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These posts WAS tested before it is was fully prepared by 9JASKYPORTALin order bring to you the latest and best web browsers which you can enjoy on various websites you visit,: Android and PC, as both list varies.
Our list depends on some factors which we shall be stating to you, this factors are well considered before compiling this post. Some of these factors are:: Web-Page Load Speed, .Data Saving, Strength on EDGE connection. e.t.c. I considered important features that every good web browser should have which Includes, data (MB) saving capabilities, ability to view java scripts, ability to enable, disable or reduce image size in web pages, ability to copy and paste with the browser, ability to access secured web pages, ability to switch to night mode to protect the eye while browsing at night, ability to download fast, etc.

Android and Pc:




  • Opera Browser: The No. 1 for data savings made the first on our list for android, “Do more online with Opera for Android,” is Opera’s slogan, and with more than 50 million installs from the Play Store, it appears as the best that many believe in it. But it’s Opera’s data-saving features that really set it apart from other android browsers. Opera can compress videos when viewing on mobile, so they use up less of your data (but still provide a great viewing experience), in addition to saving a few bytes when viewing regular pages. It’s not the fastest browser but once a page opens you almost always get the whole of the page at once; there’s no waiting around for extra images to load. Opera’s browsing experience is often hailed as one of the fastest across all platforms, and on Android that experience is well worth experiencing for yourself.

  • CM Browser: CM browser is my number two web browser because of its over all intelligence and capability. This browser have served me for a long time as I can use it to do virtually everything on the web with Simple clicks and with its easy to use user interface. CM is the acronym for Clean Master. The Browser is an ultra lightweight mobile browser which can protect you from virus effects, Malware and security threats and still give you rapid browsing speed.

  • Chrome: As an Android user, there’s a good chance you already know about Chrome. It probably came as a pre-loaded app on your phone, unless you’ve had your Android phone for a little while or you just didn’t notice it. Google’s Chrome for Android is a powerful extension of the Chrome browser for Windows, and one of its best features is the ability to sync your browser tabs from one device to another, making it so you can be looking something up on your laptop and pull it up on your phone when you’re out and about. If you’re an Android 5.0+ user, Chrome for Android can also split out its tabs as individual windows so they look like their own apps in the app switching interface. It’s also pretty great at navigating the web, offering a great mix of fast mobile-friendly experiences and full desktop browser capabilities depending on the needs at hand, and includes settings for data conservation and an incognito mode for browsing sites you don’t want to be tracked or logged through. As far as decent all-around browsers go, you’re unlikely to need too much more than Chrome.   

  • UC Browser: Fourth on our list is the venerable UC Browser. This is one of the most popular browsers on the Google Play Store and one of the few that targets people outside of the United States which is surprisingly refreshing. It comes with a bunch of features, including ad-block, data compression, night mode, and gesture control. There are also some unique features, like Facebook mode which magically increases browsing speeds while on Facebook. It’s completely free to use and rocks a 4.5 rating on the Google Play Store with over seven million reviews to date. That’s impressive!
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  • Mozilla Firefox: The last on our list is Mozilla, though the folks at Mozilla pride themselves on offering products that represent the purest possible form of the Open Web. They try to rely on standards across everything they do, and shy away from anything and everything proprietary. Their browsing platform, Firefox, has always existed as an extension of those beliefs. Firefox for Android tries to take that experience and make it uniquely mobile. Mozilla’s feature set for mobile Firefox is fairly standard stuff. Privacy features keep you from being tracked but don’t keep you from being served ads, you can sync with Desktop Firefox if you’re a fan of that experience on your other computer. It’s a great overall experience, and a perfect example of how a simple touch interface can be great.


#1 #1 #2 #3
10-9  Excellent
8-6    Good
5-4    Average
3-2    Poor
1-0    Bad

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Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Opera
Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Opera
Reviewer Comments Read Review Read Review Read Review
Speed & Compatibility
Ease of Use (%) 95 95 85 85 80 80 80 75 75 60
Initial Startup Time (seconds) 1.55 1.56 2.2 1.85 4.53 2.53 3.68 2.45 6.6 4.1
Average Startup Time (seconds) 1.09 1.7 1.8 1.3 2.72 1.5 1.65 1.7 5.4 3.5
Navigation Time (seconds) 3.21 5.29 3.29 3.87 9.88 2.8 3.45 4.16 6.4 6.3
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