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Dashboard Update

As previously announced, we have released our updated customer dashboard. If you haven’t checked it out, please do — we hope you like it.
We have previously made a post about our referral program here, however there are a few important details that require explanation.

What does the updated dashboard show?

The updated dashboard will show you detailed registration stats: total number of registrations and the number of registrations over the last 24 hours.
Fig 1. Updated Customer Dashboard

The important part is the section with your referral stats — we will therefore explain it in greater detail.
First of all, you will notice four statuses: newbie , partner (20% reward), premium partner (30% reward), vip partner (50% reward).
The dashboard will show your current status as well as the number of users who fall into the same category as you. For example: if you are a partner and you are working towards getting your premium partner status, you will see a number of UPcoin users who are working towards the same status as you do; same holds if you are a premium or a VIP partner.

What else will I see?

We have added information about registration date of other UPcoin users, included their partner ID. We will also show if their account is confirmed and will include the number of their qualified referrals. Let’s explain what every column means:
1) Registration date. Shows the date when account was first registered at UPcoin.
2) Partner ID. Their ID based on the time of their registration (early registrations have smaller numbers and vice versa)
3) Confirmed account. This column means your referral has registered via you link and later confirmed his/her account by clicking on the link in the confirmation email.
4) Qualified referral. A qualified referral is any referral who has made a deposit to their exchange wallet. The size of deposit doesn’t matter as long as it meets the minimum requirement.
I want to become a premium/VIP partner, how do I know I made it?
First, let’s take a look at our initial offer:

First 200 referrals who make 50+ qualified referrals will get 50% of their referrals’ trading fees (VIP partners).

Next 200 referrals who make 30+ qualified referrals will get 30% of their referrals’ trading fees (Premium partners).

Your status will be determined based on two things: the timestamp of your registration and the number of your qualified referrals.
The earlier you signed up, the more chances you have to get your VIP or Premium status. However, if you don’t have enough qualified referrals, the next person down the row will get this status. For example: if two users have same number of activated referrals, s/he will get VIP/Premium status who signed up first.
The number of qualified referrals will be calculated within 30 days from the date trading opens (April 1, 2018) and partner statuses will be assigned.

Got questions about our referral program?

Send us a quick email at [email protected]

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