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Internet Data Plans for All Nigeria Networks 2014 [MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat]

To enjoy cost effective internet, you need to activate an internet bundle. If you are not using internet bundles for your internet browsing, you will be charge on pay as you browse basis. Browsing the internet on pay as you browse basis is quite expensive, so using an internet bundle is recommended.


Below are the activation codes to subscribe for data plans on the four major networks in Nigeria i.e. MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat. Apart from the subscription codes, you will also get the price, validity and the data size of each data plan.

Glo Data Plans


Glo Data Plans for Laptops & Netbooks

Plan NameService RentalData CapValidity periodCodeSMS to 127Time of use
Always MAXN8,0008GB30 days*127*1#’12′All day
Always MINN5,0004GB30 days*127*2#’11′All day
Always DayN500195MB24 hours*127*3#’10′All day
G 300N15,00012GB300 hours/3months*127*4#’21′All day
G 100N6,0004GB100 hours/1month*127*5#’20′All Day
G workN6,0004GB30 days*127*6#’31′8am – 9 pm
G leisureN50004GB30 days*127*7#’30′8pm to 9am everyday + all day during weekend

Glo Data Plans for Mobile Phones & Tablets

Plan NameService RentalData CapValidity PeriodCodeSMS to 127Target Device
Instant SurfN10020MB24 hours*127*51#‘51’Handset
SmallieN20050MB3 days*127*56#‘56’Handset
One WeekN40065MB7 days*127*52#‘52’Handset
Big WeekN500150MB7 days*127*57#‘57’Handset
Always MicroN1,000350MB30 days*127*53#‘53’Handset
My PhoneN2,000800MB30 days*127*55#‘55’Handset
Always MacroN3,0001.5 GB30 days*127*54#‘54’Handset/Tablet

Glo Data Plans for Router

Plan NameServive Rental (N)Data CapValidity PeriodSMSUSSD
Silver10,00011GB30 days15*127*11#
Gold15,00017GB30 days16*127*12#
Platinum18,00021GB30 days17*127*13#

To check your data balance, SMS info to 127. 

MTN Data Plans


Bundle PlanPrice (N)Total   Data AllowanceValidity PeriodActivation Code (Text to 131)Activation     USSD
10MB10010MB24 Hrs104*104#
25MB15025MB24 Hrs112*112#
50MB20050MB24 Hrs113*113#
25MB40025MB7 Days105*105#
100MB1000260MB30 Days106*106#
250MB1300325MB30 Days109*109#
500MB2000750MB30 Days110*110#
1GB35001.5GB30 Days111*111#
3GBNight(9PM-6AM)25004.5GB30 Days102*102#
3GBWeekend (Fri9PM-Mon 6AM)30004.5GB30 Days108*108#
3GB65004.5GB30 Days129*129#
5GB80007.5GB30 Days101*101#

To check your data balance, SMS 2 to 131.

 AIRTEL Data Plans


The following shows the list of Airtel data plans and the  varying ways to activate

Retail Price (N)(Data RCV,
Trial1MB1MB01 day*141*13*1#Trial
Entry4MB6MB501 day*141*11*9#Entry14191
Daily10MB15MB100991 day*141*11*1#Daily14154
3-day25MB40MB2003 days*141*11*8#Three14192
Weekly50MB70MB3007 days*141*11*2#Weekly14193
Easy80 MB120MB50049914 days*141*11*3#Easy14151
Top-Up100 MB100 MB600
786 plan125 MB125 MB78630 days*141*11*786#78614194
Lite200MB260MB1,00099930 days*141*11*4#Lite14150
Midi250 MB325MB1,30030 days*141*11*5#Midi14153
Smartphone1500MB650MB2,0001,99930 days*141*11*6#Smart114152
Smart phone 21GB1.3GB3,0002,99930 days*141*11*7#Smart214156
Plus3GB3.9GB5,0004,99930 days*141*12*1#plus14155
Max5GB6.6GB8,00030 days*141*12*2#max14196
Premium10GB13.3GB15,00030 days*141*12*3#premium14197
Prime15GB19.9GB22,00030 days*141*12*7#prime
Day150MB150MB50024 hours*141*12*5#day14195
Night Time (Off Peak)3GB3.9GB2,50030 days*141*12*4#night
Weekend3GB3.9GB3,00030 days*141*12*6#weekend
To Check Data Usage*141*11*0#status


  1. 30% BONUS (EXTRA) on plans highlighted in yellow- Lite, Midi,  Smartphone1, Smartphone2, Plus, Max, Premium & Prime- customers who take  up these plans also get to call at 18 kobo per second
  2. Up to 60% bonus for plans highlighted in red- Entry, Daily, 3-day,  Weekly & Easy
  3. Up to 50% BONUS on data bundles is available if you recharge with  a Data Recharge Card, EPIN or ERC- visit an Airtel shop near you or the  nearest retailer.. Offer applicable till stocks last.
  4. To subscribe for a data bundle plan via USSD, dial the  associated string e.g. *141*11*4# to activate the Lite plan
  5. To subscribe for a data bundle plan vis SMS, send the associated  SMS keyword to 141 e.g. lite to 141
  6. To subscribe for a data bundle plan via MAMO, dial the  associated string e.g. 14150 to activate
  7. Postpaid plans can be activated by contacting an Airtel staff  (called a KAM) or by walking into any Airtel retail shop for directions on the  associated modalities

RECCOMMENDATIONS: Because we value our customers, the  following are our recommendations

  1. For Mobile phones, subscribe to any of the following: Entry,  Daily, 3-day, Weekly, Easy, 786-plan, Lite or Midi plans
  2. For Smartphones/Tablets, subscribe to any of the following:  Smartphone1, Smartphone2, Plus or Max plans
  3. For Dongles/MiFi/Routers, subscribe to any of the following plans:  Smartphone1, Smartphone2, Plus, Max, Premium or Prime plans
  4. The Day, Night Time or Weekend plans are suited for subscribers  who require data use for specific purposes and consume such data quickly

To check your data balance, dial *141*712*0#.

Etisalat Data Plans9k=

S/NPlansPrice(=N=)USSD CodeSMS Keyword to 229
1Daily 10MB100*229*3*1#MI1
2Weekly 50MB500*229*3*4#MI2
6Night & Weekend4,000*229*3*3#MB7
  • Our new pay as you use rate is now 5 kobo/per kb
  • Check your data balance anytime – just dial *228#

We will always keep this page up-to-date.

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