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How to Withdraw UCASH

How to Withdraw UCASH


 Withdrawals to EXTERNAL WALLETS are available.

Follow the instruction in the this tutorial video


a. Go to WITHDRAW UCASH and input your receiving ethereum address.

Make sure you own the private keys to this wallet, or that the company/exchange receiving UCASH is able to have them function on their platform.

Please note, BIG WALLET announcements for integrating this week, so it might be best to wait for those to come live to withdraw to fully functional and user friendly wallet options.

b. Our Ethereum Smart Contract Address is:


c. The number of decimal places for UCASH is 8.

d. Token transfers on the ethereum network at 0.0041 ETH at the moment ($5.27 USD)….

Please note, we will charge the equivalent fee in UCASH at the last IBO price to cover these network transaction fees.

2. Bounties are available to be earned as we transition to an OBO (ongoing bounty offering). Note a new payout structure is applied to instant bounties.

3. Please be aware of and report suspicious links that are not provided by the U.CASH admin team.


1.  Sign up for account at www.u.cash

2.  Verify phone number and email address.

3.  U.CASH will be credited.

See your Bounties at:

Menu->User Service->Bounties

Any other questions?

Ask here or [email protected]


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