do not change its name and the name of your video is something like ⇒ m00000.avi, video.232.mp4.
This is a Negative SEO. What to do for your video? Whenever you make a video, change the name of the file before uploading it and write the keyword that is your name.
Change video file name Before Upload.
Before: mov222him.avi or movie-i-1223.mp4
After: Yourkeywords.avi or yourkeywords.mp4
Example: YouTube_SEO_Tips.mp4.



# 8. Share your video on all Social Media Platform (Buy social signal)

Social Signal is the fastest YouTube SEO formula, are a good way to get your video to the first page of Google and not just the video, but social signal 100% working for your website.
So, friends, you can share your video in as many places as you can, and tell your friends also that they should share your video with their other friends.
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Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumbler, Stumbleupon, Reddit wherever you can share.
Add video to your blog
With this, you can embed your video and put the code on your blog.
If there is a lot of traffic on your blog and there is a video on your post, then the visitor will stay on your site for a long time and they will view your video from your blog itself, which will increase your views and your income/bounce rate will also be good.

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#9. Add comment + Like + Backlinks (optional)

Whenever you upload a new video, you can speak to your friends that they like and comment on your video.
what will it take? There will be a lot of views increase on your video and when Google will see that people have also liked and commented on this video, then in the eyes of Google, your video will become a value.
When your video is good, any user will automatically comment on your video.
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Just like you do link building on your blog, you can do link-building of your video, but it is optional because I have told you so many tips.
So there is no need to do all this, but if you do, then there will be no problem even it will be good.

# 10. Initial 10 Seconds – Best and Easy Way to Rank YouTube Video

Friends, this will be a very good option to rank videos on YouTube.
Nowadays when we watch a video on YouTube, the second video starts playing automatically, and by the time we scroll to play the other video, the video has been played for 10 seconds.
So in those first 10 seconds, instead of giving video interiors, if you say something that the viewer feels like listening to, then it is probably better to watch the video.
Therefore, you should pay more attention to this point of mine and change the time on your YouTube videos as well because change with time is very important.

Bonus Point On YouTube SEO Tips and Trick to rank your YouTube channel videos

Bonus Point For My Lovely Audience 🙂
Friends, we definitely need some tool to rank anything. Yoast SEO, Backlinks, etc. to get the article ranked.
There are many such tools for ranking the same YouTube videos which can help us a lot.
Today I am talking about such tools that you can get a lot by installing such as: how to insert title, use tag cone, which keyword will be right for video, etc.
The name of the tool is “TubeBuddy” You can download and install the tool by clicking here.
So friends, here were 10 YouTube SEO Tips and Trick to rank your YouTube channel videos.
If you follow all these steps well then you can increase Million Views on your YouTube channel videos.
If you like this article, then you must share these tips with your friends on social media, if there is any doubt then do not forget to clear it through the comment.

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