The Best WordPress Plugins for Publishers in 2022

Making your website more popular in using the best WordPress plugins for publishers in 2022 is very important for you as a blogger and web developer.  You must understand that the only way for you to succeed in 2022 using all the WordPress plugins we will list today is by putting them on your to-do list as either a blogger or a website owner.
The Best WordPress Plugins for Publishers in 2022
Why do you need the best WordPress plugins for blogs?
Those who are good when it comes to updating your blog on a daily basis will need more insight about the Best WordPress Plugins in 2022. The reason why it is important is that it contributes to the success of your blogging career.
WordPress popular plugins free download is something most bloggers need to put into consideration because most plugins are not safe for your WordPress so you need to know the best plugins for WordPress free and safe.
Today I will teach more about the Best WordPress Plugins for Publishers in 2022, but before you go through this content you need to understand the meaning of the word “Publisher”?
The word Publisher simply means someone or a company whose task is to prepare and issues books, journals, or music for sale either online or offline.
The Uniqueness of the Best WordPress Plugins for Publishers in 2022 is that it helps you as an online publisher using WordPress to boost your site speed and also keep your site audience informed regularly and also this plugin will help in monetizing your blog or website.
Check out this list of the Best WordPress Plugins for Publishers in 2022:

The Best WordPress Plugins for Publishers in 2022

  • Yoast SEO
  • WP Rocket
  • Jetpack
  • Contact Form 7
  • Akismet Spam Protection
  • Disable comments
  • MemberPress
  • Google Site kit
  • WordPress Plugins best practices

Yoast SEO – WordPress plugin

Yoast WordPress plugin is the world’s most used search engine optimization (SEO) plugin. The Yoast WordPress plugin is designed to help assist publishers to understand all that is needed for your content to look great and rich for Search Engines.
Yoast WordPress plugin is basically created to assist with all the ranking factors so that your content can rank better on search engines. Most of your competitors in search engines will be outranked if you understand the basic principles of the Yoast WordPress plugin.
Another important thing about the Yoast WordPress plugin is that it helps in website or blog content optimization which is a good way to get more visitors to your blog when you rank better than your competitors in search engines
The Yoast WordPress plugin is one of my best SEO plugins since I started blogging in 2015 and it has been such a superb help guide when it comes to understanding the basic principle of how content is supposed to be well optimized before publishing.
Yoast WordPress plugin is my favorite and I use the plugin for most of my blogs especially when I want to create a niche blog.
Some of the things the Yoast WordPress plugin help you to do are;

  • Arrange your post keyword
  • Setup your Meta Description
  • URL Slug
  • Website loading speed

The Yoast WordPress plugin assists publishers in easily analyzing their blog or website content’s readability score. Another thing the Yoast WordPress plugin does is to help in analyzing the article’s keyword density, It checks the originality and how well-structured your blog or website articles are.
Lastly, the length of the sentences you use is very important, so the Yoast WordPress plugin informs you on what to do when this is noticed.

Yoast SEO

WP Rocket – The WordPress Speed Plugin

The reason why this plugin is called the WordPress speed plugin is that it helps to increase your website loading speed. There is no better thing than having a blog or website that loads faster.
The WordPress Speed Plugin requires no coding knowledge and also gives a superb loading experience for your website, the uniqueness of this plugin is that it has a simple Customizable setting also.
Most People call it WP Rocker because the moment it starts working or being activated, your site loads super fast than ever.
The WP Rocker is recognized as a premium cache plugin and also the best when it comes to website acceleration on the download page speed.
The other thing about WP Rocker is that it is also a good plugin to enhance the Search Engine Optimization ranking and bring more organic users to your website daily when they notice how easy it is to access your site for good content.
One other good thing about the WP Rocker plugin is that it give a better result when it comes to GTMetrix and PageSpeed scores too.
Check it out

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Jetpack: WordPress Security, Backups, Speed, & Growth

Jetpack plugin is a great WordPress plugin that assists in the real-time security of your WordPress website through malware scanning and also spam protection from some brute force.
The WordPress site security can only be handled properly when you have this plugin because it works 24/7 and it is impossible for you as a site owner to be checking for these attacks always.
The Jetpack also gives you access to check your daily and monthly view and the total stat of people searching for your contents daily.
But I discovered not all bloggers or website owners use this tool because of its bulk setup process but I believe with time it will get much better than it use to be.
Jetpack also helps in Improving your blog or website speed either on Desktop or mobile devices
The reason why Jetpack is listed among The Best WordPress Plugins for Publishers in 2022 is because of it usability and also the task it performs to keep a website running safely without glitches in the future.
One of the features of Jetpack is that it is has a simple integration setup process, and also the statistics are dynamic for you to know what comes into your website daily.
In the web development space today the Jetpack is a well know universal plugin with a five-start review from users all over the world.
The reason why I will say you should give this plugin a try is that most Publisher Partnership Managers in most parts of the world make good use of this plugin and I will also recommend it for you as a publisher too.
The aim of using the Jetpack plugin should be aimed at getting complete security, backup of your site data’s and your site loading speed.

Contact Form 7

As the name implies “Contact form 7” is a great tool for website owners to easily get notifications messages from visitors who are interested in anything on their site. This plugin is used to contact the administrators of any website.
The contact form 7 plugin is easy to understand and also it has a goo markup that is easy to customize.
With the help of the Contact Form 7 plugin, you can easily input different fields and at the same time customize your own website email content the way you want it to be.
This plugin has popular spam control features which are the CAPTCHA and also a few others like the Akismet spam filtering, Ajax-powered submitting, and many more.

Contact Form 7
Contact Form 7
Developer: Takayuki Miyoshi
Price: Free

Akismet Spam Protection

When you check the previous plugin we talked about above we made mention of this plugin called Akismet, it is a popular plugin and most times comes alone with most newly launched WordPress sites because it helps safeguard your website from professional spammers.
An Akismet plugin is a great tool for publishers and also it is needed for those who make use of the Contact form on their sites. It helps prevent spam content on your site.
For most spammers who might want to get backlinks through the comment section of your site, this plugin will help remove them when detected on your site.

Disable comments

The Disable Comments is a plugin created to help avoid a high rate of spamming through the comment section…
The main function of this plugin is to disable the comment section on all your pages l, posts, and even the attachments on your website.
When this is activated note that it removes all the features related to the comment section of your website.
You don’t need any special technical skills to activate this plugin on your site or even have coding knowledge all you need to do is to install and activate it through your WordPress dashboard.
I won’t advise any content creator to use it because for your site to be interactive you need the comments to keep it lively and open for everyone but make sure you moderate your comments to avoid spamming.
The reason I am so much concerned about spamming is that it kills your site SEO.

Disable Comments
Disable Comments
Developer: rbPlugins
Price: Free


MemberPress plugin is a unique, simple, and effective plugin that allows publishers to easily create a simple and dynamic membership site of their choice.
MemberPress plugin is very easy to use, easy to set up with good features like the post, post types, categories, tags, and many others.
The main aim of this plugin is to grant a free easy system where users won’t need coding knowledge to create a membership site for their business online.
The platform gives you the ability to create different membership programs and different paid plans if you so which to create one for your business online.
One of the superb features of the MemberPress plugin is that it grants you access to be able to unlock a particular article to any assigned member on your own platform.
Check it out

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Google Site Kit

The Google Site Kit plugin is a very superb plugin (all in one) on that particular plugin you can be able to integrate different Google services on your WordPress site like;

  • Search Console
  • Adsense
  • Analytic
  • Pagespeed Insight

As a WordPress site owner the Google Site Kit plugin is very important to your business as a content creator because it encompasses all the areas needed to improve your site.
Google Site Kit Plugin will show you all your visitors and how they found your site on search engines.

How to use Google Site Kit with WordPress (in 4 steps)

Step 1
First what you need to do is to install and activate the Google Site Kit plugin through your WordPress dashboard.
Step 2
Then you will need to verify ownership of the website you want to use and then connect it to Search Console.
Step 3
we have lost some Google services all you need to do is to Integrate anyone you feel like integrating.
Step 4
After installation and activation followed by verification, you can proceed in viewing your website report on your WordPress dashboard.

Beginners Guide: 4 Most Common WordPress Plugin Mistakes to Avoid

1. For Newbies who might be so passionate about finding the right plugin for their site, it is important you take note of using the appropriate keywords of that particular plugin you are looking for so that it will be very easy for them to find what you need.
2. Another important thing to do before installing plugins is to properly go through the description of that particular plugin and make sure it has good ratings and the last update is not more than two (2) years.
3. Most plugins come with guidelines on how to install and activate them, make sure you follow them and that will help you perform the correct thing during installation.
4. On WordPress it is always advisable to use not too many plugins on your site because it is a major factor in slowing how fast your site loads. Make a habit of limiting your installation habit for plugins to just 30 on your WordPress Website
Plugins are components just like the way we have ads-on on our desktop browsers. They have their own functions and they can speed up our site depending on how we make use of them.
The reason why this article was written was to help guide you and also make you understand The Best WordPress Plugins for Publishers in 2022.
Avoid null plugins so that you won’t run into danger along the line. Also, remember that the main aim of the SEO plugin is to give you good instruction when writing rich content for your site.
The SEO plugin won’t get to the first page for Google search but will guide you to get to the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engine if you practice the instructions given properly.
With all this we’ve listed about your Publishing skills for 2022 should be like a professional if you key into all the suggestions given above. Feel free to drop your comments below.
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