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Our mission is to bring all youth and educate them on how the digital era can make an impact in their lives by providing them Blogging tools and lots more to make money online.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. View our SEO category.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. View our Content marketing category



In this WordPress Category, we will cover everything you need to know about the CMS. Want to create a website on WordPress?

google adsense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience.

blogger blogspot

Blogger Blogspot

Blogger Blogspot is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user to blogs with time-stamped entries. This Blogspot blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of

seo store

SEO Store

Our SEO store offers a wide range of products: SEO services, Backlinks, WordPress Premium Theme, forum Profile, and .edu Backlinks, blog comments also full SEO packages.

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of website data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web posts in order to increase search visibilities.

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Web analytics is not just a process for measuring web traffic but can be used as a tool for business and market research, and to assess and improve the effectiveness of a website.

Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is someone that knows how SEO works and how to apply SEO to achieve a higher increase in rankings of a website in Search Engines.

What is SEO and how does SEO work?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a collective name for all processes that contribute to the organic high score of a webpage in search engines. Through the effective use of SEO techniques, it is possible to attract more visitors to desired web pages. Read More

Which Off-Page SEO Strategies Can I Use To Boost My Site Ranking?

In order to make your site to the top on search engines, you have to optimize your site using these off-page SEO strategies to boost your site ranking and get more organic traffic to your site. Read More

Which Tools Can I Use For SEO?

Very soon you want to launch a new website. During such a makeover more than usual, you very busy with search engine optimization (SEO). Because you want to change a lot, but you also want to keep your positions in Google. And even after the launch of that brand new site, you’ll still be sitting on the oat box like a goat. I use these 10 tools for search engine optimization (SEO). Read More

Why bounce rate is not an SEO factor?

It remains a point of discussion in the SEO world, does the bounce rate influence your positions in the search engines or not? There are quite good arguments for why drop-off visitors are a negative signal. Read More

Between Yoast SEO and RankMath Which WordPress SEO plugin would you Recommend

Yoast SEO Plugin is the most popular WordPress plugin for SEO and has more than 5 million active downloads and installs, RankMath has innovations that can overthrow Yoast SEO, so we wanted to compare Yoast SEO vs RankMath and explain in detail who would be superior. Read More

Where Can I Get Google Adsense Approval Tips?

Do you know how difficult it is to take google AdSense approval nowadays? But I am going to show you some Google Adsense approval tricks. With this tips, you can quickly get Adsense approval for your blog or website. Read More

How Can I Create High Quality Backlinks Free?

Want your site to get maximum exposure on search engines, learn how to create high quality backlinks free. Remember no amount of backlinks is enough, the more backlinks you build the better your ranking. Read More

How Can I Find High Value Keywords?

Finding High Value Keywords is the most essential part of SEO. It is the basis from which you will continue to work. That is the reason why almost every (good) internet marketing agency will start an SEO process with thorough keyword research. Read More


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